Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fat man still has not sung....

It'g getting closer.  Will he sing a song of redemption or remorse?  Who knows?  Who cares?  Well, he's a Trog contender, so it matters to Trogs and non-Trogs.

The problem for Christie isn’t what his aides did. It’s what they thought he wanted them to do

Up with Steve Kornacki (MSNBC, 8:00 AM) has had the best coverage on the Christie mess that I've seen so far.  He takes the time to cover it in detail

Too Little Too Late

Pope Ratzy got around to purging some of the pervs, that's a plus.  However, he spent too much time and money protecting his church's organization rather than adhering to it's theology.  Save the church and lose your soul will keep you employed and in nice Gucci's today, but not tomorrow.  I cannot see why anyone would still be a Roman Catholic much less a member of any organized religion.  If you want to feel the spirit so to speak, just sit down by yourself and think about it all.


Whack Jobs -- British Branch

In a odd way, it's satisfying to know that church based loons are everywhere.  Otherwise I'd be led to think that the U.S. is the lone occupant of the the sacred nuttery.  We are not.  We have but to look across the pond.

As our domestic whackeroo ancestors bred and rebred here, some compatriots stayed home and likewise did a bit of begetting.  In the name of traditional British bats in the belfry, Pat Robertson meet David Silvester.

UK storms are divine retribution for gay marriage laws, says Ukip councillor


I have no problem with leaving Snowden alone.  No court, no trial, no nothing.  He should be able to come and go at will  and be allowed to be totally ignored.  Maybe he could get a gig on MSNBC or FOX?

He blew the whistle.  People heard the whistle.  Even Obama heard it.  The only people who cringed with a bit of fear when they heard the tweet were those who were abusing their spookish offices and the paymasters in the ever present National Security Industrial Complex (there's money in security far beyond jobs and pensions).

Fans say Snowden is vindicated, deserves amnesty for leaks

Agree or disagree?

India is a bit strange

Rape seems to be a national pastime.  In addition to rape,  death dealing human stampedes are quite popular too.

Stampede at Viewing of Dead Spiritual Leader Kills 18 in India

I'm not picking on India, every place is a bit strange.  I'm sure anyone can come up with a couple bizarre events that regularly occur in the U.S., France, Mexico, Russia, and all the rest.  I guess human behavior is just gets screwy every now and then.  And the screwy nature becomes a cultural endowment that lives on an on.  God, in a hundred years what will have become of our snake handlers....

Once More, Use Guillotines

The guillotine works.  It's simple.  An idiot can operate it,  even the Governor of Ohio or any other state that has legal murder (capital punishment).  If the state, that is, the people of a state allow the state to kill people, then the killing should be public and be performed by the highest elected official in the state.

If people hide their murder from public view, then perhaps the people need to re-visit their desire for fatal  vengeance.  In Utah, our national theocracy, it's called blood atonement so perhaps the Governor should use a machete and spread around oodles of atonement.

I do hope the bloodlusters see a problem with Ohio's recent bit of tortured killing--

After a Prolonged Execution in Ohio, Questions Over ‘Cruel and Unusual’

Maybe We Don't Know What We're About At All

Take a peek at Iraq these days.  It's kind of ugly.  About all we seem to be able to do is use military muscle and hope it will works in the long run.  Military might is a stupid foreign policy.  We've had more than our fair share of stupidity at least since the end of WWII if not back to the Spanish American War.  It's safe to day that Obama is about as smart as his predecessor.

This brings us to the Afghan War debacle.  After 12 years you can't even go out on the town for dinner.  That's the military way I guess.  Don't forget, Iraq's surge had three parts--military, economic and political.  The military piece was done well, however the other two were a disaster.  They were failures.   As we did in Iraq we're doing in Afghanistan.  It's time for the U.S. to try a different approach for a few decades.  Shut down the 60% of the military and 90% of the CIA, they do more harm than good to our national security.  Oh, the NSA needs to more go than stay too.

Taliban attack on restaurant in Afghan capital kills at least 21, including two Americans

Friday, January 17, 2014

Homophobe Ratings

I don't understand why anyone watches a show like Duck Dynasty.  It's, from what I've read, a bit odd.  Now fans have a better understanding what it means to be duckhead.  Hmm, maybe the viewers were not all homophobes after all.

Ratings Plummet For 'Duck Dynasty' Season Premiere After Star's Gay-Bashing Interview

Why do I think the bulk of the viewers also listen to Rush and watch a lot of FOX news?

I have to do it...

It ain't over 'til the fat man sings--New subpoenas issued as Chris Christie tries to shrug off 'Bridgegate' scandal

It Will Wind Up Sounding Good But Doing Nothing

Bipartisan group in Congress unveils Voting Rights Act amendment

Come on do  you really think Scalia and pals will back it?  Will the GOP support fair voting?  Maybe we should spilt the country in half.  If we did I'd have to move.  I don't think any of new confederacy states would be a decent place to live.

Still Trust the Prez? Why?

Has the guy really told the truth since he was sworn in the first time?  It's getting harder and harder to think so.  So, how's he doing these days on the NSA front?  Bullshit or lies?  Well, it's also harder to think he's just bullshitting us.

Four Questionable Claims Obama Has Made on NSA Surveillance

Humane? Dignified?

Oh, come on, there is nothing humane or dignified about the State killing someone.  It's collective vengeance.  I guess that means we call legitimate murder an execution.  For some perverse reason, the legal killers think their licit act of murder should be neither cruel nor unusual.  I find that a bit odd, but then I'm not a fan of executions.  I bet most licit killing fans will agree that an agonizing 25 minute execution more resembles torture than the preferred quick clean kill.

Ohio killer's execution takes almost 25 minutes

States, that is, the people of those states who keep collective retribution legal, need to decide about the humane thing.  If they, the people, really don't give a rat's about dignity then they should demand that all executions become torture festivals of various lengths.  Hell, put it on TV!  Now that would be real reality TV.

If, however, cruelty bothers the collective murders, then they need to adopt a surefire means of execution that "gets 'er done."  Yep, the guillotine.   Ohio really needs to adopt the guillotine, and of course, make all executions public.