Sunday, January 5, 2014

Headline question

I saw this headline, POPE TO TRAVEL TO HOLY LAND IN MAY AMID PEACE PUSH, and wondered. What would happen if a crazy Islamic jihadi killed the Pope in a suicide bomb attack? What would the reaction be?  Crusades anyone?

Then let's just assume...

the NSA has spied on Congress, has the logical 8x10 glossies, and has blackmailed their way to appropriations and trivialized oversight.  If they don't deny it and prove it, then Sen. Sanders needs to make a few assumptions and lead the way to shutting it down.

NSA statement does not deny 'spying' on members of Congress

Set your DVR now, just in case...

With the cold and snow raking the nation, you might be forced to do things other than watch Downton Abbey!

PBS’ ‘Downton Abbey’ begins 4th season Jan. 5

A Century Old Cluster Fuck!

Yep, that's about as long as England, France and the U.S. have been involved in Arabic nations and states.  Look at the Middle East today, that's a real track record.

Power Vacuum in Middle East Lifts Militants

Still think the gun crowd is not batshit crazy?

Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns

Got Cloud?

Here are some myths.

Sounds Like a Decent Book

Who votes?  If the proportions of voters and non-voters are the same on most issues, then voting or not voting does not matter.  Election results would be the same if 40% or 100% voted (assuming parallel distribution by issues over both groups).   If 30% of the population froth at the mouth over abortion and 30% of voters are equally frothy, then the frothy non-voters are represented.  It's a funny way to attain representation.  I doubt that this kind of representation is what those famous founders had in mind back in 1776.

If all issues see a similar issue based proportionality between the larger population and voting population then who cares about the non-voters?  The non-voters don't have to worry, right?  Well, maybe, but if there are issues where the voters do not reflect the larger population then the non-voter gets what they deserve.  They get no representation,  have to suck in up and be silent until they vote.  Yep, in the end votes matter.

What voter turnout means for efforts to remedy income inequality

One More Time

Here's one more "oops" for Obamacare.  This one and the others do not surprize me.  After all any new government program takes a few years of operation before it functions properly.  However, I had hoped,  given this program is about acquisition of health insurance,  that the admin types had shown a bit more competence at the outset.

If the success is that more people are insured, i.e., ostensibly giving them access to care then it's already a winner.  For a better assessment, we'll have to wait until Fall, 2016 to really see if it's thumbs up or down.  Will Obamacare be the Trogs only campaign issue after Labor Day 2016? defects leave many Americans eligible for Medicaid, CHIP without coverage