Saturday, November 29, 2014

Botch An Execution? Man that sucks, What can a state do..

End capital punishment?  Nah, the need for collective revenge voting bloc remains large.   Change to a sure fire form of killing?  Come on, does anyone even make guillotines anymore?  Okay, what does a state that botches them regularly do?  Well, a state can make it illegal for anyone to collect any info on any execution!  Hell, then the state can botch them all and no one will know.  Does that sound really, really dumb?  Yeah it does to me, but I'm not from Ohio.

Ohio Republicans push law to keep all details of executions secret

Is Ohio running to become Kansas?

Elections Do Matter

Voters, in low numbers, not seen since 1942, turned out for this past election.  Those who did vote, voted more for Trogs than Dems.  The House stayed very Trog.  The Senate is now a bastion of Rebub Neanderthals (it used to be Democratic cave people).  And in state  offices it's even worse.  63%  of us, stayed home.  Does it matter?  It does if you don't want to be ruled by knuckle-draggers.

For example, if you think a woman should be able to obtain an abortion as a matter of her choice as a medical procedure that is between her and her doctor then how much longer will that be more true than not?  Uh, remember 63 percent's, the Trogs won and they will act.

The coming wave of anti-abortion laws

Abortion is just one issue.  Others will follow that the same pattern.  Unless you voted for a Democrat then I have to assume you want this country to be re-built in the very conservative Teabag GOP image.  Do you?  Now did you vote?  If not, I give your non-vote to the side that won, so you non-voter are also acid-drooling, knuckle dragging, Troglodytes.  

And what are you thankful for...

Well, if you are a gun nut who wallows in gun culture, then you know T-Day time is when your kind emerges out of the caves and other dark cultural recesses and  buys, buys, and buys.  Can you ever have too many guns and an excess of ammo.  Be prepared, uh, what are they preparing for anyway?

Black Friday is America’s premier gun-buying day

I don't get it

I guess we can only cope with one dead black make at a time, so Ferguson trumps Cleveland.  Come on, 2 seconds of warning and two in the chest over a BB gun?  Why hasn't Rev Al showed up in Cleveland?  Oh, cable news doesn't have extra cameras and mics.

I think the Cleveland story is far more insidious that Ferguson.  Do you?

Cleveland Cops Failed to Administer First Aid to Boy in Fatal Shooting

Nothing like success breeding, succe, er, what?

Our massively be-medaled GI Joe commanders, with ace assists from the warriors in the CIA, at State, and god know where else in our militarized government, have a plan for Syria.  They're gonna train Syrians to fight ISIL and Assad.  After a stellar record in Afghanistan and Iraq, they're going to use that same method to pick the winners for training and field ops.  We did win the war in Afghanistan didn't we?  Ditto for Iraq?  Same guys, same techniques, and I predict same results.  So much for the change voters hoped for--peace.

U.S. will use psych evaluations, stress tests to screen Syrian rebels for training

And the Dems want Clinton?  Why?  Togs seems to like Willard again or Jeb?  Why?  Well both are good for the Military Industrial Congressional Complex!  

Arab Splat

Remember the Arab Spring?  Can  you see all those Egyptians gather in some square in Cairo?  Yeah, they topple Mubarak.  Egypt was headed for a democratic state except for the little refrain so many forgot--the dictator is dead, long live the dictator.  Mubarak was ousted.  Mubarak was tried.  The government changed back to it historical form of dictatorship,  Mubarak got a retrial.  Mubarak is exonerated.  It's really simple, Arabs plus Islam will never equal democracy.  Until they bag their obsessing over religion, they will enjoy totalitarian government of one kind or another.    And the Arabs went splat.

Cairo court drops case against Mubarak for protester deaths

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No indictment

Did you expect one?  I did not.  As I understand the law involved, I would have been surprised had one been returned.  Some people in Ferguson expected an indictment.  Their protest leaders and police lost control of the crowd.  It got ugly fast.  If you were watching cable last night, you saw it, live.  What will happen tonight?

