Saturday, March 29, 2014

Understanding our Ideological Differences

If you would like to get an idea of how we became what we are today read these three books--

Begin with Albion's Seed, then read American Nations followed by Better Off Without 'Em (for fun if you like to eat crackers and grits for breakfast).

To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Yeah, that's the question we should be asking about drones.  In theory ObamaCo will get around to regulating drones.  When?  Well, come on these guys did after three years of planning.  That really, really mattered to get it right (say good bye to the Senate, Dems).

What kind of a job will the FAA do on drones?  Well, it depends on what the billionaires want in the way of drone regs.  Maybe we don't have regs yet because the pols have not finished selling seats at the governance table, after all it is an election year.

Do we need a license to down drones flying over our property?

Drone technology way ahead of FAA as it tries to set rules for use

Opinion Piece on the Secret Inepts

Dan Emmett lays it to piss poor management (compared to when he was an ace SS guy).  I expect some of what he says is true.  However, I do have a feeling they've hired a bunch of drunks who get the lion's share of press coverage.  Of course, if the sots and their mangers and supervisors all got axed or seriously demoted for little things like passing out drunk in a hotel hall, then we might see some change.   They could institutionalize a zero tolerance for this kind of bullshit policy if they wanted to.  They don't.  That suggests to me that the Secret Service must be more rotten to the core than not.

It may leadership, but I put it more to a failure of responsibility.  That way no one can be blamed for anything much less shit canned.  How many drunks and druggies are still employed by the Secret Service?  Too many.  Perhaps it's time to end the Secret Service and try something new with all new people.

Alcohol isn’t the Secret Service’s problem. Lousy leadership is.

We really should have let GM go belly up in 2008

I wonder when we'll find out who discovered the "killer" switch problem?  Did they sit on it?  When did someone decide to covertly replace the switch (new switch but same part number and that is odd, perhaps criminal?).   Mangers made decisions that killed people and they knew it.  I doubt if we'll ever find out who the GM murderers are much less see them fired or tried.

An Engineer’s Eureka Moment With a G.M. Flaw

Screwing Up Education, One Test At A Time

I am appalled at the number of tests kids have to take these days.   I do wish the feds had never entered the education arena at all.  Education is a state and locality matter.  Can we rid ourselves of the Dept. of Education?  Carter really screwed up in '79, I wonder if he envisioned "No Child Left Behind" or the "Race to Nowhere" ObamaCo has foisted upon us?

Get the Feds out of curriculum and out of testing.

Standing Up to Testing

Friday, March 28, 2014

But if the voters still want divisiveness

Pols may try to avoid bashing gays, try to be neutral on guns and avoid legitimate rape chitchat.  They can try, but what will happen when their voters vote for the most gun toting, gay bashing, abortion doctor killing candidate available?  Can the GOP put the worms back in the can?

We'll to see who wins the primaries, who can stifle their hate speech, and then who finally wins this Nov.

Eyes on the prize? Social issues fade in GOP campaigns

Fat Man Hasn't Sung Yet Update

Port Authority Chairman Resigns, Christie Announces

This is normal today

Content providers demand more from cable companies who in turn pay them and in turn raise the rates for customers.  It sucks.  Most of what Viacom produces is crap.  The only shows I watch on a Viacom station are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  Those are decent shows, but not worth having to pay Viacom more to carry all their shit.

The time has come to make cable a la carte.  If that happened, 95% of cable would disappear.  Out of your 200+ stations, how many stations do you regularly watch?  How much would pay per month for 1.) the cable/dish access and 2.) station access or show access?  Or would you switch to streaming and bag cable?  If you streamed how much would pay for services?

You and 5 million others could lose MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon next week

Cattle Call!

Adelson has a fat wallet.  Pols will do anything for green.  Look it's Chris Christie crawling across the stage, in a diaper,  and wearing a sash that says "Closed a bridge, what can I do for you?"  Big money is backing (buying) candidates.  If voters don't like it, then they vote for candidates not owned by schmucks like Adelson.  If the well heeled lose, then candidates will avoid those human ATMs in the future.  Or, then again, we could make the purchased pols state clearly what they will do, if elected, for the billions spent on them.  Yeah, let's have some honest crooks for a change.

