Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Here's A Reason to Give Bernie A Few More Bucks

The DNC is in the can for Clinton.  I think Ms. Gabbard is telling the truth in this one.  So, screw the DNC, Ms Wassermann-Schultz, and Ms. Clinton, send Mr. Sanders $5!

D.N.C. Officer Says She Was Disinvited From Debate After Calling for More of Them

Jackasses Yak Tonight

Yep, it's a Demo debate.  Well, some of the Dems will sorta answer questions thrown at them by CNN's ace news staff whose primary interest is advancing CNN's ratings and ad revenues.  Also, it's not a debate.  It's more a serial Q&A wherein the pol hopes to make the quip of the night that advances him or her in money/polls/voters competition.  All of the them want to avoid an "oops" moment.

I'm not sure what the debates really accomplish other than free face time on national TV.  I really doubt if there are many Dems who have not already made up their primary minds.  They know who they will vote for in their primary, assuming that person makes it from now to then.  For example, I will vote for Bernie Sanders in the Va. primary, period.  I will not vote for any of the others.

So what do the debates accomplish?    Do debates really affect primary voters?  I doubt it, even amongst Trogs.  Then again, Trogs are hard to fathom.   Debates may affect voters who only vote in the general election.  By watching a debate they at least learn the names from which the person who will be on the ballot is selected.

I wonder do the billionaires watch the debates and decide to bankroll?  Nah, they've already decided how to shovel their cash.

What will come out of tonight?  Clinton will show how qualified and determined she is.  Sanders will let all know he is a democratic socialist.  O'Malley will try like hell to be noticed.  Webb may surprise a few  people, but so what?  Then Chafee will squeak about the metric system.  Oh, Biden may show up, but who really has Joementum  anyway?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick who started the Afghan War?

Have you forgotten Little Dubya and his Uncle Darth already?  What they started, no one has finished.  The enemy they created, the Taliban,  replaced al Queda and kept fear alive the kept the war money flowing.  Both still flow.  The Taliban appears to be re-taking some of the turf they lost.  Heck of a war ain't it.

U.S. military launches airstrike on Kunduz after Taliban assault on the key city

Bullshit U., Trump Campus

When it comes to BS, no one beats The Donald.  He has a PhD. in Advanced Blowhardary.  He has a tax plan.  Big deal.  Everybody has a tax plan.  Trump says one thing but the effect, if passed by Congress (did anyone forget Congress makes the laws, not the Bozo in the White House) would have a very different effect for the rich and himself.

Trump’s tax plan and his claim that ‘it’s going to cost me a fortune’

Don't forget Bullshit U. has also opened a Fiorina Campus and a Ben Carson school.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Annals of the Apocalypse: Mormon Blood Moon End of Days

The Saints are buying their end of days storage goods at their local supply store.  Why?  Oh, the end of the world is coming tonight.  yep.  Our run is over.  God is super pissed.  It's going to get real rough.  Oops, belay that.  The officials down at Temple Square say "t'aint so."  I wonder if the Prophet, Seer, Revaltor, and Translator had a chat with the god?  At any rate be at ease, it's just another normal physical event.

Mormon church issues call for calm as 'blood moon' sparks apocalypse fears

Life Really Sucks for Some: Islamic Chapter

I have to assume that about all aspects of one's life are in a chaotic shambles if one decides to haul butt over to Syria and join the ISIL Caliphateria.   It seems to be an odd type of reluctant suicide.  

Thousands Enter Syria to Join ISIS Despite Global Efforts

Annals of Man Made Global Climate Change: The Cold Spot

It's getting hotter.  The ice caps and Greenland are melting.  Of course you can believe that god will step in at the last minute and save our assess.  If you do, then go read your bible, contemplate your personal wickedness and stay out of any aspect of public life.

Oh, yeah, in all the heat what's this about a cold spot?  Well, it may become a real local climate changer for Europe and Scandinavia.  Not sure about hurricanes, but it can't be good.   Where is the cold spot?

A surprisingly cold ‘blob’ in the North Atlantic Ocean

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lady Ooops


Just when you thought the e-mail story couldn’t get worse for Hillary Clinton …

Ooops again,

NSA Director: Private server open to spying

Ooops again, again,

Officials: More work emails from Clinton’s private account

Ooops, again, again, again,

State discovers hundreds more Clinton e-mails for release to Benghazi panel


One would think the nation is 100% very devout Catholic from the cable news coverage of the Pope's visit to Cuba and the U.S.  Granted, it's easier to cover--costs less and the palaver is 100% pablum.  At least Al Jazeera did not do wall to wall coverage of the pope.  The coverage has been and continues to be excessive.    

I doubt the Pope's presence will change anyone or anything at all.  People take a moment to reflect on the their lives as the Pope wanders through.  They recognize their personal failings.  Then as the Pope passes on, each person resumes their quite non-Christian but successful life.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More VW and others

VW is a company that cheats.  They cheat to increase profit.  At least no one died from shitty mileage unlike GM and others whose business practices kill customers.  (We're kind of stupid aren't we, we keep buying shit and keep believing it's Shinola from the same companies, amazing).  As I have thought about VW, I wondered, is there any large company that I trust?  I could not name one.  Can you?

Volkswagen Test Rigging Follows a Long Auto Industry Pattern

Coming Soon

The Daily Show will be back soon.  Trevor Noah takes Stewart's chair.  Will it be good, bad or indifferent?  We'll have to wait and see.  Even if it's not that great, it will be watched, after all there is a presidential race to cover.

Larry Wilmore has done a decent job replacing Colbert's show.  He's getting into his groove now with more hits than misses.  Mr. Noah you're on:

Trevor Noah on His ‘Daily Show’ Plans and Jon Stewart’s Advice

Asshole Update: Ben Carson Edition

Give this a read and tell me if  you agree with me, Ben Carson is an asshole.

How Ben Carson felt when he fell victim to stereotyping

National Mall

The Mall is public.  The events that occur on the Mall are public.  Congress, through the Park Service, is now trying to create a new way to fund the Mall, via private music events.  This is wrong.
Write your Congressman.

One concert today and tomorrow, well, how much would you pay for a ticket to an inauguration at the Capitol or go to a national museum?  The rich have own and operate Congress and the White House.  Now our obsequious incumbents starting to sell off the Mall to their fiscal masters.  Do you want the Mall to become one more playground for the rich?

