Saturday, December 6, 2014

Misogyny's sustenance

What keeps it going?  Well, how about the Old Testament, New Testament and Koran?  With what these three violent religions promote, it's a wonder every women doesn't get the shit beaten out of her every day in the name of god and salvation.  Damn it's righteous too.  Okay, here's an interesting approach to banning theologically inspired misogyny--

Why angry Australian gamers want to ban the Bible

I wonder if wife beater shirts with a pic of Jesus are available at Amazon?

Over the Air TV

I have Dish. I didn't notice CBS was gone. It must have been real brief. Well, I'm not sure when I have CBS on anyway.

When's the last time CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox had any must-see shows?  News?   Do you think a show such as "House of Cards" or "Alpha House" could or would ever show up on the networks.  No way.  A sponsor or some bloc of ideological/theological fuck ups might object.  Cable bested the networks, and now cable is getting bested by streaming.

When you can't compete what do you do?  Well, try to increase profit any way you can.  You make television distribution systems pay more for the same old shit.  They in turn pass it on to their subscribers.  Doing better programming appears to never be an option.

I'm looking forward to it all being streaming. I Tivo some network shows, but I can erase them without watching and not miss a thing.  Can't say the same for some cable shows, Netflix and Amazon.

If CBS disappeared who'd even know it was gone.  When CNN disappeared, after a couple days of changing habits, I didn't even think of CNN's absence except that is was nice to not see or hear Wolf Blitzer.  I wonder if CBS has asked how many would pay for a CBS streaming service?  I wouldn't unless they radically improved the quality of their product.  Would you?

CBS, Dish reach deal on retransmission fees

Still think the Ganer killing was righteous?

If so, follow the link in this piece and watch the video (about 71/2 minutes long).  Then tell me it a legit death.  Mr. Garner was effectively dead as seen in that video.

As you watch, examine the look and feel of the cops.  There is no place for cops to be dressed like punks--shaved heads, tattoos, camo shorts, track shoes and t-shirts.  They look like hoodlums.  If you dress like a thug, you will act like a thug, and then you become a thug.

Check out the faces of the cops, they know they committed a murder and are trying to find the story to cover their asses.  Do you trust those folks?  I do not.  Are they peace keepers?  No, they are the modern version of the folks who used to lynch blacks.  Similarly, the killing was as legal then as it is today.

Every cop at the scene, when the life was choked out of Mr. Garner, abetted a murder.  Since the crime was committed by police no one will call it murder.  NYC is not safer and more secure because Mr. Garner no longer sells loose cigarettes on the street.  The nation is not better off because of the police actions in NYC.  Cameras and re-training will not fix this problem.


There is a second Eric Garner video. It may be more disturbing than the first.

So When Did the Jim Crow Era End?

Well, it didn't.  Want a clue to the current red/blue divide in this nation?  Well, think back to the Civil War, then ponder over Jim Crow, and reflect on the Civil Rights Movement.  Using today's colors, we can't use party labels since their respective core ideas change over time, what side was red and what side was blue?

Actually the roots of today precede the Civil War, even precede 1776.  This socio-cultural-politico divide begins in 17th century colonial times, informs our history and remains the backdrop for today's events.

Today, it's cast as urban vs. rural, Repub vs. Dem, rich vs poor, etc.   However, it's still as back then, the contrasting idea sets driven mostly by Puritan (New England) vs. Cavalier (Tidewater Virginia) thought.  We're fighting the same battles.

Today, Blue is losing.  I'm not partial to Red America, it's not founded on the expressions of equality that permeate the "Declaration of Independence" that are so needed if a people are to be at liberty to enjoy freedom in any manifestation of democratic governance.  

Mike Brown’s shooting and Jim Crow lynchings have too much in common. It’s time for America to own up

Friday, December 5, 2014

Symbols of counter protest

If you had to name such symbols that grace the attire of folks who disagree with those protesting Michael Brown's death in Ferguson what would say?  Yep, if you guessed Klan costumes and confederate flags then you know your bigots.  I can't name the apologists of bigotry since I don't watch FOX.