The ‘Sheldon Primary’ is one reason Americans distrust the political system

Thursday, March 27, 2014

You are known by the company you keep

Death around the world

Gee, Utah and Mississippi aren't tied on this

What?  They're both really red, usually run close, as in last and next to last, but Mississippi's redness is financed largely by the always evil (that's the way the Magoliaites see 'em) federal government.

Utah, is 14th most dependent.  Of course a small state like the Beehivedom would somewhat collapse in on itself if the feds totally vanished since 31% of state revenue is federal.  Oh, Mormons, despite the lesser level of dependency, still share the same perspective about the feds, evil, very evil.  It may still be tied to the the cannons overlooking Salt Lake City that the feds put in at Fort Douglas in 1862.

Virginia is far worse off than Utah.  The Old Dominion is 43rd most dependent.

Here's a piece on Utah -- Study: Utah less dependent on feds than most states

And here's the whole study -- States Most & Least Dependent on the Federal Government

And you thought all that money stayed in Washington D.C.?

Has the fat man finally sung?

Some may think so.  However, I don't.  Christie's lawyer's found he didn't "know nothin" about the bridge at all.  His attorneys did lots of interviewe, read lots of email and did oodles of other attorney things.  See, they're sure the fat man can sing!  Hold it.

Please note that the three principals, former, Christie pals and empolyees, would not talk to Chris's ace legal investigators.  The only place he can sing is in the shower (now try to erase that image from your mind, if you can).  It ain't over.

Official Said He Told Christie of Lane Closings, Bridge Scandal Report Says

Personally, I'd end all football

I know that will not happen.  However, a college player's union is a good step to fix the current mess.  It could make for an interesting future.  Hmm, would you watch a bunch of college scabs play ball if Big Ivy U's team was on strike?  How long before a team will go on strike anyway?

If we must have college football then drop the scholar athlete bullshit.  Hire them, pay them, give them lifetime medical care and after 99% of the lunkheads discover they never really were pro material, let them come back to school if they want to.  Give each player a four year all expenses paid education chit.

Oh, how can this all be paid for?  Simple have alumni and pro team organizations pay the full bill.  If a college team can't make it without one dime of state funds, then end the program.  Maybe billionaires would rather buy a college team than a politician (it might be more fun).   If Adelson bought a team would he have to sell off his casinos?

A Victory for Athletes as University Employees

Oh, yeah forgot, as goes college football, so should go all intercollegiate athletics.

Remember 60% Fred?

Back in 2008, good old boy Fred Thompson told us he almost 60% certain he really wanted to be Prez. Wow.  Needless to say he dropped out of the race.  He sorta diappeared until some ad agency got him a gig hawking reverse mortgages on the boob tube.  If you've listened to his spiel, 60% Fred has assured us that old farts can thank el Bonzo Reagan for helping them out of fiscal hard times.  I assume their heirs may thank him too--

Pitfalls of Reverse Mortgages May Pass to Borrower’s Heirs

Uh, Rand Paul for Prez?

It's looking more and more as though that truly batshit crazy guy is trying to clean up his New Confederacy white libertarian evangefundeism and become the fav of the the GOP's rich old white guys.

If Paul does run, I can see him making it all the way.  Imagine if his daddy, Ron, had had the good sense to shuck his more lunatic fringe ideas and harped on fiscal policy alone.  Hm, it might have been Ron Paul in 2008 or 2012.  Hm, could he have beaten the nation's premier community organizer on either occasion?

Okay, now consider the American voting public, with Paul Jr., are you sure Ms. Clinton would beat him?  Don't forget, half of us don't vote.  Among the half that does vote, it just takes getting the most votes in each state to win all the marbles (except a couple that apportion electors).

Rand Paul builds 50-state network, courts mainstream support for presidential bid

Spring, Dictator Gone, Sproing, Sectarianism Rules, Splat Goes the Muslim Bros, And Now...

And now Murbarak is back, but now his name is Sissi.  Okay, I wonder can an Arabic nation sustain freedom, liberty and democracy?  Nah, the problem is they are a nation and never quite made it to being a state.