A music festival holds part of the Mall for big-dollar attendees. Is that okay?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ben Carson Does Make a Religious Test for Prez

Since his blabbery on Meet the Press this Sunday, Ben has been back tracking, blaming his words on anyone but himself.
Here's his horseshit for today--

The retired neurosurgeon said his initial comments — which came during an interview that aired Monday on NBC's "Meet the press" — were not about Muslims broadly but about radical Islam and religious radicals of other faiths. “It’s on the record on NBC. On 'Meet the Press.' Did anyone pick up on that? Of course not, because that wasn’t the juicy story,” Carson told reporters.


Let me wrap this up by finally dealing with what's been going on, Donald Trump, and a deal with a questioner that claimed that the president was Muslim. Let me ask you the question this way: Should a President's faith matter? Should your faith matter to voters?
Well, I guess it depends on what that faith is. If it's inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter. But if it fits within the realm of America and consistent with the constitution, no problem.
So do you believe that Islam is consistent with the constitution?
No, I don't, I do not.
So you--
I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.
And would you ever consider voting for a Muslim for Congress?
Congress is a different story, but it depends on who that Muslim is and what their policies are, just as it depends on what anybody else says, you know. And, you know, if there's somebody who's of any faith, but they say things, and their life has been consistent with things that will elevate this nation and make it possible for everybody to succeed, and bring peace and harmony, then I'm with them.
And I take it you believe the president was born in the United States and is a Christian?
I believe that he is. I have no reason to doubt what he says.
All right, Dr. Carson I will leave it there, I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Uh, it was BROADLY ABOUT MUSLIMS, NOT JUST RADICALS,CARSON SAID THEY ARE NOT IN SYNC WITH THE CONSTITUTION.  Mr. Carson may be a dandy surgeon but he does not know much about the U.S. Constitiution.  This is not a First Amendment matter.  It is about Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

His language suggests that we have to examine each candidates faith to insure that it is within the realm of America, etc., etc,.  In other words, faith vetting becomes a requirement.  The guy needs to bag his race for being Number  1.


If you run into a guy named Martin Shkreli anywhere in the world make sure you do something to make his life a bit less than pleasant-- for the rest of his life.  Spit in his food, deflate his tires, spill coffee on him.  Be creative but make his life a living hell.  Shame and shun the greedy fucker.  And while we're at pick up the names of the other assholes who are doing the same thing as Martin on other drugs.  Make them pay small costs every day in every way possible.

Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight

Annals of Greed: Stupidity Division Award

Usually the award goes to an American car company, but this year the "Exploding Pinto" goes to VW!

Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Are Affected in Diesel Deception; Sets Aside $7.3 Billion

Gee is this how VW improves shareholder value?

The Wrath of Volkswagen’s Drivers

If Christie Were Commander in Chief

Okay, if the guy was Prez and ran the Army, do you think he'd provide the nation with a lean, mean fighting machine?  Well, he has run the NJ National Guard.

Inside Chris Christie’s militia, flab and cronyism trigger mutiny in the ranks


For all of NBC's hoopla about making MSNBC into a news channel instead a Democrat Party echo chamber, I have to wonder why they bother with Brian Williams?  He makes shit up so he'd have been great on MSNBC if they hadn't bagged all the Dem soundboard shows.  Today he's just an iffy news reader.   But real news?  Nah!

Come on, MSNBC is not going to amount to much at all.  Real news costs money and no one is willing to spend it as long as shareholders are NBC's most important audience.  If you want real news, then you need a privately held company.  I wonder if Ted Turner would like to buy MSNBC and build a new CNN?

Two Down, How Many To Go?

Rick, Ooops, Perry bagged his run for the lease on Air Force One a couple of weeks ago.  No one would donate cash to his campaign.  He couldn't keep paying his bills.  No paid staff, no campaign even if you look real smart.  I guess GOP donors only give to SuperPacs.

Now Scott Walker has said toodles to the chance of four years of "free" grub in the White House Mess.  It's nice to see him tank early.  I never understood how he was elected three times in Wisconsin, but he is the people's choice (that is, the choice of the people who vote and vote for him).

Will we see any shift in the polls?  I doubt it.  He didn't have that much support left for someone else to pick up.  To the rest of the field, well those who aren't going to amount to squat, drop out now.  Gilmore, Pataki, Jindal, Graham, Paul and Christie should leave the race.  They cannot win their party's nomination much less beat any Democrat who is that party's candidate.

So as we move towards Iowa and New Hampshire, who will we see as the realistic top two from which one will be the nominee.  Right now I think it will be between Florina and Rubio.  Carson won't be able to duck his religious test for Prez mess.  Trump will slowly fade as voters begin to matter--policy  beats trust me bullshit.  Jeb! well, let's put it this way, the Trog voters don't want another Clinton and even they don't want another Bush.  Cruz and Huckabee will persist but they are only in the race to build their personal brand.  Huckabee will go back to FOX and Cruz will never have to worry about a Texas election ever again.

Oh, the two way may become three way if Kasich pulls off a miracle or if Fiorina or Rubio say or do something real stupid.  There you go, my predictions.  They're good for at least 24 hours.  

Monday, September 21, 2015


I am not really sure why we invaded Afghanistan, much less, what we accomplished with the invasion.  About all we've done is abet the misogyny and pederasty of the Afghan people.  There are some cultures not worth sharing, Afghan culture is one.

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies

Secret Service Aces Strike Again

We have a tad too much imperial in our presidency.

Secret Service apologizes for moving cancer patients

The President's men know that many violent crimes have been committed by child cancer patients and their parents across this land and especially near the White House.  The Secret Service probably had to check for explosives they feared were secreted in the park by the sick kids.

It's horseshit.  I'm of a mind that if the kids had the park from 7-9, then Obama could either risked "danger" by motoring with the cancer kids in the park or he could have sat on his ass until their permit expired and then motored off to whatever.

Headlines That Catch One's Eye

Here's one that caught me today, Are guns in church a good idea?

If one is a theist and feels compelled to gather with other like minded folks on a particular day, at a particular time in a particular building and yet feels uncertain about the sanity of everyone in attendance, then guns in church might be a somewhat less than stellar idea.

However, if one tends to think that the world would be a better place without the glut of the devout, then one should pack the pews with packers.  Would Jesus have turned the other cheek if he a Smith & Wesson .44 magnum?  Imagine what an AK-47 could have done to the money changers in the Temple.  Get packing and redress those clestial and terrestrial grievances in church of one's choice.  Now if we can the Jews and Muslims to carry too...

The Past 70 Years

70 achievements, 70 years: a visual guide to what the UN has done

Donald Trump, The Best Candidate for Prez in 1988

America great again?  That implies we're much less than great right now.  Are we?  Is Trump right or is he stuck in a past of his own rhetoric?

