Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Wedding Cake

Here's APs background piece on the cake, the gays, and the "Christian."  The Bible teaches don't sell wedding cakes to a gay couple? That's bullshit.  The Bible does not teach shit.  People use the Bible for their own purposes.  The Bible is like a gun.  Guns don't kill, people do.  The Bible...


If Jesus were the baker, you can bet he would have sold them a cake and been invited to their reception.

And when we arm them?

It will be machine wars brought to us by the fine folks at DOD.  I think I'll go watch the Terminator movies.


Hmm, is streaming today's surfing?  I mean surfing like in the water.  Do folks search for killer content? Will we see a rock group like the Beach Boys show up singing away about dongles, set tops and shows?  Probably not, but it would be interesting.  Oh, Amazon is now in the streaming gizmo biz with Fire.

I think I'll stick with Roku.

Idiot Watch -- Paul Ryan

He's back with a budget, (43rd?) again.  He's still trying to undo Obamacare.  He's still just Eddie Munster all grown up.  Look, Mr. Ryan and all the other Trogs had ample time to offer alternatives to the Dems and health care, the bill started in 2009.  They did not, well, they did "just say no," a lot.  (Too much Reagan worship I guess.)

Now the Trogs will campaign in 2014 on ending Obamacare and hold it, some idiot finally has come forward with a Troggish preserve the  excess profits of the health industrial congressional complex thought.  I do have trouble putting the word "ideas" and Republican together in sentence that makes a positive reference.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Uh, I Bet Cheney Does Finger Paintings!

The Shrub is an artiste.  My ass, but he has a legal brief that so states, so it's okay for him to paint his ass off.

Meet George W. Bush, artist.

Some headlines make you go "no shit!"

Here's one that elicted that reaction from me--

McDonald’s closes all restaurants in Crimea, citing technical reasons

I bet I know the technical reason.  It's "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming."  

Raw Milk

The folks hell bent on drinking raw milk are, from my perspective, nuts.  Pasteurization is done for very good reasons--prevention of disease transmitted by milk, go read some food history.  Okay they think it's safe, good for them and all that.  I'll go along with them if I can be certain no non-pasteurized milk makes it into my food chain.  If it does I'd like it to be a capital crime.  I don't want to "accidentally" be made ill by some idiot who has his head us his ass over milk.  Second, the milk crowd has to cover their own illness costs.  They will have to be privately insured--no public money can be spent on them.  If they get sick on milk and can't pay for their care then they can rot.   They want the risk, they can have it ,but they have to pay for it too, all of it.  That said and done then they can have very and while I think of it, well taxed, controlled access to raw milk.

Political push for raw, unpasteurized milk is increasing access, but illnesses are up, too

Will the Shrub send his condolences?

Nah, he'll just paint a picture of his sorry ass which he sees reflected in a mirror.  

Two Associated Press journalists shot in Afghanistan

Still Admire the Captains of Industry?

If you do and are not one of them, then you must be a class based masochist (or a Republican)--

U.S. companies are chipping away at retiree health benefits

Guns and Fort Hood

Since we can't control guns we can embrace them.  For example, anyone who enters Fort Hood or any other military facility in the future should be required to be armed.   If someone tries to enter, is unarmed and refuses to accept a loaner, then they should be denied entry.  Loaner?

Every base, fort office, or other unit of the military will have to stockpile weapons and ammo for temporary usage by unarmed entrants.  Of course this will require a massive gun training program.

Every man woman and child in this nation needs to be trained in the use of pistols, rifles, shotguns, mortars and howitzers (you never know what you might face on a base).  The training will be restricted to citizens,  Upon corse completion they will receive a weapons carrier ID card that will enable them to buy infinite numbers of guns anywhere  anytime.  Flash the card, membership has its benefits, and you can be a proud part of Guns R Us (and be issued a loaner).  The training will be mandatory.  If anyone refuses they will be subject to an IRS fine.  After all, guns are as vital to ones health as is insurance.    

