Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Next Two Years

Now that Obama, Boehner, and McConnell have spent their entire 10 year allotment of Kumbaya time on Friday, does anyone expect anything other than very partisan gridlock, laced with minimally requisite governance, over the next two years?  I don't.

I expect more of what we all want--gridlock.  If we did not want it the way it has been, we would have replaced the House and Senate with a new type of narcissist.  We did not.  It does not matter who wins.   For all practical purposes, as an example from Virginia, what the hell is the effective diff between Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie?
Warner won, Gillespie lost.  Until the GOP (or the Dems) have veto proof majorities in Congress, it's no big deal.  As all of us witnessed the end of seniority being used to determine Congressional Committee positions and we watched Congress end earmarks, we have seen gridlock ensue.  Did anyone wish the end of seniority or earmarks?  If you did, did you anticipate gridlock?

Oh, the "we" in "what we all want" above, consists of just those voters who at least vote in primary elections (or attend party conventions).  We want it the way it is.  We want it our way and screw the other side.  Since we determine the candidates, it's our way no matter how many other decide to join us in the general election.  If you don't like it, then how about a new party or three?  Otherwise we will all continue to see our politics decided by about 15% (at best) of registered voters.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Last night the Dems, once again, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Come on, Warner just squeaked by?  Brownback was reelected, now that's just puke.  In race after race the Dems folded in the end, because they never really started.  Anyone have an idea what the Democratic Party stands for?  Anyone have a clue about Obama's thinking?  I wonder if he has given any thought to the virtues of pig castration (yeah, she won too).

Dems tried to play it safe for themselves, they did not run as a party, they lost the Senate.  They lost statehouses.  The only saving grace is that nothing will get done for the next two years since all  of them will spend most of their time fundraising for 2016 and a few will be running for Prez beginning today.  The Repubs now celebrate the realization of their hope and change.

It's time for a new party.


Monday, November 3, 2014

The Day Before

Tomorrow we elect a new House of Reps, one third of the Senate, a slug of governors and other state and local narcissists.  We can expect a record low turnout.  Hell, the primaries were about as low as they've ever been so who really expects much tomorrow?

Our national election outcomes are pretty much determined by older, educated, white males and their spouses.  The young are marginal in elections since they just don't show up.  Ditto for non-white blocs.  Imagine what kind of candidates we'd see if the young, low income, lower education, non-whites turned out and voted at the same levels of white guys and their mates in primaries.  Do you think we'd sees better breed of pol elected to office?  I do.

It would be nice to see some changes, but to be honest, if nothing much changes I'm okay.  If Dems and Trogs want to spend the next 10 or 20 years poking each other in the eye and the government continues to run as it does today, I'm okay with that.  In 30 years I'll be dead.

Younger folks please note:  if you don't participate then you accept rule by merely adequate toadies who suck up to the rich and those who benefit from their status quo.

Is it time for a new party?    

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Remember the Goldwater election?

I do.  I did not support that pompous ass.  When I got my hands on a "Goldwater" bumper sticker I went looking for a urinal to provide folks with a way to make a meaningful commentary about the schmuck every time they took a leak on "Goldwater."  I did stick the sticker inside the urinal and folks did piss on "Goldwater".  

Guess who supported Goldwater when I was putting bumper stickers in urinals?  Uh, Hillary Clinton campaigned for him.  The GOP has RINOs, the Dems have the same, there are Democrats in name only.  Ms. Clinton is a DINO.  Think about it as she makes speeches.  If you wind up being suckered in by her speeches, vote for her,  and if she wins in 2016, then grab the KY and get ready to be royally Obamafied (hope and change went extinct in Jan. 2009).

So, what do you think makes a Democrat, a Democrat?



I haven't posted anything for some months.  Now with the Mid-terms upon us, it's time to resume posting.

If you watched the bobble head shows today, then you know it's a safe bet that the Senate will go to the GOP.  If you are not an acid drooling Repub, then before you start the wailing, gnashing, and rending activities, let me ask you, uh, so what?  What will really change over the next two years?  What?  Well, exactly nothing.

The Trogs will stick it to Obama as they have for six years.  The Dems will continue to be Dems.  Our government will plod along.  The Trogs won't get anything accomplished.  The Dems won't either.  We will see a two year run of political games of chicken as both try to cause an action or force an embarrassing flinch.

The Trogs will try to force Obama's hand.  In one of Obama's hand he will wield his veto stamp, in the other a pen to sign lots of executive orders designed to really piss off Repubs.  I won't be surprised if the House knuckle-draggers opt for impeachment.  I hope they do, since it will hurt them--remember Clinton and that Gingrich guy anyway?

As both side trash each other in typical fashion,   Jackasses and Trogs will both check out polls and run a few focus groups to provide bullet points for the ravings of their respective aspiring presidential narcissists.  Gridlock, chickenlock, it will be but two years of Prez wannabes scrambling for free face time on cable.  Do you really want to see Clinton vs. Bush in 2016?

I don't. Billionaires will pay for the show and decide who will be in the cast.   Come on does anyone think wed see a race that features Elizabeth Warren vs. Rand Paul?

Yep it is time to get back to it.  More to come in the coming days and weeks as we continue to watch big money patriotically buy our nation one statue and one rule at a time...