Dear Donald Trump: China, Japan and Mexico are not “killing us”

9-9-9 Memories

Ah, Herman Cain, you were so much fun.  Why aren't you running this time? We could all use a laugh.  Oh, we don't need Hermiepoo.   No, we have Bennie.  Yep.  He's a political joke and it's on the GOP.  Nice.

Despite backlash, Ben Carson is not backing down from his opposition to a Muslim president

Let's see who else should be exclude maybe Catholics?  Oh we tried that.  Maybe Mormons?  Nah, remember the Mittster?  Blacks?  Well, we did until that O'Bama guy was elected.  I have it!  We should not allow neurosurgeons to be Prez.  Sounds good to me, how about you?

New Confederacy Of Dunces: North Carolina Tarbrains

The proper collective noun for Southerners is "dullness."  It is used as in "a dullness of Arkansans"  or "a dullness of Tennesseans."  When one seeks events that demonstrate the collective noun's appropriateness, as well as illustrating its accuracy, one usually turns to current events in South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, or Alabama.  However, this time the dullardometer has registered a new depth of intellectual vacuity in North Carolina, the Tarbrain State.  Legislators in NC, and throughout the South, may need their own collective noun, perhaps a dotty of NC legislators passed the law that yielded...

a prosecution of a teenage couple for making child porn (selfies) — of themselves

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Who Are The Strumpettes

Strumpettes are the supporters of America's Blowhard, Trump. Basically, they are the children of those people who left the Democratic Party back in the late 60s after LBJ pissed them off with the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. The bulk of them are now in their 40-60s. They have become their parents--white, H.S. or less education, with incomes under $50,000. They are the majority in the New Confederacy--they vote in general elections, but usually avoid primaries. Will that change this time around? Will the batshit crazies have competition in nominating the next GOP loon?

Annals of Greed: The People Who Manage Pharmaceutical Companies

A Huge Overnight Increase in a Drug’s Price Raises Protests


What does the word "friend" mean these days?  What did it used to mean?  What does it mean when a blowhard like Trump says ‘I have friends that are Muslims’?  If Trump behaves in private as he does in public, even with money can he have one friend?  If his public persona (face?) is him, then I bet his friends are keenly aware of his "really huge" bank balance.  

Muslims and the Presidency

Ben Carson must not support the U.S. Constitution--

From Article 6:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Mr. Carson says: Muslim shouldn’t be president.

I wonder what other parts of the Constitution Mr. Carson would trash?  He's a GOP candidate for their party's nomination.  Oh, forgot, the leader is The Donald.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Post Debate Polls

The Donald still leads the pack per one poll.  Will he make it all the way?  Wait for more polls, but consider this--This post-debate poll will horrify the GOP establishment

Is This How It All Ends?

More Evidence for Coming Black Hole Collision

Data and Fast Food

Who eats fast food?  The poor right?  Nah, the more money you have the more you can buy.  So, it's not just the poor.   The more affluent eat more junk than everyone else.  So what can I say?  Well, the poor do eat junk food, only it's those with poor taste not limited incomes.

A dangerous myth about who eats fast food is completely false

Strumpets Love Blowhardary!

The Donald continues to be The Ass.  Amazing.  I am still trying to determine the characteristics of his supporters.  Who will vote for Trump and why?  What do they believer about themselves, the USA, the world and life.

Trump remains illogical, non-factual, non-rational, amoral, and anti-intellectualist.  Is he our Mussolini?  What happens if Trump becomes the nominee for the GOP?  If he does will all GOP candidates become mini-Donalds.  That's a bit scary.

  Trump says he's not 'morally obligated' to defend Obama against claims

Friday, September 18, 2015

I wonder about the religious freedom whackjobs and this

I bet Jesus jockeys in the Army will play their religion doesn't permit me to obey the orders of a gay Secretary of the Army.  If he was also non-white, the religious freedom crowd would be in hog heaven.

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Thoughts on the guy and Trump per Muslims and Obama

Frankly I less fearful of Muslins in America than I am Christians.  They do not differ from the Muslims all that much.  I fear Christians a tad more simply because there numbers are far greater.   Both use their books and prefer prelates to dictate how and in what way each person will behave.  Actually you can include Jews too.  These religions are violent and fundamentally intolerant.  Each wants its own turf--religious freedom only goes so far.  The jews have Israel.  The Muslims have the rest of Middle East, with a Caliphate pending.  Christians, for all practical purposes, well they have Europe and the USA.  I wonder when Donald Strumpet will pander to open hate and initiate the killing as a way to make America great again?  

Whither the Trogs?

Will the Repubs actually nominate Trump, Carson or Fiorina?  Past experience says no.  Early leaders reflect more a fanciful would it be nice type of politics than the grit of Washington reality.  In the past several cycles, when votes matter, the voters pick someone who is politically real.  For example, why Romney instead of Herman Cain?  Okay?

However, I have to wonder if this will be the year of the Herman Cain type of nominee?   Possibly.  The Repub voters appear to be grumbling a bit more than usual.

Polls show Republicans in a restive mood

As we head toward Iowa and New Hampshire, watch to see if there's more stories about Jeb! and the other establishment candidates like this one.

Is Jeb! Bush's campaign losing steam?

If so, then hello Herman Trump, Ben Cain, or just Carly Hermancain!

Old Farts Take Note

Is your blood pressure up?  Well, try exercise--

Ask Well: The Best Exercise to Reduce Blood Pressure


Ooops, beware of Trogs who try to govern.  What are they planning to do?  Well,

Congress inching ever closer toward government shutdown

What can you do?

First, write your Congressman and Senators.  Let them know that they if support shutdown you will not support them in the next election.


Send some money to Bernie Sanders.  Screw the DNC, Clinton, O'malley, Chafee and Webb.


Send some money to Planned Parenthood.


Repeat the second and third actions again.

The Convenient Donald

Trump never takes responsibility for his own actions or statements.  If he says "face" and it gets him some negative press, then of course he used the word face but was talking about "persona."  I guess he won't get any egg on his persona over not correcting one of his fans as the fan called Obama a Muslin.  Nah, why he didn't hear the guy.  Maybe we should quit calling him The Donald and call him The Convenient instead.  What a putz.

Trump doesn't challenge anti-Muslim questioner at event

Of course I think he really did hear the guy and saw no reason to correct him since he agrees with the guy.  Look, The Convenient was/is a birther.  I doubt if he thinks Obama is a Christian much less a citizen.  The fan and Trump are one as are the rest of the Trumpettes.  Gee if we put a "S" in front of that last word in the previous sentence, they'd all be Strumpettes.