Egypt’s Abdel Fatah al-Sissi declares intent to run for presidency

Maybe they need a no tolerance, period, policy

Yeah, no drugs.  No booze ever.  No whores.  No tattoos.  That way each person might improve their chances of attaining their objective, being killed.  I wonder if they are secret Muslims and have some idea of oodles of virgins if they're killed taking a bullet for the Prez and his gang of important folks.  Then again, they could be contemporary Vikings and have a way to make it to Valhalla.  Oh, forgot to mention of whom I speak.  I'm talking about our aces in the Secret Service.

Maybe we need to rethink the idea of the Secret Service--

Incident in Netherlands was on heels of car wreck during Obama’s Miami trip

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How about these new products

My reaction is simple, I like Blanton's.  I like Knappogue Castle.   I like Overholt Rye.  Those are great neat, on ice or with a touch of ice water.  Manhattans are divine.  I do love Cognac, Hennessy or Hine, and Coke and a Man-bour-tini every now and then makes for a tolerable summer day.  I've tried rums but keep coming back to Myers which when mixed with Bailey's Irish Cream is better than hot milk before bed.  Vodka exists for some reason, I've never quite figured out why.  Gin, well, I have not  developed a taste for watered down pine tree resin with our without an olive.

Now we have some new distillations.  I have my doubts.  Salty Bourbon?  Stewed fruit Scotch?  Bourbon Tequila?   Maybe rummy rye.  I must be set in my ways.  It must come with entry into old fartdom.

Of course if they showed up, I'd have to do due diligence and test them, copiously.

Cocktail Culture | New Spirits with Split Personalities

Whither Christianity?

I was raised Catholic. Priests and I never quite meshed. Ditto with the Nuns. Out of all the clerics I dealt with all but one were simpatico with Bishop Tebartz-van Elst's behavior. Not on such a grand scale of course. They were Dominicans. However, they shared the Bishop's perspective, with gusto.

 The one was a missionary who served in some jungle, I don't remember where. He was not hell bent on converting anyone to anything. He lived his life. He was merely an example of what he believed. I thought and still do think that his beliefs were pure fantasy. He was okay with that. He returned the favor, he thought my thinking to be very flawed and erroneous.

Pope Accepts Resignation of High-Spending German Bishop

Don't forget, religion is just one more form of social organization through which people can and will act to gain power, fame and fortune.

Bookstores? We don't need no stinkin' bookstores!

Literary City, Bookstore Desert

In 50 years will the printed book still exist?  

Drone Hunting!

No I don't mean shooting drones out of the sky.  I mean the use of drones to "help" you hunt.  Drones could be used to track down the last rogue yam in existence.  The drone could lead you to the poor tuber.  Then the drone could even kill it for you and drone hump it home for you to mount on your extinct species wall.  All done and without am iota of yam on your hands.  Hell with drones you could even stay home and do it all on your iPad.

At least a few states have taken note--

Eyes in the air: States move to ban drone-assisted hunting

Did you receive a credit?

We have about $22 in credit from Amazon.  Now what books on our list shall we buy?

E-book buyers getting settlement credits this week

More and more I do wonder why do e-biz with anyone but Amazon.

Surge's Up?

I have a bit of a problem with Obamacare.  Not so much the idea, but the way the team has implemented the very public portion.  You'd think the plan was put together by community organizer with an ivy league law degree.  Ooops, it was.

Okay listen to the drum roll and let your eyes roll.  Fudge the law and deadlines one more time--

Obama administration will allow more time to enroll in health care on federal marketplace

I wonder if Obama is really a Democrat?  He has to have known that every bit of snafu, fubar, and fuckup in implementation equals some number of otherwise Democratic voters voting for Trogs in 2014.  Maybe its one snafu equals 12,386 votes, a fubar loses 684, 394 and a fuckup guarantees one lost Senate seat.  Damn, will Democrats get any votes at all?

As the Senate goes to the Trogs in 2014 and the House becomes bright crimson, we can all thank Obama and his team of aces who rolled out Obamacare after three years of careful, comprehensive and flawless planning.  