Ferguson protesters met with racial slurs during march to Missouri capital


My, my, "Rolling Stone" didn't do any fact checking on it's UVA rape story.  They published and assumed it was true.  Oops.  I guess the "good" story, and associated sales, was too much too for the editor and publisher of the rag.

When pubs screw up like this it takes years to regain trust--ask the Washington Post and New York Times.  I doubt if Rolling Stone will ever regain credibility.

So much for Rolling Stone, it's now, in one swell fuck up it has become the rag its critics always knew it was, just a shoddy music mag.

Rolling Stone Casts Doubts on Its Story of UVA Rape

Headline Misread

I saw this and figured it must be from a Trog rag about Bohener's suit against Obama.  It's not, but my misread might have been more interesting--

Criminal Court Withdraws Charges Against Kenyan President

Obama Bashing

Trogs have done to Obama what decent Dems did to Bush, trash him whenever and however possible.  I haven't been all that bothered by the knuckle-draggers attacks on Barry, it's our politics today.  I have to admit, I had too much fun when the Shrub and his Uncle Darth tried to usurp all power, overturn the Constitution, and establish a new world order.  Those were the days.

I assume the mouth breathers, after blaming Obama for the lousy economy, will not blame him for-- More Jobs and Higher Wages: U.S. Recovery Starts to Hit Home

The only good thing  I can say about our Prez is he's a Democrat, a DINO, but a Democrat.  Are there any real Dems out there?  Don't mention Clinton, she's not.  

Who want the putz in the White House anyway?

The fat man can't sing yet.  His office cleared him of any wrongdoing.  Now the Jersey legislature has  done so.  The Feds are still investigating.  What if the Feds do have the smoking gun?  Oh, if so, then New Jersey will have lived to the rest of the country's expectations of the place as Christie jumps into the ashcan of history.   Do you really want a governor of NJ running the nation?  That's almost as bad as electing a governor of Illinois into office.

   Christie cleared again of involvement in New Jersey 'Bridgegate' scandal

If Eric Garner's killer can't be indicted, what cop possibly could front: Phoenix!

Here's another one to mull over. Play it out in your mind. Righteous shoot? Is you think so, change the perps race to white with his white wife and white 15 month old child. Same outcome? I doubt it even if the white guy had the same record.  We have a serious race based problem and had best find a way to face it, discuss, and fix it. The alternatives are not pleasant.  It's supposed to be the case that we are all equal under one law.  To make that real we have to work at it and always be vigilant.  

Don't expect an indictment.

The story of how a white Phoenix cop killed an unarmed black man

At one time cops were called pigs, but that was an insult to pigs.  What is the appropriate term  today?

What do you get when you cover horse shit with chocolate?

Well, you get the new "New Republic."  In a population of 300,000,000+ people there are probably sufficient numbers of dipped horse turd fans to make a go of another Internet waste.  I dropped the New Republic years ago when it was sold to some Canadian company.  They'd gone downhill and wallowed in their inabilities for some time.  Of late, they seemed to be returning to their roots a bit, but that's over.  It's all about maximizing shareholder value, so to speak.

Gee, they will Facebookize "The New Republic."  What will they call it?  Farcebook?  Suggestions?

Most of The New Republic’s staff quits

I guess I am too old to appreciate Internet media as much as the young farts.  If I can't have a print copy in my hand, then the site is really less than a rag.  I steer clear of such sites as much as possible.  I do not go to Politico, Slate, etc.  No paper, no eyeballs,  Paper has this little habit of opening one up to slander and libel that electrons do not.  If it's a fact, print it and then post it.  If it's good I willingly pay for it.  

Uh oh!

They aren't dark asteroids.  The Brachensvarks have been amassing an massive alien armada to invade earth.  Those dark things are space going battleships.   Well, not really, but that's more fun than just asteroids we can't see...

Eight billion 'dark asteroids' may lurk in Oort cloud

End of Days?