A Trump questioner called Obama a Muslim. Many (maybe even most) Trump backers agree.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Update: Clinton, via her proxies, sucks.

I hope Clinton's team keeps pissing off Bernie's folks by acting like Repubs.  The lies were supposed to be to be off the record which is even worse, that's sleazy and even more than dishonest.  When I say Hillary Clinton, what's the first word that comes to mind?  Maybe Bernie will get another $5 from me and the same from many more people.

Sanders sees burst of fundraising after opposition research against him surfaces

NO Interest Rate Hike

Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

Dick Pics Update: Wiener Division

Why Anthony Weiner lost another job

Even the GOP's Docs Have a Problem With Science

I think this was the low point in last night's "debate."  If you cannot simply say Trumps is wrong, there is no link between vaccines and autism, then it's no wonder Repubs accept that the earth is only 10,00 years old,  that people coexisted with dinosaurs, and climate change is a gift from god.  The GOP has a serious knowledge problem.  Dr. Carson should be ashamed of himself.  Perhaps we should quit using his honorific.

The GOP’s dangerous ‘debate’ on vaccines and autism

Not Up for Debate: The Science Behind Vaccination

Can one OD on Trog debates?

Damn, from six to eleven, it was a Trogathon or was it a Trogpocalypse.  Did you take in the kiddie's table?  This time there were only four slots.  Pataki, Santorum, Jindal and Graham came in and  stood there.  Gilmore was told to stay home--no one knows who he is.

In another era Pataki, would be a strong candidate.  In our time, he's not quite the drooling acid, belching hate, vilifying everyone who is not just like himself knuckle dragging model Republican.  His answers were reasonable, for a Trog.  That means they are unacceptable to today's GOP primary voter.  Pataki should do the decent thing, drop out and encourage Gilmore to do the same.

Santorum is still that frothy (that particular mix per Dan Savage).  He used to be a winner, but now, well, he's just a one issue has been.  He can rail on and on about abortion, but that's about the only  issue he can best the others on.  His days are passed, he should leave the field.

Then there's Bobby Jindal.  I heard he's been hiding in a secret location somewhere in the Gobi desert.  I don't know how he showed up.  As he spoke he proved to us that he is certifiably, 100%, batshit crazy--that makes him qualified for any Republican office.  For weeks and weeks, no one has noticed the putz.  His extreme statements did garner him some notice.  However, he thinks he was saying--"look at me, look at me"--but what we all heard was "I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot."  Jindal needs to go live in a Louisiana swamp for the rest of his life.

Then came Blanche.  Lindsey Graham wants us to know he'd be his own Ulysses S. Grant.  Yep, he'd drink a lot as he commanderates his chiiefiness on the way to eradicating ISIL.  ISIS is his issue.  He wants to be the top general.  The presidency involves a lot more that running war games, To bad Sen. Graham, does not have the skill for the other Oval Office tasks much less waging war.  35 trips to Iraq does not make one a commanderator.  Blanche gives me the vapors.  I won't take him to the next cotillion.

After the kid's went home to bed, the "adults" showed up at the yakfest.  Eleven loons entered and eleven loons left.  Was there a winner?  Most folks seem to think Carly Florin won the yakoff.  She landed a knife or tow in the Trumps rump.  She was prepared with facts and policies.

I don't think Trump did himself any harm.  His fans don't give a shit about facts, data, truth, logic, science or other such epistemological niceities.  They like him, the blowhard breaks even.  Ditto with Ben Carson.  Fiorina will take points from the rest of the field, but not Trump and Carson if it really is an anti-establisment year.  Watch the next set of polls to find out.

The anti-Christ, Ted Cruz, per other pundits did an okay job.  I think he's just flat evil so anything he says is wrong, sinful, immoral and not worth a bucket of spit.

Rubio held his own.  He came in in second place.  He must have memorized "Foreign Policy for Dummies."  He does need to stay away from humor--no more water jokes please, you cannot pull them off.

Jeb! didn't tank.  It was close.  Jeb! was adrift for 2/3s of the yakfest, but showed he was still among the living in the last hour.  It's kind of sad that it took a dis on his brother Dubya to save his otherwise sorry ass.

Then there were Rand Paul and the Huckster.  Both need to do the decent thing and quit, now.  There's no place in the GOP for a Libertarian of any kind.  Huckabee is really just expanding his brand--a FOX gig and super Jesus excursions to the holy land are in store.  Both need to be nice and leave the race.

The rest, Kasich, Walker, Christie may have come alive for a moment, but to the GOP voter and donor, who really gives a shit about them?  They have enough cash to hang around and find out if it's not an establishment candidate year.  If they bagged their buses now, who would notice?

Let's see, no one from the kiddie table should advance.  Per the Donald, they are losers.  From the main "debate" it would not hurt the GOP to have Paul and Huckabee say adios.  Since Cruz is vile, I'd like to see him exit the stage, but he's got a following (make you wonder about people who are Repubs, doesn't it).   If Walker and Christie left they would not be missed.

The field that ought to go on to the third group yakoff are Trump, Florina, Carson, Jeb!, Rubio, Cruz,  and Kasich.  I wonder what Trogs think of my suggestions.  Oh, they think I blow chunks, right?

Yes you can OD on debates.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ya Gotta Love the WSJ

The WSJ puts out an alarming bit of news on Bernie Sanders--he's going to spend trillions of new money.  Oh, my god, $18 trillion added to what we already spend?  Whew, we better not elect him, right?  Well, since this comes from the spokes rag for the rich and richer, I have my doubts.

Of course if you are worried about your piece of the 1% getting smaller, then trash Bernie as did the WaPo editorial board--

Bernie Sanders isn’t as progressive as you think

Now, it it true or just rich folks bullshit?  Uh, I'd opt for bullshit.

No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion

Gee, the editors of the Post don't even read their own paper.  I guess they get their news from the WSJ
who conveniently keeps this piece unavailable unless you are a subscriber.  The rich may be getting a little scared.

Consistency is good

Yeah it's good if what one is consistent at if also of merit.  However, if what one in consistent at is deeply flawed, a waste of money, and deadly to boot, then consistency sucks, blows chunks and whatever comes after those two.

Who is being consistent at what?  Why it's the generals in the Dept. of War Defense.  They are, as so often in the past, moving to accept a weapon that is combat ready, but is actually not ready for anything.  Oh, this weapon is part of the debacle known as the F-35.

Pentagon weapons tester calls F-35 evaluation into question

Would you want your child to fly into combat in one of the test F-35s?