That Good Old Corporate Religion

Consider what can happen if the Supremes do let Jesus, Allah, Yahweh et al into the boardroom so to speak.  Ah, in their hearts (that's Alito, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy) I'll bet they don't quite accept anyone but Jesus.  I think its safe to say there will be a wellspring of sudden "new found holiness and damned fine righteousness" going on (well, if there is an increase in profit, power or status).

Slippery slopes before the court

It's bad enough without Roberts and the Robes giving more rights to the existing Jesus floggers--

Virginia girl’s style not feminine enough for Lynchburg Christian school

If the Court decides to give more, otherwise individual, rights to organizations, then I fear this decision will be the first step towards a Plessy v. Ferguson kind of legitimation of separate but equal religiously  sanctioned discrimination /maiming /killing of just about anything a mad power wielder's minister decides to hype.  Imagine how Fred Phelps would use this bit of legality if he ran HR at Hobby Lobby.   I can see the Grits and Crackers reviving their dormant lynching skills, but on apostates, heretics, and anyone else not exactly like themselves.  Yeah, the South will rise again.  Do we really need the them?  Damn.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meat Market, Will It Be On ESPN?

Nah it's not a pro sports draft, it's selection of the GOP candidate to become the next President of the USA.  Hell it might be on CSPAN.

Want the job?  Then haul your buns off to Vegas, sign up. put on your bathing suit and go pose for some rich old fart and his wife.  I assume the Dems will have some counterpart soon.  Damn does this mean all the other billionairses will have to have their own "slave" soirees?  You bet.  How better to show off your riches than make pols into just mere displayable USDA grade A meat.  Shit who needs party charcuterie anymore, the monied can pay pols to slaughter themselves into any requested form, be it roast, steak,  chop or burger.

Billionaire mogul Sheldon Adelson looks for mainstream Republican who can win in 2016

Welcome to the 16th and 17th Centuries

Ah, the good old days in England after Henry flipped off the Pope,  boffed a new piece and made himself head of the church.  Of course, Catholics and other protestants were not part of his church and as apostates could not own anything that Henry wanted.  Burning at the stake became the new English pastime for awhile.   Hank unleashed a bad couple of centuries in England all because of religion and his zipper (well buttons since zippers had to wait until 1906).

The battle between Henry's church, other Protestants and the Catholics went back and forth.  Catholics proved to be as adept at knocking off Anglicans and others as Henry's successors.  I guess the religious bullshit really ended when the Puritans chopped off Charles's I head.  With the restoration of Charles II, England stuck with the Anglicans, adopted a bit of tolerance and shipped off the worst religious offenders( worst from their perspective) to the colonies, the future good old USA.   Henry's heirs gave us four groups that still want to slug it out--the Puritan's descendants still despise the Anglicans and both think the world would be a better place with out any of that tolerance crap of the Quakers.  About the only thing those three agree upon is ridding the world of the riffraff who came over from the borderlands and N. Ireland.  Catholics were despised by all four back then and didn't count until the 19th century when the Irish potato crop failed.

Our excessively devout Supremes may do the same to us if they decide corporations have religious rights.  Hell they decided they have free speech rights so I fear the religious shit will come down the pike this term.  Yeah, religion is such a convenient tool in the advancement of hate and bigotry.  Now why did you kill/maim/beat the (fill in the blank)?  Oh, he offended your religious beliefs by existing.

Our founders knew well England's (and the rest of Europe's) religious history.  They tried to set us on a path that would avoid deadly entanglement in government when people use faith for ends that have little to do with theology.  Don't forget all Henry wanted was to be able to set aside women and move on to the next babe.  I guess he was modern, a serial, but royal, monogamist.  Oh, that and be might have thought about acquiring all that church gold and property for his coffers.  He might have thought about keeping his throne for himself alone if he shucked the Pope.  It's hard to say what else might have figured into his mental mix.

Religion is just one more social organization that people will use to advance their ends of power, fame and fortune.  Sadly it's the assorted "believers" who wind up getting screwed by those "ministering" to their souls.  Hey, is the NRA a religion...