Now quite, but it will seem pretty much like it for those who live on East coast today.  The water if going up and it's pretty much irreversible.  As a species, we're about the only one that shits in its own nest; it shows.

As a kicker to ice melt at the poles, consider the effects of gravity. The ice mass in the Antarctic is so great if pulls the ocean towards it.  When the ice melts the water goes up and when the ice mass melts the oceans level a bit and the water goes up a bit more.

At the rate it's going, I think I am more glad to have been born 60 some years ago rather than today.

Antarctic ice shelf being eaten away by sea

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Honest Politician? Right & there's military intelligence too!

Name a pol you really believe is honest and not, effectively, a whore.   It's hard to do, no?  Most of us do not trust our government at, I assume, federal, state and local levels.  Hmm, most of us don't vote.

The remarkable collapse of our trust in government, in one chart

Democrats should have worked to unseat Obama as soon as he failed to, for example, close Gitmo or fight for a real health care system (or at a minimum  Medicare for all).  He didn't do a good job and Dems still allowed him a second term.  Is any Dem surprised at his poor second term showing?  Even those who vote usually screw the pooch too.

Damn Good Question

If Eric Garner's killer can't be indicted, what cop possibly could?

I wonder if there will be more to the story?

Remember these are the same folks who left small pox on a closet shelf for decades, missent some deadly bugs to a business, and provided such really stellar advice about ebola ( the guy died of Ebola).

That's why I figure after excessive deaths this year, we'll discover some CDC aces were silent about the problem, let it go forward but got their ticket punched for the next screw up at a higher level of course.  I'm tired of our government's failure to do much of anything right.  It seems that too many federal employees have to work in the face of management opposition, especially the appointed ones.    Do you trust the CDC?  Do you trust any part of the federal government?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Anyone trust the President?

Flu vaccine protects against wrong strain, US health officials warn

St. Louis has cops?

Nah, they have hired thugs who can't take much criticism.  Hell, they're down with a cop killing a 12 year old.  I do think that if the kid had been white, they would not have arrived, warned and put two in his chest all within 2 seconds.  Are there any decent police departments in Missouri?  In the New Confederacy?  Anywhere else?  It's looking pretty shitty.  Do you trust cops?  Do you think they respect you, your rights, and the Constitution?  Or do you think most cops do pretty much whatever they want and get away with it because they can?

Mamas, if your child's not white, don't let them play with any kind of gun, toy or otherwise, anywhere near a guy in blue,  especially in St. Louis, because to preserve public safety and get medals,  they will do as they are trained and kill your non-white kid.

Anyone know how many white 12 year olds the cops have killed?  18 year olds?

St Louis police rebuked for Facebook warning after Tamir Rice shooting

What if it is a conspiracy?

It's probably not, but what it all the women are making it up to get their 15 minute of time on TV?  If the allegations are not borne out, then who will retract the trash done to Cosby?  However, if the allegations are borne out, then what else needs to be done to him?  Even the Navy is dissing the guy.  Cosby is just one more schmuck who used his money and power to fulfill his wishes.  Sadly, his wishes are just a bit sick (at least he wasn't into corpse fucking).  One really has to wonder about money and what it does to folks.

Navy revokes honorary title given to Cosby

Maybe Cosby should be given something.  Yeah, the guys at UVA's Phi Kappa Psi fraternity could make him an honorary member.

Give the DOJ a "No Shit Sherlock" Award!

Gee, the cops aren't trained, they violate the law,  they are brutal and they are reckless.  So, what's new?  Tell me what city or burg is not Cleveland?  What about Albuquerque too?   Find me one city  where the cops are actually the good guys?  Find me one city where most folks in all demographic strata see them as good guys (peace keepers?).  I bet you can't.  Why does the word thug come to mind all too frequently?  

I suggest the cops behave exactly the way their respective city bosses want them to behave.  Votes matter, but shit I'm tired of saying that.

US: Cleveland police poorly trained, reckless

Oil or ISIL?

