Saturday, December 27, 2014

Place Your Bets

Will the Taliban types win or will Pakistan kill them off?  Well, I bet the core of the bad guys will just hop across the border into Afghanland, wait a couple of years, and come back and kill Pakistanis.    Gee, whose going to stop them?  The Afghan government?  We're outa there and I bet the Taliban will retake a lot of territory as they all return from Pakistan where they've been hiding out from us.  Now why have we been fighting a "war" in Afghanistan for 13 years?

Pakistan military wins free rein against terrorists

He's too old, but I'd take him over anyone else in the Democratic Party

Vermont’s Sanders will decide by March on presidential bid

Clinton and Warren are DINOs, they are both really Repubs.   At least Mr. Sanders have been a Socialist for a very long time.  The issue is not just income inequality, it's equality in many, many respects.

Arab Splat, Thunk, Collapse Update: Egypt

Unseat a dictator, install a democratically elected government, watch the new guys become a theocratic dictatorship,  watch the military get pissed at the loss of profit, and finally watch the  military run a new dictatorship that takes care of business today and tomorrow--there will be no more exercises in democracy, freedom, etc.  Until Arabs bag religion Egypt is just Arab normal.

Worse than the dictators: Egypt’s leaders bring pillars of freedom crashing down

Fucked Up Shit: Religion

This one is about Islam, but any religion can and probably has operated this way.  We keep forgetting that religion has very little to do with a deity, but has much more to do with meeting the needs of people who want power, fame and fortune.   Parents do their kids a service by foisting their faith on them?  Like I said, it's fucked up shit.

A Boy in ISIS. A Suicide Vest. A Hope to Live.

Better Than Nothing?

Obamacare is better than done nothing?  That's been the main reason to back his feeble attempt at providing health care to all via health insurance (private and public like Medicaid).   I'm beginning to have visions of Bush's donut hole approach to drugs for seniors except this time it's all hole an no donut for those on Medicaid.  Yep, Obamacare is so much better than a national health care system or at least Medicare for all.   Are  Obama and those of his ilk really Democrats?

As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care

What's the matter, the Shrub and Dork spread liberty on them

I wonder, if Iraqis were given the choice, go back in time to Hussein or persist with what the US gave them what they would choose?  I have an inkling about that, note no statues dedicated to that great liberator George Bush have been erected.  The Shrub or Saddam?

Iraq faces new crisis as winter descends on millions uprooted by Islamic State

Friday, December 26, 2014

Doing a bit of stand up?

Unless it's a joke, one has to ask "we're safer" because our solider fought the Afghan War for 13 years?  I would sure like him to pass on his safety metric.

Obama tells troops, “We are safer”

Hey, Zombies Have Religious Freedom Too!

I was not quite ready for a Zombie nativity scene, but what the hey.  It makes as much sense as any other kind.

Zombie nativity scene ordered taken down by Ohio town bureaucrats

It is called junk food

This bit of research is doomed.  It matters not if it's true, there's too much money in fast food to allow it to be accepted and acted upon.

Fast food consumption is out of control—and it could be blunting children’s brains

The Past

When you try to return to the good old days, if successful, you may live to regret your success.  That basically says the good old days weren't.  Perhaps ISIL and the idiots supporting them are learning this lesson.  As they aspire to restore the 7th century Caliphate, they also restore a 7th Century standard of living (except for those in charge).  Religion does a lot of damage to a lot of people

The Islamic State is failing at being a state

An Anti-Clinton?

At this point I cannot see the majority of power wielders in the Democratic Party allowing much of a challenge to Hillary Clinton.  Ms.Clinton has the name, popularity and money despite the fact she is not really a Democrat.   She, as with most of the power brokers, is more Republican Lite than anything else.  That says the Democratic Party has morphed into  the old moderate GOP and has left its core ideas behind as they attempt to collect money and win elections.

The Democratic Party's core concept is found in one simple word--equality.  Do you think that the current head of the Party, Barrack Obama, really embraces that idea?  Do you think Ms. Clinton does?  How about Bernie Sanders?  Elizabeth Warren?  Jim Webb?

Democrats see rising populist sentiment. But can it shake Hillary Clinton?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Once Again the Internet Propigates Total Bullshit

The viral claim that a black person is killed by police ‘every 28 hours’

Shooting is not a sport!

Pistols are designed for one purpose, to kill, main or render harmless another human being.  Target practice improves the speed and accuracy with which one can kill another person.  It really is that simple.  Ditto for all those assault weapons.

Pistols or there ilk don't protect squat, they do increase the probability that one will be shot or shoot someone else (most likely to be a relative).  Guns in general are conducive to mayhem.

Now weapons have become Xmas gifts for women.  The sickness is spreading.  I have to give it to the NRA and there sponsors for their marketing abilities.

A Hello Kitty gun for Christmas? More women are getting firearms as gifts.

Here's another story on pistols.  This one is a common story.

Tracing the Gun Used to Kill 2 New York City Police Officers

Gun culture leads to a whole lot of death.  

Merry Christmas.

I'll wait for the DVD from Netflix

Seeing "The Interview" is not high on my list of things to do.  Had the North Koreans not interfered with the original distribution I still would not have seen it since the closest theater is about 40 miles from my house.  Then there's the matter of the cast, Rogen and Franco are not my favorite or much liked, okay with, or even will do in a pinch if the alternative is watching paint dry.