Not everyone will opt to carry a gun, that's a state licensing issue.  Since everyone will be trained and have a guns are okay ID, they will be armed when they step foot on U.S. military property (leased or owned).

Now let some sick bastard try to kill his compadres.  Of course the killer won't become a killer because he will be killed by six hundred bullets from a base full of trained gun wielders.  Oh,  the defenders will accidentally kill a score or more of other defenders, but that's a small price to pay for the defense of the second amendment, liberty and all the other stuff.

Today we begin will mandatory arming in all military facilities, tomorrow we include all federal facitlities of any kind.  States can join in at their leisure, after all guns are a states rights issue.

Pass the exploding cigars!

Note, Castro is still alive (kinda).

USAID effort to undermine Cuban government with fake ‘Twitter’ another anti-Castro failure

We're #1, Yep, #1 in Bizarre

Think not?  Then ponder Texas, drugs and dying--

Serial killer executed with Texas’ new drug supply

Gee, did they get the drugs from a Mexican cartel?

Fort Hood Again

If you watch TV news or read a newspaper you know that Fort Hood was the site of another bit of gunfire.  A soldier opened up on other soldiers.  He killed a few, wounded more and finally took his own life.  Why?

The assorted analysts will put the blame on his mental  state.  He'll go from being a bit off, to depressed, to be a raving loon.  Gee, maybe we'll end up wondering how the military signs up psycho killers.  Please note that by focusing on shooters mental imbalance and the military, we won't have to look at guns, gun sales, ammo sales or the impossibility of gun control much less pols owned by the NRA.

The NRA does show us what happens to our politics when a lot of money is put to a singular purpose.  With the rich now able, courtesy of Roberts and the Robes, to spend all they want on "free speech" we can expect to see more NRA modeled effects in our government (local, state, and federal).  We just won't know who is behind various groups.  Well, bless my ammo belt, that's the NRA, who really funds them, I know it's not from dues.

Here's a piece on Fort Hood-- Fort Hood shooter described as introverted, musical

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bout Time

Senate panel votes to release CIA interrogation report

However, it won't amount to much since most voters don't give a shit about anything except getting their little piece of the pie.  The CIA tortured people, do you really care?  If you were a Trog would it make a difference for whom you vote?  Nah, and  ditto for Dems.  

A bit of inconsistency?

I was paying a few bill this evening and noticed several of them had a nice little blurb, "save a stamp, pay online."  I guess that makes sense, but if the firm recommending that I pay on line also uses the USPS to deliver their merchandise to me, then it makes no sense at all.  The USPS has been hit by the Internet. As more stuff shifts to on-line, less goes through the mail.  If your business depends upon the mail then, even if you'd get your money a day or two earlier, ultimately you're shooting yourself in the foot as the USPS goes bankrupt.  Weird.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

There goes the drone season

Drones Will Not Be Hunted In Colorado Town

Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing hunters decked out in full drone camouflage gear, I think you make it with Reynold's wrap.

How do you spell Hypocrisy?

Well, le's spell it H-O-B-B-Y L-O-B-B-Y!

Antiabortion company Hobby Lobby reportedly invests retirement funds in abortion drugs

Shit, those fine folks just don't like Obama and played a Jesus card.  Kind of cheapens god doesn't it?

Meat R Us

What's that?  Oh, it's the political candidate display case at Ye Olde Narcissist Shoppe.  Yep, pols will strip down and wiggle and wallow as the customers  desire.  The customers?  Oh, they are the newly empowered rich pricks, they can now spend as much as they want on political candidates and parties.  I didn't realize that sound came in colors.  Yep, free speech is green, very green.

Supreme Court strikes down limits on federal campaign donations

Roberts and the Robes, fucking up a nation since 2005.  This is the kind of court that would also have given us Plessy and Dred Scott.  If you're a fan of Roberts et al, then you know from whence you spring.  Scalia makes a fine Taney and Roberts is a dandy Brown.