Trogs Talk Tonight

It's the next GOP "debate."  It's on CNN.  The kiddie table will be on at 6.  The full blown knuckle draggers will be on at 8.  Let's face it, unless you're a dedicated political junkie, even if you're a Trog junkie, who gives a shit about Santorum, Pataki, Graham,  or Jindal?  To  borrow a line from Trump, they are losers.  Actually they are more pathetic than lost.  Hell, Gilmore didn't even get an invite to the kiddie table.

The only reason to tune in to the main event, is the possibility that it may become an event--as in the motif suggested by calling it the main event--boxing.  Verbal jabs.  Vocal box and weave.  Audible slices.  Oral assault.  Even and articulated clinch or three.  Yeah, that's the attraction, vicarious violence.  And it's all courtesy of the guy with orange hair, The Donald.   I wonder who will go down for the count?  Oh, mu. it just occurred to me, I think we have all met The Donald in a priot election cycle.  Yep, The Donald is a Joe the Plumber billionaire.

Bless My WMDs

Are we at it again?  What? Oh, falsifying the intel so we can feel good about ourselves as we "win" the war on ISIS.  If winning is in the same category as WMDs were in Iraq, then don't expect any kind of victory at all, ever.  Our efforts to eradicate ISIS appear to have gone the way Cheney expected we were to be greeted in Iraq.  There were no flowers.  There were no chocolates.  They were fantasies.  Is Centcom playing fantasy war-games?  If so, then think about our war in Iraq and then think about ISIS.  How long will we continue to screw the Middle East pooch as the generals punch their own tickets? Any one for a slam dunk?

Analysts Detail Claims That Reports on ISIS Were Distorted

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clinton, via her proxies, sucks.

I think from today on, that every time I hear about an instance of this kind of shit, I will give Bernie a few more dollars.  I hope everyone who feels the Bern does likewise.  My $5 is in reaction to Clinton's attack on Sanders.  If she can't control her SuperPac then that's her problem and confirms Sanders position on billionaire funding of races.

A Pro-Clinton Super PAC Is Going Negative On Bernie Sanders

Of course if Bernie's team pulls a stunt like this, then he will not get another donation, ever.

CNN Continues to Suck

Aw, c'mon, the "debate" is going to try to make all of them into clones of the worst of Trump?  It will only be good for CNN ratings and CNN ad dollars.  Getting all of the candidates to insult each other and lob personal attacks, is not what we need.  If the show goes for that nasty vindictive personal interaction, then I hope at least one or two of the debaters will have the decency to walk off the stage and tell CNN that it sucks and inform Jake Tapper that he blows chunks.

CNN Hopes to Capture Candidates’ Combative Spirit in G.O.P. Debate

If All Clinton Has Is Super-Delegate Endorsements

Clinton may have the ever fickle super-delegate endorsements, but if that is all she really has, then it's time to have an '08 repeat.  Do you think she would have defeated McCain (sans Palin)?  If voters really don't like her and she gets the nod due to the supers then you can expect the GOP candidate to win the prize.  Why? Oh, voters don't like that being cheated feeling, and then won't turn out or will turn out but not vote for her.

Please note all of Clinton's problems are self inflicted and probably cannot be solved.  The damage has been done.

Signs of Hillary Clinton’s Troubles, in Charts

Putin Does What We Should Have Done

As ISIS rose the U.S. had only one real option, that is, to grit our teeth and accept that the enemy of our enemy is our friend.  In this case it's two enemies of ISIS we should have allied with to rid the world of ISIS.

We should have accepted Assad as the head of Syria, forgiven him all those deaths to his citizens,  and allied with him to destroy ISIS from the west as the other new ally, Iran, attacked from the east.  Yep, to rid the world of ISIS, we have go Shia all the way.  Of course that would split Iraq into two or three states after ISIS was eradicated.

Oops, the Iraqi Sunnis and Saudis would not have liked that much.  It's a rat's nest over there.

What will the impact of Russia's aid actually be?

Putin defends deliveries of Russian weapons to Syrian army

The Trog Bosses Have a Problem

The problem is not Trump, Carson, or Fiorina, it's their voters.  The voters may have finally wised up a bit.  Perhaps they realize that their pols, like Bush, Walker, Christie, merely pander to the right wing extremists who vote in primaries.  Once elected they serve their true masters, their donors.  Then they  only do what the donors tell them to do as they fund raise and run for reelection.

In the GOP establishment, there's no room for compromise with the Dems much less governing. If the average Trog is not a Jumbo one note--abortion or guns or gays, or Iran or Obama--then mayhaps the Trump/Carson/Fiorina voters have woken up and realized they've been had.  They may see that their elected officials have to work with Dems to govern the nation for all the people not just a bunch of white guys like themselves.  I have doubts about Trogs and their thinking processes, but at least it's a nice fantasy.

The Republican establishment is in DEEP trouble

Oh, please note the same can be said for Dems.  They have not been well served by their establishment.   Clinton wanes as Sanders gains for the same reasons Trump et al lead in the GOP.  Eventually voters may realize they've been gamed.  It this the election that will see can changing of the political guard?  Maybe maybe.

Discounting Clinton's gender, whose politics do you prefer, her's or Sander's?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Not Good For Tourism

When I read this kind of piece, I do wonder what our aces in the field have done with drones and special ops around the world.  I know it's not a good idea to be in a wedding party caravan over in the Middle East when drones are out and about.  I think we still use the partial duck test, if it looks kind of like a duck or sounds a bit like a duck, or walks a tad like a duck, then that duck and all around it are terrorist ducks so kill every last duck.

Egypt Security Forces Accidentally Kill Mexican Tourists

If this was a U.S. drone strike, how do you think the headline would read?  Would the Times use the word "kill"?  How about "U.S. Drone Targeted Tourists in Egypt."  What's your headline?


There are a lot of polls out there.  The biggest message that cuts across them all is, "if you are perceived as an honest person who speaks the truth, then I'll back you." Who are the truth tellers?

Well, in the Trog lair, it's Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.   The rest of the knuckle dragger are seen as political hacks fully owned and operated by big donors and the GOP machine.

On Dems side, there's only one honest person, Bernie Sanders.  The rest are the same kind of hacks that we find in the GOP.  Clinton's support is falling away as she becomes the Democrats Jeb Bush.    Why?  Well, when you make an announcement that the candidate, after focus group study, will kick off a program of being authentic, you have a problem.  Webb, O'Malley, and Chafee are the Gilmore, Pataki and Graham of the Dems.

If people are responding to truth, then pols and parties are in trouble.  Their life blood is developing the skill of lying,especially about being political streetwalkers.  Did anyone ever figure out what the meaning of is, is?

