Wednesday, January 29, 2014

End of Science?

That became a buzzy idea a few years back.  My reaction was, "no way" there's still too much out there, here and everywhere we don't know shit about.  Hell, we don't know how gravity works yet.  Seen any anti-grav gear at Dicks'?  Then there's the cosmic microwave barrier, what will we find on the other side as we get within 100,000 years of the big bang?  There's more to discover, some people are just tired I guess.

5 Big Unanswered Science Questions

Still have any trust or respect for the U.S. military?

If you do, why?

Pentagon investigations point to military system that promotes abusive leaders

The military remains a necessary evil, no more, no less.  As with all parts of government, but espeically the military always be Bonzo---"trust," but verify.

Unless you live in the South

Your may not realize that the South is more like wintery northern states today. Today is a southern-style snowstorm: Gridlock, kind neighbors everywhere.   If you live in the South, your reaction to a post on snow with a chattered "bite me!"

A Thug in Congress

We have dolts, morons, and the addled.  Now we can add a thug.  Rep. Grimm threatened a reporter with grave bodily harm, if not murder, all because he's under investigation and did not want to talk about it.  He's too sensitive I guess.  Rep. Grimm should be censured by the House, if not expelled.  He effectively threatened another person with life threatening bodily harm twice.  Oh, he's a Repub, so nothing will happen.  Drop the Speaker a line.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) threatens journalist: ‘I’ll break you in half

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Junior Bird Man News -- They Really Do One Wonder

US nuclear-force cheating scandal escalates as more members implicated

I guess Air Force officers are bitter, they cling to Jesus, rape, and cheating.  Oh Jesus and rape are courtesy of the Air Force Academy over the past 10-15 years.    

The NSA once again,

Yeah, they call it keeping us "safe."  I call it repugnant and ultimately illegal.  Who do they hire to dream this shit up?  Oh, it must be today's counterpart to those very strange little boys who populated the CIA after the OSS closed shop.

Angry Birds firm calls for industry to respond to NSA spying revelations

Bout Time


Of course none of them are considering the guillotine, but they should.  If the state will kill, then it needs to be swift and certain.  Removing one's head fills that bill.   Of course executions should be public and performed by the highest elected official in the jurisdiction.

We should have left Rubbleistan long ago

When the guy we helped put in power is sure we're trying to kill him, we have a problem.  I'd like to think the U.S. has not tried to knock off Karzai, but given our track recored, he may be right.  It's time to just leave Afghanistan and every other place we have our military and CIA located.

Karzai suspects U.S. is behind insurgent-style attacks, Afghan officials say


Another shooter.  Another gun in the wrong hands.  More people killed.  When will be see serious gun control?  As long as the NRA buys Congresstypes probably never.  Even the Giffords shooting did squat.

At gun shop, no hint of what ‘polite’ customer would do weeks later at Columbia mall

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The NSA Needs to Be Shutdown

The NSA has done more harm than good.  The latest revelation, industrial espionage, is the kind of thing most suspected but managed to assume we did not do.  It appears we have and that makes me wonder about the use of NSA data for political purposes, a la, Tricky Dick.  I'm not surprized,  what did anyone  really expect from a schmuck from Texas followed by a world class narcissist?

German TV: Edward Snowden says NSA is involved in industrial sabotage


Is It Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl?

Of course it is, but people will still watch.  The NFL, and most other sports today, are our variation on gladiatorial games, just less overtly bloody.  If we are to have games, then lets bring back swords and such and cheer the flowing blood.  Gee, the Prez could do the first thumbs up or down of the season...

What Idiots Would Vote For Cruz?

Given Mr. Cruz's perspective, Democrats caused the shutdown, I think he's has a segment of of Texas and some Arizona Rpeublicans.  In Arizonia they are the ones who censured McCain for his ‘liberal’ record.  Is there anyone else?  Nah, they're dividing themselves up amongst a slug of batshit crazy candidates for 2016.  When it comes to stupid the GOP cannot be beaten.

Want to be Prez

I saw an article in "Parade Magazine" today.  It's titled "Do Kids Still Want to Be President?"  The answer is, for the most part, no.  The author goes on to provide his rationale for why they don't.

As I read the title, I reacted.  I thought,  "of course they don't since the tykes have learned that all politicians are liars."  However, that contradicts a major value that mom and dad have worked hard to instill--honesty.  Asking the question about being Prez creates a conflict.  The best way to resolve the conflict is to answer no and be able to stick with truth telling (as long as you can).

Bear in mind

As polls continue to show low levels of approval for our assorted pols, we need to step back and remember a simple fact.  50% of us don't bother to vote.

That means, crudely, one-half of 50%+1, or 25% of possible voters, effectively, are the only ones who matter.   For example, as long as Obama has at least a 25% approval, he's doing a good job per his voters.  Ditto for Reps where fewer than 40% bother to vote.  The Senate is more akin to the House than not.

To be blunt, national polls don't mean shit.  However they do make for great articles and endless bloviation by TV pundits.  Voters determine who gets into office.

I'd say that Dems who vote and Trogs who vote, especially the even scarcer primary voters, are pretty well satisfied with the current situation, otherwise Obama would not have been reelected along with all victors in the House and Senate in 2012.

If we can't have our way, then fuck the other team sums it up.  We slog on to the next election and will do so until someone comes up with a new set of rules so to speak.

Poll finds little faith in nation’s leaders