Ferguson takes stock after rage over grand jury decision

Context does matter

Giuliani’s claim that 93 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks

It won't affect the gluttons

Gluttons just eat, period.  However, a new bit of regulation may make those who love to eat, pause, count, and then shove that Big Mac, colossal fries, and monster shake into their pie-hole.  Within a year, fast food joints will have to post calorie count for their products.  

I do wonder about the need for such a regulation.  Those who are concerned about calories probably avoid fast food anyway.  Those who consume the shit really don't care and no matter what's posted will just keep on pigging out.

Calorie counts: Coming to a restaurant, movie theater, vending machine near you

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mr. Paul Is right

Congress does need to shit or get off the pot.  On what?   Oh, on ISIL.  Congress needs to debate a bit, whatever that means in 2014, and then either declare war on ISIL or end whatever it is Obama is doing now.  War or no war are the two options.

Rand Paul Calls for a Formal Declaration of War Against ISIS

If Congress does opt for war then it should also:

1.  Add a war surtax now--no more wars on the nation's Visa card,
2.  Make the draft active and require all women between the ages of 18-26 to register now,
3.  Require that 51% of all enlisted service members on active duty during wartime be draftees,
4.  Publicly declare a mission such as killing all members of ISIL or whatever you want.

Torture Front: Obama Remains Bush And The Senate, Well It's Just Debilitating

Did the Senate talk with all the guys the Prez and his pals had tortured?  Nah, it's hard to do.  Besides, who needs to talk to victims when your target is the CIA and FBI.  Here's more info on our government's illegality and failure to bring anyone to justice for engaging in acts of torture.  Yeah, trust?  We don't need no stinking trust in government now do we?

Highest-value terror detainees excluded from Senate investigation of CIA torture

To cite Sarah Palin, how its that hopey, changy thing going after six years (and two more to go)?

Cleveland Cops and Kids

The child who was shot and died, was black.  I assume the cop was white.  If the child had been white would the cop have put two in the tyke's chest?  Somehow I think not.

Cleveland police kill 12-year-old boy wielding BB gun that looked like a semi-automatic pistol

Race and racism still thrive in this nation.   We, as a people, have improved.  100 years ago this would not have been news at all.  50 years ago it would have been a small local story.  Today it is a national story with which we must contend.  Again, white kid taking two in the chest?

Global Warming Front

Man made climate change yields weird weather.  We can expect more and more extremes as the planet adapts to all our polluted hot air.

Today in tidewater Virginia, we'll be in the 70s, perhaps hit 80.  Then it will cool and on Wednesday it will turn cold and snow.

The East Coast is in for a White Thanksgiving?

D.C. area forecast: Near record-warmth today; major storm Wednesday, possible snow

Rape Culture: Cosby

I have trouble accepting that rape culture is real, but sadly I must accept it's existence and dominance in our contemporary culture.  Sexual violence does appear to be a major theme on TV, in movies, in games and pervades our society.  This is not boys will be boys, and girls will be girls.  This is learned depravity.  Who did the teaching? Who perpetuates it?

Here's more on America's Rapist, Bill Cosby--An alleged Cosby ‘fixer’ comes out of the shadows

At UVa and other institutional purveyors of rape, I suggest it's time to end the frats and sororities, period.  Then school administrators will have one less source of vile campus behavior they have to cover up to maintain their "reputation."   Would you want to attend a rape school?  Would you give large dollar to rape college?

I wonder if rape culture on campuses has increased as government funding has declined.  When school presidents are hired for their ability to grovel for dollars, it's reasonable to expect that they'll do about anything at all, including abetting rape and rapists.  Obstructing justice has become the American way?

As to the current crop of rapists who not attend or have attended UVa, find them, try them, and send them to prison and along the way make sure their faces become very well known in their hometowns.