Trump Shit

Here's more on the Donald.  He's a real piece of work.  Why does anyone support this 69 year old petulant first-grader?

Donald Trump billed his ‘University’ as a road to riches, but critics call it a fraud

Here's a bio of Trump: Donald Trump: vain, greedy and all-American

Do You Feel The Bern?

If not, then find a video of his appearance at Liberty U.  Yeah, Falwell's place.  I caught part of it.  Bernie was being applauded not booed.  And the topic was abortion.  My, my, my.  Funny when you speak truthfully, people are reasonable, they listen, disagree, but then thank you for informing them.  The students may not vote for Bernie, but they may start to ponder how their parents have economically screwed so many, many people in this land.

I cannot see any other Dem (well, he's a democratic socialist) first, showing up at Liberty U, and second being as well received.  Can you see Ms. Clinton being well received in Falwell's school?  I can't,

Here's a sample from his appearance: Sanders: U.S. was created on many 'racist principles' On race, Bernie is spot on. Want to learn more? here's one start, "Slavery and the Founders" by Paul Finkleman.

Feel the Bern?  If so then send him  a few bucks!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Everyday Something New: Clinton and E-Mail

Now we'll have a battle over restoring the contents of her server since it appears to have not been wiped.  E-mail is not really an issue for Dems, but if it gets bigger, then due to Trogs and Independents, it will affect her, if she becomes the nominee.

I wonder what Rep. Gowdy will request now?

Tech company: No indication that Clinton’s e-mail server was ‘wiped’

A New Day In American Politics?

As I watch Sanders and Trump take the limelight in their respective parties, I've wondered about who backs them?  Not donors since neither has been bought and sold in the way all the others have been.  No, who is that says "I feel the Bern" or "Yeah, Make America Great Again?"  Who are they?

Are they mostly the voters we'd expect to otherwise be jumping for Jeb or have the hots for Hillary?  No, Jeb and Hillary still have their folks.  I have a feeling the backers of Trump and Sanders share a similar attribute, they are not regular voters.  They are occasional voters and new voters in both parties and independents.   They are people who have heard a pol do something rare, speak more the truth than not.  It sounded good.  They like it.  They back it, regardless that Trump is a first grade blowhard bully and Sanders is a, shudder, socialist.  These voters may be on a course to determine who gets nominated and who is elected in 2016.

If we're seeing a new segment of voters begin to surface and coalesce, the the question is will they all vote in primaries?  If they do, then each party's establishment better get their hustle on to keep their status quo.

They will have to co-opt Trump's voters and ditto for Sanders.  The establishment will, to regain control, have to "help" them in the same way the Tea Party folks were taken over by super right wingers in the GOP.  Where is the Teabag brigade these days anyway?  The question is can these people be co-opted?  Hmm, if all you want is government that works, then will you give up control to folks who really don't give a rat's about good governance.   I think the Trump/Sanders folks look at the rest of the candidates and ask, "Does anyone really think Jeb or Hillary care about governing?"
Who are the new voters?  Are they real?  We'll have to watch the polls ever more closely as we inch our way towards Iowa.  I expect the party machines to have wrenches thrown in their gear works.  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Feel the Bern?

If you do, have you donated to his campaign.  If you favor Mr. Sanders, then go to ActBlue.Com and donate.   Give him a few bucks every few weeks or when you can.  Mr. Sanders can be the Democratic nominee if we fund him and vote for him.

Here's a long piece on Bernie and the Dems.

The outsider: how Bernie Sanders is winning over Democratic voters

We've come a long way for Catholics. The Pope is on the way, but..

I am sure the folks I knew, as a kid visiting the South, still harbor a quiet but strong belief that Catholics are soldiers of the anti-Christ, have tails and will rise up to take over the world for the Pope.   I guess Catholics were the second "New World Order" group.  The first were the Jews.  Protestants in the U.S. were a nasty lot.  Think not?

America's dark and not-very-distant history of hating Catholics

A few points:

Oh, George H.W. Bush is the progenitor of the third New World Order bugaboo of fear.

Do you still think this nation was founded on religious freedom?

Catholics have been as savage as non-Catholics, just in other times and places.

Religion is just another way of people to gain power, fame and fortune.  It has little to do with theology or metaphysics.  

Let's Get Cracking!

I've never wondered about this, but now that you mention it, is there enough fossil fuel on Earth to entirely melt Antarctica?

Well, the answer is YES!

Bye Bye Smart Rick

Smart Rick (Perry with glasses) has now gone the way of the dodo Rick (Perry sans glasses).  He's no longer running for the lease on Air Farce One.  As he goes, most bobbleheads on TV news and in print remember his Oops moment last cycle.  For the most part they say Perry's 2012 campaign ended when he had a brain freeze, forgot one of the federal departments he wanted to deep-six and said, "oops."

That sounds good, but I and a few others think his campaign was doomed when he had a nice word to say about dreamers.  He said folks, who want to deny in-state tuition to children who had spent most, if not all their lives, in the Texas, but were children of non-document immigrants,  were heartless.  They had no heart.  Well, his assessment was spot on.  They have no heart and therefore they rejected him.  That was his real oops.

This time around, Rick was doomed by Trogs with memories and a change in the GOP electorate.  Voters now desire reject government experience.  That experience is seen as how and why we've gotten to wherever we are.  Uh, I guess that's why they want to make America great agin.  I do not understand Trog.  In 2015, GOP voters prefer their loons to appear unscripted truth babblers as they trash talk their way to the convention.

Gee, all it takes is re-training?

Uh, I don't think so.  A cop who happens to be a thug cannot have the thuggery trained out of him. NYC's and other burgs police problems stem from whom they hire, their policies and their procedures.  All too frequently they wind up with too many otherwise unemployable punks.  They give them a badge and then have to pay out settlement costs for false arrests as they invoke one more round of re-training.

NYC's police, as one example,  are exactly what the NYC voters want; they voted for it by electing the assorted officials who make all the appointments and establish the rules.  If anyone doesn't like the current operation, then I ask what's your voting record over the past 20-30 years?  Don't forget, it you don't vote, you do not matter, you have to endure voter preferences.

NYPD releases video of James Blake being tackled by officer, who had checkered past on the job

Friday, September 11, 2015


After reading this piece by Timothy Snyder  I think I will have to read his book, "Black Earth."

Timothy Snyder is the Housum Professor of History at Yale. 
His essay in the September 24, 2015 issue is drawn from his new book, Black Earth: The ­Holocaust as History and Warning, published in September 2015 by Tim Duggan Books, an imprint of Random House.

