Saturday, March 22, 2014

How'd you like to be the donut hole theorist?

Oops.  Yeah, that's for lots of folks.  It's intellectual spring cleaning time--

Gravitational Way 

Are Corps People?

Roberts and the Robes seem to think so.  They suck up to cash just like everyone else.  Now they have to decide if an owners religious dreck should allow them to be exempt from the law.  I'm inclined to think the Supremes will expand corporate rights.

I'd do along with it, if we can really treat a Corp as a person.  That means when they really screw up, like GM, we can put the entire company, or least the board and all senior management, in the pokey for a few years.  If Corps want rights, then they have to accept the responsibilities too.

Faith and health care law to collide at Supreme Court

Bringing back the good old days!

First of all, the good old days weren't.  I don't care what aspect of life you'd maudlin all over.  The past simply sucked.  However, to our demise, we seem overly blessed with "leaders" who wallow in those olden days.  I wonder who is Russia's John McAncient?

We're heading backwards one altercation at a time.  Yesterday, Crimea.  Tomorrow Poland?

  Polish defence minister says US open to increasing military presence

Hmm, Is it time to invest in companies the build home bomb shelters and storable food (the Mormons already do this, I think they have 18 month supplies on hand at all times).

Pity the wealthy poor

Paycheck to paycheck is mostly an affluent way of life?  I don't have much sympathy for them, but concern over suffering wealthy people might open the way for better federal programs to improve the economy, okay.  I guess we have to float their boats to buoy those who really need help.  It's an odd, odd world.

Living paycheck to paycheck: It’s not just for the poor

Psst, guess what? Kids come out okay if parents are gay.

Amazing.  A judge decided that what is obvious to a casual observer  is indeed more factual than not and overturned Michigan's gay on same sex marriage.   I do wish the Jesus jockeys would return to the pews and leave the public square forever.

Judge strikes down Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage

Aw Shit!

Yesterday was in the 60s.  Today will be in the 70s.  Spring is here!  Belay that happy thought--

Don’t panic, but a ‘Nor’easter bomb’ might bring snow to the East Coast next week

Some things are just damned odd

We've wasted lots of lives, shot 12 years of our time and squandered a couple trillion dollars in greater and lesser Rubbleistan.   Look, over there in Kabul, the former occupiers have returned.  Will al Qaeda hit on them?  Will the Taliban welcome the non-commie commies? I have to ask, did the cold war really ever end?

As U.S. war ends, Russia returns to Afghanistan with series of investment projects

Friday, March 21, 2014

The greater good gotcha

The NSA may have a "law" on their side, if the law is actually constitutional which I doubt.  The real basis for their spooky stuff is a way of thinking that is rooted in protecting us at any and all cost (without any consultation with us of course).    That cost, an end, is used to justify their means.  Hence the greater good bullshit.  When we subvert the rule of law for any reason, we can expect things to go sour.  Snowden is just a messenger.  The NSA and willing tech enablers (mostly afraid of federal power) are the problem.  That problem is now bad for business.  Thanks for nothing.

Revelations of N.S.A. Spying Cost U.S. Tech Companies

Maybe we should allow shooting drones out of the air...

Come on, it gets so old.  Crooks use the latest tech.  Okay, let's have open season on all drones. Then when we catch the crooks we can lock them all up for life in a large hole in the ground.  Suggestions of where there's a big hole?

This drone can steal what's on your phone

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It good to lose one of them

Another beyond batshit crazy has died.  The world is a better place without him.  At least it will be until he is replaced by someone even more bizarre.

Now here's something Fred didn't think about.  As he wanders up to heaven's gate he has a surprize awaiting him.  Yep, Jesus is God's gay son, the Holy Ghost is straight one.  Fred, say "Hi" to Jesus...

Fred Phelps, Founder of Westboro Baptist Church, Dies at 84

If True

If this story is true, the trainer should simply be subjected to the same types of treatments he subjected to his horses.  Funny how the abuse follows the money.  Take the betting out and who'd ever race horses anyway.  Oh, maybe its okay since we allow the same kind of shit to be done to all those fine beasts in the NFL.

PETA Accuses Two Trainers of Cruelty to Horses


Bless my tit for tat, both sides are more alike than different.  I'm having a bit of trouble getting all excited about Russia annexing Crimea.  Of course if their action is a pre-cursor to more land grabs, then lets cut to chase and bring on Wold War III!  Hell, lets start with nukes and get it over with.  We can obliterate Moscow, they can do likewise to D.C.  We both can blister the earth 10 times over before we all run out of missiles.

Crimea was part of commie Russia until Khrushchev gave it away in the 50s.  He was drunk so they say.  Russia keeps its navy there.  Lots of Russians live there.  In all probability the place is more Russian the Ukrainian.  Too bad Putin wouldn't just come in, liberate a Russian or two and leave (like we did in Grenada).