However, if you are one who was rabidly awaiting the flick and have been over over-wrought with massive ennui after Sony caved into the son of Bad Hair Guy who runs N. Korea, there's good news:

Sony may be releasing “The Interview” on YouTube

Another Death

It appears that a white cop shot and killed a black man last night.  It also appears that protesters spontaneously showed up.  There may have been an assumption that this killing was akin to Ferguson's or NYC's chokehold killings.  It was not, but how could folks predisposed to protesting be misinformed?  Oh, they get their info from the Internet sites such as the Huffington Post--Huffington Post gets it wrong.  If it's on the Internet it must be true???  Arrrrgh!

Here's a more detailed and accurate account.

Another police-involved shooting death of black teen sparks tensions in St. Louis

However, as with any event, if you are interested in truth, keep reading credible source as new details become known.  Hopefully, in time, you will have as close to the truth as you can get.

College Football Fans Abet Criminality

Next week, the Seminoles will play in college football’s first playoff, meeting Oregon at the Rose Bowl in a semifinal that Florida State hopes will be nothing but a speed bump on the road to a second straight national championship. Fans at the game might want to bring a towel — not to swing over their heads as they cheer, but to use after the game.

To use after showering.

Unless you wish to be considered one who abets crime, do not watch or support in any way Florida State football. If you watch the bowl game, in essence you approve of rape and other crimes.  

Transcript of Winston Hearing Reveals Accuser’s Words, and Florida State’s Complicity

Monday, December 22, 2014

We need a Crusade

American Christians should band together, arm themselves and get their faithful butts over to Iraq.  The ISILists are killing Christians.  Get cracking Christians.  It's your duty to kill heathens for god.  If you have true faith then you will sell all your posessions, use the proceeds to arm an Army of Jesus, enlist you and your family and go off to Arabland and kill Muslims.

Wow, that's a pleasant daydream.  Gee,  to be rid of all of our wicked out, batshit crazy, zany zealots in evangefundie land makes for a very pleasant fantasy.

As Christmas approaches, Baghdad Christians lament empty pews

Pope Frank

Go get 'em Frank.  Of course, it won't do much good.  It's very hard to change culture and institutions.  The Catholic Church will need more than a Papal chiding to shed the perception that it's really just a collection of misogynistic pedophiles who make a living by shaking down its membership.  Yeah it actully has to rid itself of the misogynistic, pedophile, shakedown artists and that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.  After all, it's tradition.

Pope Francis warns Vatican leaders against ‘spiritual Alzheimers’

Possibly, possibly

Marriage is on the decline.  Porn usage is up.  Hmm, people watch porn and avoid marriage?  Maybe.

Americans aren’t getting married, and researchers think porn is part of the problem

Governemnt for sale

It will take some time to find out who bought the FAA, but it will come out (I hope).  It should not embarrass anyone since elected officials and their designees have been selling government for decades.  It's what we seem to assume is normal.  We approve the normalcy since we keep electing the same kind of sales people to office.  I am hard pressed to name a single honest pol or appointee who is not a whore servicing business.  Our politics is all, for a fee, meet and eat, know and blow.  Can you name an honest pol?

FAA drone approvals bedeviled by warnings, conflict, internal e-mails show

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Life on Mars?

Maybe, maybe not.  Actually who really cares?  If there are other sentient beings out there, fine.  If not, ditto.  I do not understand the fascination with this matter, but for those who wonder about it...

Why methane on Mars has reignited our quest for life on other planets

Maybe we need to all become vegetarians...

Give it a read.  Then go to your pantry and wonder what's really in that can of Spam.  Now look in the fridge and freezer for chicken, pork and beef and ask who is doing what for whom, how, why and with what effect.  I doubt the public will demand federal food inspections that are real, they eat too much fast food crap to care--bring on the silent green.

Obama's Role

With respect to Trogs, Obama purveys red-meat.  It does not matter what Obama says or does, Trogs negate it and react.  They react as one or they react by trashing each other over the issue (agree with Barry at your knuckle dragging peril).

Obama, sensibly, normalizes relations with Cuba.  Ready, red-meatize that sucker.  Cue the acid droppers.  And the stage is set for a potential 2016 issue (unless Obama's actions actually work in the interest of the average Cuban in Cuba, not Miami).   The Sunday bobble head shows provided the GOP them a national charcuterie of rancid rotting political piggery.

Rubio slams ‘Obama-Paul’ Cuba policy

It's Stupid People Time! (maybe)

Okay, cops are responsible for the deaths of a couple of black males.  The killings may or may not have been righteous.  The black community (whatever that means) rallies to demand justice and an end to whatever it is they dislike about the cops.

The cops bristle a bit, but can't do much.  Now a black man has killed two NYC cops in revenge for the other cops prior deadly behavior.  Looks like we'll have another group demanding something very soon in NYC and elsewhere.

Will we see two groups of stupid people in action?  I bet we will.  If so, watch out, since we should never underestimate their power.

What will happen?  Who knows.  Perhaps the flap will fitter away now.  Perhaps not.  It depends on what occurs within the next week.   More death and we'll likely see the onset of the Stupid Wars.

In New York, rising tensions and calls for unity after two police officers are killed