Here's the piece from NYRB--Hitler's World

Trump Shit

Trump  Trump book reviewed by Michael Tomasky

How Trump Invented Trump  A Businessweek cover article

Why Donald Trump Is Winning

Improbable, but...

Ready for $1.25 gas?  Well maybe or even lower if--

Oil could plunge to $20, Goldman Sachs says

With oil low, gas going down, unemployment down, jobs up and the econ doing pretty good, how about this Xmas?  Will it be the best since 2008?  Will it be the big one that says the 2008 Recession is finally over or do we have to wait a few more years.  I think it will be very good, but the huge one will have to wait a few more years--say 2018.

In case you've forgotten about Michigan's legislative odd couple...

Michigan Lawmaker Expelled, and Another Quits, Over Bid to Hide Affair

One Retread Down

Looks like Joe will be a no-go in the Air Force One sweeps--Joe Biden, in Colbert Interview, Expresses Doubts About Bid for President.  So, that leaves two more over the hill losers to back up the Dem establishment hopes for 2016 if Clinton pulls a 2008 and begins to lose it all over again.  Al Gore and John Kerry here we come?  That really sucks.  Even Elizabeth Warren, compared to Bernie Sanders becomes a Clinton clone.  The Dems better get ready to feel the Bern.  After all he is trustworthy and doesn't lie.

Missionaries, why?

I've never been partial to loons who decide they have to go forth and forcibly cram their fantasies down other's throats.  Christian missionaries have probably done far more damage than good.   Now Pope Frank is going to saintify one of them.  In this case I definitely am on the side of the Indians--bag the saint thing, he did more harm than good.  

Pope to declare Spanish priest a saint, but Native Americans beg to differ

Now That You Mention It...

Do You Draw A Blank When Asked What Clinton Has Actually Accomplished Since 1992?

Apparently lots of voters to.  Now that you mention it, about all I associate her with is screwing the pooch on national health care, casting some votes in the Senate, and flying around the world a lot.  What did she do?  Well, I'm not sure.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Say what?

If I bought a Keurig 2.0, I would not be able to make my own coffee pods, but can I do soup?  Well, probably so, but I'll stay with my 1.0 machine and open a can of soup and nuke it.

Move Over, Coffee: You Can Now Brew Campbell’s Soup in Your Keurig

The Donald Rising

The Donald continues to lead the polls.  He's getting a bigger and bigger share.  The big donor owned and operated candidates like Bush, Rubio, Christie, Walker, and Kasich have to be really pissed off.  Of course they could flip off their billionaire owners and try to run as themselves.  Without the fat cats, how many of the Trogs do you think we'd still see int he race?

Trump tops CNN poll with 32 percent of GOP support, Carson second with 19 percent

Deja Vu, Again

If it's a tax plan from a Trog, then it's more of the same old horseshit they've been shoveling ever since Bonzo was in the White House.  It's not Voodoo econ, it's a big stinking pile of corn laced plop econ.

Jeb Bush and the Return of Voodoo Economics

How did the Dems get so thin?

Did Ms. Clinton, with an assist from other key Dems, over the past decade prevent the rise of other younger possible candidates for 2016?  Did her inevitability become an accepted theme long ago?  If so, then the Dems might have a wee bit of a problem.

As Clinton falters today, what happens if it gets worse tomorrow?  Other than than Bernie, they got zip, except for re-treaded old farts.  Come on, Biden?  Gore?  John Kerry, really John Kerry? Don't forget Warren is really a one issue Dem and not a progressive at all.  If Clinton doesn't buck up and beat the Bern, then get ready for the party hacks to re-cycle the has beens.

Instead, the party should chuck the former Goldwater Girl and feel the Bern!

Big-Name Plan B’s for Democrats Concerned About Hillary Clinton

Does Clinton Have a Case of Spreading Sanderitis?

Bernie is ahead in New Hampshire.  Now he's taken the lead in Iowa.  It's gotta hurt her inevitableness.  And they like him more.  He's honest and not a liar.  Ouch.

Quinnipiac University Poll

Full of Shit Front: The Donald

To his fans (suck-ups), he just tells it like it is (he says what they think and really want to say in public, but won't or can't).  To the rest of us, he's just a blowhard, the sixth grade schoolyard bully type, who is just plain old full of shit...

Trump defends himself on his ‘look at her face!’ slam on Fiorina

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's Past Getting Old

The GOP and Iran deal, it's simple.  The content of the deal does not matter, it's all about what Obama is for or against.  If he is fer it, the GOP is agin it and vice versa.  It's past time to play these games.  We have to replace 535 members of Congress, period.

The Trogs have found a new bitch to pitch--Republican Revolt Stalls House Debate on Iran Nuclear Deal.

Out of 535 members of Congress how many of them do you think honestly give a shit about Israel?  How many care about the money and voters a concern for Israel may garner?

Headlines that make you want to read the piece...

Here's one, The scariest thing I found out about Donald Trump yesterday  Give it a read and ponder a Trump in the Oval Office...

It's Bullshit Season, You've Been Warned

Uh, beware of candidates or their operatives making what appear to be factual claims.  Like Trump has 25% of the black vote.  BS fear sure--

A poll shows Donald Trump doing well with black voters. About that…

Gee, She Said She's Sorry

Wow.  What a meh.  Clinton said she's sorry because her numbers are down.  I bet an advisor told her to get out there and pitch a pretend how sorry she is to someone (I'm not sure who is in her audience).  This non-apology apology will not make e-mail go away, the Trogs can keep it going for months and months.  Of course they will have lots of help from video of assorted versions of Hillary talking about her server.

Hillary Clinton on Private Email: ‘That Was a Mistake. I’m Sorry’

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Women's Ordination

I wonder when American Catholics will tell the Italian sector to shove it?  Women priests?  Why not?  They were priest in the early church (see "When Women Were Priests: Women's Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of Their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity" by Karen J. Torjesen).

Women Aren't Waiting for the Catholic Church on Female Clergy

Question for today

If you put some cannabis in your e-Cigg, are you then vaping or huffing?  Huffing a vape?  Gee, now we know why tobacco use is down, don't we.

Teens Using E-Cigarettes to 'Vape' Pot, Survey Finds

Face Time

Huckabee and Cruz are hot on the Kim Davis stump.  They must love Jesus, but when they really need is the free TV time.  After all they're running for Prez.  Given that it's all Trump/Bush or Clinton/Biden/Sanders on cable news, those tow and the other Trogs will do anything they can to have the cameras on them for free.  Opps, Kimmiepoo has been released so it won't be a jail house spectacle, just a normal Jesus loves me, but not you or that anti-Christ Obama, hullabaloo.