We haven't changed.  We still allow ourselves to be dominated by idiots who really love power, money and status.

U.S. and Russia Swap Sanctions Tit for Tat Over Crimean Crisis

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Remember How Ford Dealt With the Pinto?

The management aces at Ford, upon discovering that the Pinto was, in essence, a molotov cocktail on wheels performed a cost benefit study.  They wanted to know if the cost of wrongful death lawsuits would be cheaper than fixing the car (and thus not causing any deaths).  Management, about 30 so people, decided to not fix the car and let people die instead.

Ford was bad, but GM was and is worse.  GM should have gone out of business in 2009 instead of being bailed out and taken over by the Feds.  Now I have to wonder, did GM hire the same accountants who did Ford's wrongful death analysis?

GM recalls 1.18 million SUVs over airbag issue


Have you watched Cosmos?  If not, why?  The content and presentation are very good.  It's very pleasant, enjoyable TV.   Of course if you are not up on basic fundamental science, the show will also be a hell of learning experience.

I hope kids watch.  I hope kids get turned on to factual knowledge as my cohort did when the space race began back in the late 50s (there was a lot of money pumped into science ed back then).

I have trouble accepting that anyone can doubt the facts of the big bang, evolution, or man made climate change, but they do.  Here's a review of the show--

Science Deniers Are Freaking Out About "Cosmos"

This has nothing to do with Cosmos but the deniers bring it up.  As I've thought about religion, I've come to the conclusion that admiring "faith" in any way is akin to admiring someone one smokes two packs a day, does drugs, and drinks a fifth or more daily too.  Faith is a long term debilitating killer of mind and body.

Big Bang

What Is the Big Bang Theory? 

Why the Big Bang Discovery Is Even More Important Than You Think

Multiverse gets real with glimpse of big bang ripples

Independents? Huh?

This week we'll hear some buzz about the rise of the independents.  Yep, there are more and more of them.  Hell, in AZ they outnumber Dems and Trogs.  Gee, is something big in the offing?  Nah, it's just more offal from political pundits.

Parties seem to piss some people off ( actually I bet they just don't like donating to them) so they declare their independence.  Maybe it also makes them feel better about life, the universe, and everything else, since they can pretend to be making logical, thoughtful decisions about the "best" candidate.

As has long been known, the portion of truly bewildered twits who cannot make up their minds about which candidate to vote for until election day is very low.  Most independents tend to always vote for Democrats or always vote for Trogs.  Maybe they don't like being associated with jackasses or pachyderms, I don't know.

Unless the independents are serious about change, form a new party and then actually elect folks who are more a skosh more  advanced that the incumbent congressional slime molds, we'll continue to wallow in the same old primordial swamp.  Get ready to tens of billions in ads over the next two years, the independents just ain't.  

Major party candidates shouldn’t fret

The Jesus Party?

The GOP loves their version of Jesus.  They'll bow their heads in prayer for anything at any time.  Hell, I bet they'd even offer prayer load of praise for Putin since he really hates queers.  Here tis, a GOP religious leader has indeed praised Putin over his homosexual suppression.  You can bet Reince and the rest of the rich old white guys are saying "amen, amen" to Franklin Graham.

Franklin Graham: Putin is better than Obama on gay rights

The GOP is a sad, sad bunch.  Why do folks belong or support them?  Where did all that hate come from?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370 -- Explained

We've had the same breaking news for about 11 days.  Yep, all we know is the damn plane is missing and has not been found.  Kind of hard to believe that one.  I'm surprized McCain hasn't blamed Obama for the plane's loss--that guy is really bitter, very bitter over losing to a Islamic Kenyan in 2008.

Where are the other kooks?  Why haven't the airwaves been alive with explanations for the planes disappearance?  Hmm, it disappeared.  Wow, who can do that?  Maybe we should ask what instead?

Yep, aliens from Zelmac did it.  You see one of the resorts on Zelmac began to run low on their stock of beings that are alien to them.  The Snollybloster resort caters to Zelmacians who delight in spending their annual Narset holidays probing aliens.  The resort didn't line up a sufficient number of aliens.

Yep, they beamed away the entire damn plane of grade A probees just to satisfy the Zelmacians on vacation.  It was that or refund all the damn deposits, lose cash, go bankrupt and have to find a new line of work in a depressed economy.

Oh, the plane and it's people (after much serial probing) will be returned to Malaysia.  They will have had brain wipes on what actually happened to them.  However they will have new, but false, implanted memories.  Yep all of them will be convinced that some guy name Obama sent in his military, CIA, NSA, FBI and USDA to nab them, torture them and finally release them.   They won't know why but will refer the world to John McCain for more info.  