At Supreme Court today: Health-law cases mix questions of religious freedom, worker rights

Monday, March 24, 2014

Do you know Wattpad?

I didn't, but hell I'm an old fart just getting used to the idea of e-books...

Web Fiction, Serialized and Social

The Arab Spring Sort of Sproinged as It Splatted Itself into a Giant Sinkhole of Squalor

And what is behind that sucking sound in Egypt these days?  Hell, it's certainly not democracy, freedom or liberty so it has to be religion and a correction.  Yep, the zealots pushed the envelope a bit forgetting about the military.  The military recognizes terrestrial things and leaves the celestial to others (provided that god's agents keep their mitts off earthly things).  Oops, the celestials decided Egypt was was going to serve their particular sectarian ways alone and now--

Hundreds of Egyptians Sentenced to Death in Killing of a Police Officer

Can you really have freedom, liberty and democracy in  nation dominated and run by any religion?  I doubt so.  

What's Wrong With So Much of the Nation?

That's simple.  It's the devil.  Not the devil per se, but the idiots who "believe" that the devil is real.  Can I give you an example?  Sure.  How about a Supreme?

Justice Antonin Scalia is the most outspoken. He has urged fellow intellectuals to be “fools for Christ” and used an interview last fall to underscore his belief in the existence of the Devil, whose latest maneuver, he said, “is getting people not to believe in him or in God.”

It discombobulates me that someone who accepts and uses the Unicorn reality assessment rule makes decisions which affect us all.  The Unicorn thing?  Yeah, that is a standard that consists of saying "x exists" thereby substantiating and proving xs reality through mere articulation.  See, I say, "unicorns exist."  Voila, they do!   They may be hard to find, but the epistemological standard proves their reality beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Unicorns or devils, do you like the logic?

Our Supremes would have felt right at home with Thomas Aquinas as he penned "Summa Theologica" in the 13th century and they have to decide if corporations got dat old fashioned religion (they have free speech rights so why not use the Unicorn rule--"corporations are people."  Done.  Roberts and the Robes  are scary.  We'd best watch out for the future, religion will wreck our Constitutional system as we devolve into a Christian variant of Arabic Islam.  The problems is who's variant will come out on top?  Guess we can kill each other off....

High court with vocally devout justices set to hear religious objections to health-care law

Our Wonderful Federal Government At Work

First of all, it it ours.  We, at least those who bother to vote, elect the dorks and dickheads who pass the laws, run the shit and make sure it all works as planned.  Damn we all need to figure out what "as planned" means.  The Feds are of, by and for the folks who vote in primaries and every damn election they can, the rest really just suck cheese.  What we see in Washington, is exactly what the victors want.  Someone is just a tad sick.  Consider--

Sinkhole of bureaucracy

I guess in my heart, since I do vote in every  election I really want 95% of federal IT projects to not succeed (and just don't realize it).   Has fully paid for computerization fubars just become the new American way or is it merely  the current way we shift tax dollars to the private sector (don't forget our history replete with railroads, highways, airplanes, and the good old F-35).

I have to ask, if you vote, is your Rep. a dickhead?  Is your Senator a dork?  Maybe they're just all a bunch of schmucks who love power, perks, fame and fortune over even a modestly effective government.    Lest I forget, how about that Obama fellow?   Dork? Dickhead?  Schmuck?  Kenyan Muslim?  Thinking about my various federal reps, I do wonder why do we conduct any national polls and surveys since more than half the nation doesn't vote and effectively do not count in administering our odd Republic.

Don't forget the guys and gals who have created, sustained and managed our beloved federal mess gave us ObamaCare.  On it's fourth anniversary what else is not quite right?  Well the assorted dorks and dickheads blew it, that is, if you are not some Ronald Reagan typical American family trying to sign up for access to health insurance.  Now that I think of about it, I doubt if even El Bonzo objected to twins, triplets, immigrants and abused women.  Oh well, after four years of planning and preparation, it's one more case of our government's finest in action.  Is it too late to ask for a skosh of effective government?

For some who are married but filing taxes separately, another hurdle

Why don't we quit being jackasses or obese pachyderms and form a group that wants government that is more effective than not?