The alleged rape at a University of Virginia frat house and the fraternity gang-rape culture

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Make your racial bets...

What do you bet the shooter was white and the shootee was not?

12-year-old boy shot by Cleveland police has died

Gun control?  We don't need no stinking' gun control!  It's getting to be a bit much.  To many guns and too many cops shooting to kill.

So what is our strategy?

The tactics don't seem to be stopping, much less ridding the world of ISIL.  Obama's ace team's ideas may actually be advancing ISIL's sway in the area.  If so, that's real dumb.  Gee, what if Obama goes down in Arabic history as a central character in the rise of the modern caliphate...

US air strikes in Syria driving anti-Assad groups to support Isis


I'd love to see an election featuring Rand Paul and Chris Christie vs.  Elizabeth Warren and Jim Webb.  That would be very interesting.  I am so tired of Bushs and Clintons--they have done serious damage to the nation and would be poised to do more.

At any rate here's a piece on 2106 A Deep 2016 Republican Presidential Field Reflects Party Divisions

If ISIL showed up in Afghanistan...

Oops.   The Afghans have their own ISIL, the Taliban.  Let's see, we invaded greater and lesser Rubbleistan to teach those punks (the Taliban) a lesson and kill al-Qaeda terrorists.  We pretty much eradicated al-Qaeda from the rubble heap within a couple years.  The terrorist dregs fled to Pakistan where they joined the Taliban in exile.  The Taliban, of course, was morphed into an enemy since they had ran most of the nation that gave safe harbor to al Qaeda.  Then we changed focus and went to war in Iraq.  It's a dumb, dumb story.

Since we began the Iraq War in 2003, we've made the Taliban our enemy.  They are not terrorists.  They are opponents of the appointed government and pretty sick when it comes to rules of life (think sharia law).  Now we're poised to be gone, save about9000-12,000 soldiers.  Oh, our G.I.s have a new mission guidance document that pretty well allows open season on the Taliban.  We're creating another Vietnam just as we have with ISIL in Syria/Iraq.  So much for Obama being a man of peace.

Do we need to keep warring on and on in Rubbleivania?  Probably so, since at best, after 13 years, we find an Hour’s Drive Outside Kabul, Taliban Reign

Shit, If the real ISIL did show up they'd take the entire country in a day.

Election Numbers

Here are some interesting numbers about voter categories based on exit polls taken during this past election.  Of course, as you read them, remember, the percentages only apply to those who voted. That is, they apply to the 37% of possible voters who did vote.  How the other 63% would have altered the data is just plain unknown.  Be careful using these distributions when thinking about 2016.

The 9 most fascinating numbers from national exit polls

Arab Spring: Update

Let's face it, the Arabs went spring.  Then they went sproing quickly followed by splat!   Did anyone really expect much else?  Come on, until the Arab people are willing to separate church and state, they will not be able to establish any government based in equality that is necessary to attain political freedom and liberty for all.

Remember the Arab Spring? Here’s what’s left.

Rape Culture? I'm afraid we live in one

Here's the Rolling Stone piece on rape at UVA-A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

And here's a Rolling Stone follow-up piece on more rapes at UVA-Rape at UVA: Readers Say Jackie Wasn't Alone

And the school's response?  Well they selected an attorney to look into the rapes, but had to let him go since he was a member of the same frat under investigation.  Oh, the Prez closed frat and sorority events.   Why not rid the school of these cesspools of humanity?

U-Va. president suspends fraternities until Jan. 9 in wake of rape allegations

If rape in colleges and universities is not enough to make you barf, then how about America's Dad morphing into America's Rapist?  Yep, Bill Cosby may be our premier serial rapist

Bill Cosby Rape Accusers Speak Out: 'The Public's Mind Will Be Blown'

Bill Cosby’s legacy, recast: Accusers speak in detail about sexual-assault allegations

Lorena Bobbit where are  you?