After their return and dissemination of their story,  we can expect McCain to run in 2016 with her again, be elected, be inaugurated, die in three months and watch what's her name become Prez.   Damn aliens.

Monday, March 17, 2014

It's been awhile. Now on to 2016

I hope to offer new posts. Here's one I hope you enjoy that resulted from thinking about a piece I read in the Washington Post about Clinton candiate status.

What about 2016?

Gee, is it time to ponder the 2016 Presidential race already?  Of course it is, since one can spew forth total nonsense, enjoy the folderol, and with full knowledge that no one will remember it beyond today.  What will happen in 2016?  

The answer to that question depends on the answer to one prior question.  Will Hillary Clinton run or not?  No one knows.  There’s much guess work.  There appear to already be a pile or two of cash for Clinton out there.  I doubt if she’s made up her own mind yet. 

Many assume and hope she will run.  Democrats tend to enjoy the idea of her candidacy.  If Ms. Clinton runs, then the primaries become a long series of sales pitches for her and the party.  Money will be easier to amass.  The party will be able to attend to other races a bit more that they would if there’s a fight amongst competing jackasses.  If she announced, partisans could get organized today for whatever the Repubs throw at them.

Similarly, the Repubs would prefer Ms.Clinton announce now.  If she did, then they have a pile of rerun “scandals” they can lob her way as they answer their one question.  The Repubs would need to determine “who is the person who has the  best chance against Hillary?”  As they focused on answering that question, their primary, caucus and State conventions could be less zoo like as the fringes dwellers would be returned to their padded cells.  

HIllary Clinton’s announcement would make run of the mill Dems and  Repubs quite happy.  Her announcement would make the current cadre of crack strategists, analysts, and operatives ecstatic--the campaigns would be traditional well financed ad fests.  No boats would be rocked.  No ideological boundaries would be crossed.  It would be a battle of business, banking and Wall St. factions for ownership of the White House.  Come on, we all know that mainstream Dems and Repubs are but two sides of the same well heeled elitist coin provided by the 1%.  

Will she run?  I do not know, but consider, what if she didn’t?

The easy politics of the mainstream would be trashed.  20-30 Dems would emerge to vie for the nomination.  Similarly a grundle of Repubs would stand up for their version of freedom, liberty and tax cuts.  The fringe dwellers cell doors would be opened  wide on both sides.  Wouldn’t that be better than Clinton v. Anti-Clinton?

The Dems would see sitting governors, senators, a Rep or three, and every former failed aspirant attempting to find their own millionaire to back them as they hit the primary trail.  How many would be able to pull off a full Gingrich?  I don’t know, but I am confident that we will see a number of Adelson like backers keeping hopes alive for weeks on end for both teams this time around.  

Super Pacs and whatever money machines the Supremes unleash this time, would inundate the airways will ads for this but not that Dem as well as savaging the counterpart GOP candidate of the week (have you forgotten 2012 already).   Yes, we’d relive 2012 but on steroids!

The Dems big tent would be a 20 ring circus.  Mainstreamers would punch progressives as both try to hang the populists.  Can you imagine a 20 person debate?  The debates would be elevate tripe and trivia to unimagined levels.  As the season progressed, one candidate would emerge before convention time.  Hmm, I wonder who?

The same order of battle would be enjoyed in the GOP arena.  Money would abound. How about a $3 billion primary season?  As the season progressed, we’d see mainstreamers try to pull a putsch on populist Tea Baggers as both moved to burn the nihilists and evangefundies at the stake.  Their debates would be more entertaining the the Dems.  After all the GOP has sort of cornered the market on batshit crazy pols.  Yeah, gimme a crazy eyed, 9,9,9!.  

As both parties assaulted the airways, each would find a nominee.  

As I think about  it, despite the best efforts of money to buy the race, they’ll have to deal with voters.  This time around, if the road to nomination is open, the voters will opt to advance their own interests.  Yes, I see populists winning both races.

That will be downright weird.  Both parties would then be clamoring for changes in Washington that are for the people, at the expense of the elites of business and Wall St.   

Both sides could use Copeland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” as their theme music as they publicly trash the rich and wealthy.  Of course in the general election voters would have to choose between two sides.  One side would assure us they would attain their ends by unspecified expansions of individual freedom and liberty (via tax cuts for the rich) as the other demands good (that usually means more) government to improve the middle class quality of life.

The fight would cost someone about $8 billion.  Populism of the left and right would either bring on our twilight or usher in a new era of American greatness.

Now imagine a race where Rand Paul takes on Elizabeth Warren.   

That’s so much more fun than Clinton v. Christie, now isn’t it...