As Saudi Arabia cuts prices to regain market share form U.S. shale oil producers I wonder what will happen if oil goes well under $60 a barrel.  Many oil producers (pretty much third world shitholes run by dictators) need oil selling at $100 or more.  If the Saudi dictators can keep their shithole going at $60 what happens to the rest?  Will we see more turmoil around the globe?  Will Arab despots try to sidetrack their people from their own incompetence by declaring war on Israel?  2015 will be very interesting just on the oil front alone.

Police Cameras Solve What Problem?

Hmm, bunch of cops, black guy jumped ( he didn't obey fast enough), black guy taken down, black guy can't breathe, cops put dead black guy on gurney.  If guy had been white, well...  Medical examiner says death is a homicide.  The grand jury does not indict any cops.  It was a righteous kill?  Yep,  the camera prevented police brutality?  Oh, forgot the killing occurred in Staten Island (it was part of the Confederacy wasn't it).

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

White Cop + Black Male = Dead Black Male?

Okay, how true is it?  If chokeholds can kill, have cops used them on non-black males?  How many deaths have resulted from NYC police actions?  What are the facts?  What are the demographic distributions of abuse, arrests, death, etc.  Unless the criminal justice folks release about all the info they sit on, to protect their asses, then the rest of us can assume whatever we choose to.  If there are no facts one way or the other, then one can make them up at will.  At times I think everyone is just winging it and fears facts.

No Indictment in Eric Garner Chokehold Case for N.Y.P.D. Officer

Thinking about 2016

It's a longshot, but what if Gillibrand has decided to challenge Clinton?  Here's how to kick off a name recognition program--

Gillibrand Seeks Another Vote on Military’s Handling of Sexual Assault Cases

Now about the white vote, can any Democrat win the majority of whites?  I have my doubts.

Can Hillary Clinton win white working-class voters? Probably not.

Then again, what about Elizabeth Warren?  Jim Webb?

There's Something About Texas

States should not kill people. However, we have a number of states that do kill people. Their residents  call it justice. Citizens are proud of their state's kills. Citizens, especially in Texas don't mind if the person to be killed is mentally incompetent. Revenge is revenge. Kind of sick, but that's Texas.

Sane enough for Texas: the Lone Star State's history of executing mentally ill inmates

The enemy of my enemy is...

What about ISIL and Iran?  Well--

Iranian air force bombs Isis targets in Iraq, says Pentagon

Glug, glug, glug

Want to buy beach front property in South Florida?  Why?

This West Antarctic region sheds a Mount Everest-sized amount of ice every two years, study says

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit Front

Facebook?  An employer's Facebook?  Phones that take pictures?  Porno pictures?  Revenge porn?

I think I'm getting a bit lost in the hi-tech manifestations of people showing us how destructive and self-destructive they can be.  Okay, an anti-revenge porn law?  Yep-

California man first to be convicted under state's revenge porn law

Guess that dude wasn't made in god's image...

Like they need a vote to show they think Obama blows chunks?

After four or five gazillion moronic votes to repeal Obamacre, the Trogs have a new issue to flog.  Of course flogging is a technique which allows elected Repubs to drool and knuckle-drag for their base voters, and at the same time do nothing.  Actual legislation might, by accident,  cost them donors or voters.  It's better to flog than govern one's way to the next election day.

Today, the flogging replacement is not Benghazi, it's, surprise, immigration!  Well, it's not really immigration per se, it's Obama's executive action on immigration.  Even Trogs know that Hispanics do vote, so they'll just kill the messenger instead.  Look at what 50% of 37% has wrought--landslide?  Wave? Nah, it's indifference writ very large.

House G.O.P. May Cast Symbolic Vote on Immigration
Our Universe at 380,000 years--

It's about time!

Let's hear it for bridgmanite.  Oops, what the hell it that stuff?

Earth’s most abundant mineral finally gets an official name

Why aren't we chimps?

Uh, because we're drunks!

Ability to consume alcohol may have shaped primate evolution

Does that mean that teetotalers will devolve into sub-humans?  Well...