How much will the 2016 race cost?  How about 10-15 billion?


As I follow the mess that GM made I find myself thinking GM is the typical American company.   I also find Congress to reflect the values of American voters.  GM makes cars that kill and they make money at it.  When someone notes the deaths, then Congress harrumphs at GM for being a company that kills its customers.  Congress then lambastes the regulatory body that failed to catch GM committing corporate murder.  Of course it is the same Congress that has consistently denied regulators the funds, tools and power to actually regulate GM or any other business and prevent the next round of slaughter by crappy products.  Welcome to the USA.  You may chant "Number 1" now.

The net result is we will see something done but nothing change.  There will be no consequences.  We will then wait for the next similar disaster and a repeat of the current cycle of death, discovery and vaccuity.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Still considering buying a GM product?


Key questions and answers about the GM recall controversy

GM’s Barra: ‘I cannot tell you why it took years for a safety defect to be announced’

Gee, I can tell her why.  It's simple, it was then and probably still is company policy.  Hell she's just the CEO.

Farts Caused the Great Dying?

250 million years ago, everything died, even the bugs.  97% of all living things died.  Why?  Volcanoes did it, right?  Well, maybe or it may been microbes who produced a lot of farts.  Imagine an atmosphere of massive SBDs, you'd die too.  Farts killed the trilobites?  Read the piece and see if farts did us all in back in the good old days.

A new microbe might have accelerated the Great Dying

Gun Control? Uh, this is gun control

There's an ad and then the video.  Conclusion, gun control doesn't control guns, it makes you feel like you've done something and that's all.

How gunmakers are circumventing New York's assault weapons ban – video

I still think the only gun control that might work is really adding on prison sentence time to anyone who possesses, carries, or uses a gun in the commission of any felony, misdemeanor, or tort including those events where its just a suggestion that one has a gun and will use it.  In other words, guns and crime will yield extra time.

The gun sentence should be federal time added on to the state and local time.  I'd go so far as to require an idiot who brandished a gun in bar to get a few days in the county jail. but then have a year without parole in a federal facility added on.  Instead of cluttering up or prisons with dumb druggies, let's replace them with idiots with guns.   America's privately run prisons need a new source of cheap labot. Let's feed them the NRA zombies.

At Play In the Fields of Fiscal Idiocy

Ryan is back.  Another budget.  If your income depends on defense spending, you will get a raise.  Everyone else gets to eat cake crumbs.  How does this kind of loopiness become the GOP standard?

Ryan Budget Would Cut Food Stamps and Medicaid Deeply

Anti April Fools

15 things you can’t believe are true about American politics

Let the buck passing begin,

GM built and sold deadly cars.  How have they ducked liablility?  Oh, why do you think they really came begging for a bailout?  Yep, they got indemnity for all the shitty things they did before 2008-2009.  The  story is just beginning---

GM faces questions on deadly ignition-switch defect as families mourn lives lost

Gee, The CIA Really Sucks, What's New?

The CIA, under White House leadership, operated a worldwide torture shop.  They, especially the VP of the U.S., insisted their efforts kept us safer and brought bad guys to justice which otherwise could not have occurred.

If one assumed that the VP, assorted senior Congressmen and appointees in the CIA and DOJ  and White House would not lie to the American people on something as repugnant as torture,  then we, albeit grudging,  accepted their sausage making defence.  No one wants to see how a delicious breakfast sausage is made.

They were lying to us.  They weren't making sausage.  They were torturing people for no reason at all.  I guess the VP, Congress and the CIA are offices that attract sadists.  Oh, hold it, Biden's not a sadist so maybe it's the case that when a Trog is in power the offices attract sadists.  The Shrub was a powerful magnet.

How can I say this.  Well, parts of a report have been leaked.  I guess the war between the CIA and the Senate is heating up.  Has the pissing contest has commenced.

I do wish the full report would be released without any redaction or bullshit about releasing secrets.  The need to conceal is the need to cover one's personally liable ass and not much else.    Oh, well, we'll continue to be fed lies and half truths, it's the American way and it will remain so until the voters decide to elect a tad more decent and honorable people to Congress and the White House.

CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

Monday, March 31, 2014

Toys and kids

Do you put Barbie and the word "scientist" together in the same sentence?  I don't, but then I'm a retired old fart.  What do young girls do?  Well, they don't either.

Girls can be anything when they grow up – until they start playing with Barbie

Idiot Watch

Who are the idiots we need to watch for?  Uh, the man made climate change deniers that's who.  Look this crowd pretty much thinks the universe is a bit over 6,000 years old and tend to visit the creation museum.  I guess too much prayer kill brain cells.  They need to be put back in their pews and kept out of the public square forever.

The rest of us need to note--

Worst Is Yet to Come


If you have missed any episodes of "Cosmos" watch them online--


It came in with a thud and it goes out with a pffft

Yeah, was down today.  Somehow or another that seems about right.  Even if Obamacare works the way its supposed to and the economy bounces back, will Obama's image  recover?  Will he be stuck?  Will he be seen as one of the lesser presidents (kind of like the Shrub)?

In theory, Obamacare open enrollment is over (kinda, sorta).  Any bets on fines?  Will there be any?  When?

On deadline day, goes down for maintenance

I smell a TV show

Sex sells.  NCIS is one of the top shows on the tube.   We all pay attention to sex crimes.  What if we added them together?  How about  DOD: SVC  (Department of Defense:  Special Victims Counsel)?

Sex assault victims find help navigating military justice system

And it would be patrotic too--support the troops and all that stuff.

The "is, is" award goes to...

A pol of course, this time it's Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Do 60 percent of women use ‘birth control’ for something other than family planning?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Trogs Suck

Trogs don't take to 2014 well at all.  Hell, they haven't felt good since George III lost the colonies.  Oh, they say they're down with the Constitution and stuff like that. but they're not.  In their hearts they want to run things by themselves and do as much as the possible to return to good old days of the 17th century.  They do like freedom, for themselves.  They do value liberty, for those, such as themselves who, by birth,  merit it.  They do love labor as long as it's someone else's who works for them.  Actually 17th century Virginia is paradise for a Trog.  If you'd like to learn about a GOP Eden then read  Edward Morgan's "American Freedom, American Slavery."

Since Trogs can't force us all into a way, way back machine, they can try to prevent decent people from  voting.  They can rig elections and negate effective progressive government.  Trogs do think government is of, by and for the people, but only so when it is limited to those people like themselves.

The Dems had best work on voter turnout for state elections.  Political pest control consists of driving the cockroaches out of office and keeping them out.  Votes matter, that's why the Trogs try to deny the franchise to as many non-Trog folks as they can.    

New G.O.P. Bid to Limit Voting in Swing States


Even though the overwhelming majority of people desire serious gun control, it's not happening anytime soon.  Why? You know why.  It's all due to that bitter crowd of blue collar miscreants who support and belong to the NRA, buy guns, buy ammo, and sadly show up to vote in both primaries and general elections.  It's mostly Trogs.  Guns rally the less educated, more white, more male, and pretty convinced modernity sucks.  Yeah, they do kind of hanker for the 17th century (they know, in their hearts, we all need another Charles II).

As I was thinking about guns, the NRA, and all the mayhem associated with 3 or 4 hundred million guns I was interrupted by a blurb on the NCAA, Northwestern, the NLRB and football.  College athletes can now form unions.

Will they?  At first I thought, yes.  Then I realized the NCAA is backed and supported by the buttoned down college crowd's more affluent, more educated, more diverse, still mostly male, but very much modern part of our population.  They have the lawyers too.   Hmm, is the NCAA just the NRA for Dems and Indies?  So will we see unions?  I doubt it.

When Bureaucrats Get Stupid

About all one can do is shake one's head and wait for the lack of enforcement over time to effectively change the law because there is one thing no one can do.  Yeah, no one can just fix stupid.