Kim Davis Freed From Jail in Kentucky Gay Marriage Dispute

With respect to all the anti-gay marriage in the name of religious freedom folderol, remember to be vigilant.  Never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people.


Sanders, e-mail, and trust have slowed Clinton's juggernaut of inevitability.  Hey, is it 2008 all over again.  That's gotta hurt.  Given what she has said, how she's behaved and her low honesty/trust ratings, how can she rebuild her momentum.  Everything she says that differs from her recent statements will be seen as political BS--that's all hat and no cattle for you G.W. Bush fans.  Will it gain voters or add to her status as a perceived liar?  She's painted herself into a nasty corner pretty much all due to how she's handled the e-mail mess.

After a wilting summer, Clinton hopes for a fall rebound

Who's going to believe her on much of anything? Why is Sanders surging? Simple, consistency and honesty.

GOP BS: Carson

If he was this accurate as a neurosurgeon, then I'd have had to find another Doc.  Funny how one's standard's turn to shit when the lure of political office becomes real.  In other words, he may be an adequate Doc, but he's a typical pol--lying street walker.

Ben Carson’s claim that ‘we have 10 times more people on welfare’ since the 1960s

Monday, September 7, 2015

Here's One For Man Made Global Warming

If climate change is causing Atlantic hurricanes to get weaker, then I hope the critics are full of shit.  I assume we all need to burn more carbon fuels and rid ourselves of Atlantic hurricanes now.  Of course I am taking a short view that is totally driven by self-interest--30 years.

Like this is a surprise?

California police killings database reveals 'clear racial disparities'

Well, the only defense is, per the NRA, a good offense.   That means everybody needs a gun to protect themselves from the cops.  That's nonsense.  What's not is too many people are being killed by cops.  We accept gun violence of all kinds all too easily.

I would like to see the mortality figures adjusted to show the effects of income and education.  If we compare poor white areas with poor black areas and cast the the death in some kind of a rate then the question will be are they about the same or not?  If about the same, then perhaps police are just a tad trigger happy in poor, but well armed neighborhoods.  If they differ and it's worse for blacks, then the police do have a problem that many would call racist.  Gee, if it turns out that the white rate is the highest, is that racism or what?  Gross numbers tell us only part of the story.

Reform Conservatives?

That's a good one.  Instead of being really, really bad, they're just awful.  Oh, they have a candidate, he's The Donald, but the reformers don't like him--he's not one of them.  Are they afraid of The Donald?  If so, why?

Is Trump the Candidate Reform Conservatives Are Seeking?

Set Your DVR

Bernie Sanders booked to appear next week on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

Have You Forgotten About Cecil's Killer?

Have you forgotten, forgiven or no longer give a shit?  Well, the killer gave an interview.  He thinks he's okay and his kill was totally legit.  Legit?  Sure.  Right, no way.  The big game killer is just that, a killer.  But for a bit of luck, the Dentist could probably be on death row for committing murder.  A killer is a killer is a killer.  I bet he has tattoos too.

Oh, before you read this piece, read this--

In addition to the Cecil furor, Palmer pleaded guilty in 2008 to making false statements to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about a black bear he fatally shot in western Wisconsin outside of the authorized hunting zone. He was given one year probation and fined nearly $3,000 as part of a plea agreement.

The guy is a certified liar, so now you can read the piece:

US dentist who killed Cecil the lion set to return to work

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Well, is it still afloat?

Make your bets.  Start an office pool.   This puppy is bound to go down before year's end unless they've figured out how to make a patch that lasts.  History suggests otherwise.    

Is The Boat Still Afloat?

How low will it go and for how long?

If gas averages, say $1.70 or less a gallon in Nov. 2016, do you think the Dems will lose? Nah, at that price, they'll win by a landslide--

The Return of Cheap Gas

Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody's Election Model

A minor corrective to the the season

What season?  Oh, the College Football season.  Before one goes totally rah, rah, I suggest a read-

"Billion-Dollar Ball: A Journey Through the Big-Money Culture of College Football" by Gilbert M. Gaul.

If we must have college ball, then let's divorce it from the schools.  Lease the team name, stadium and other resources to pro teams.  Colleges becomes an actual farm system for the pros.  Schools will make money on the leases, take a percentage of the gate, and any bowl revenue.  The NCAA will disappear as players become employees of the the NFL.  Colleges will have no expenses related to running or maintaining a football team.  All revenue will go to the school's general fund.  Football will be totally professional.  If no one wants to lease their team, then the school is out of the football business.  You get the gist, there are a lot of details to be worked out.  End the BS about scholar athletes, now.

Tastes Change

These days, instead of bourbon,  I tend to drink Irish Whiskey.  My first glass is Red Breast, neat or on ice.  If I'm having a second, then it will be Knappogue Castle the same way.  Well, the third will be Tullamore Dew.  The taste buds are shot after the first one and gone by the second.

If I drink bourbon, it's Blanton's first, Woodford's Reserve second and then Maker's Mark.  I guess it's habit or taste, but for me bourbon is with ice and water.

Along the way of better booze being generally available (and a few more discretionary dollars) there are two other nice things that occurred.  First, there is the return of Orange Bitters.  It was hard to find for a long time.  Now there are several makes on the market.  That makes for a better Old Fashioned and better Manhattan.  There are all kinds of bitters out there now,  look up Fee Brothers on Amazon.

Oh, speaking of a Manhattan, now I've been able to make really good ones as Rye has returned.  There's actually quite choice out there now.

The remarkable resurgence of a liquor that Prohibition almost killed

I never was into novel drinks.  I've read about odd concoctions, tried a few, but always return to a handful of drinks I really enjoy.  The Manhattan is a favorite.  Then there's the Old Fashioned--orange bitters makes a better one too.   In the warmer months, I do love Cognac and Coke (try it before you reject the idea).  Similarly, I've found the Man-bour-tini to be a wonderful Summer drink (you'll need Mandarin Napoleon liqueur).  In cooler weather, a Sidecar is great.  And year round, a Margaret--it's two parts Baileys to one part dark spicy rum.  We call it a Margaret because she brought us a bottle of Rum mixed with Baileys.  We forgot it's name and couldn't find it in our liquor store so we made our now and called it Margaret.  There are a few others, but I guess with age you get settled into what you like (and what your taste buds still can taste).

Bottom's up!

Avatar Donald

An avatar is an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, an abstract concept, attitude, or view of life.  It is an archetype.  Okay, now what about Donald Trump?  Is he, for his seemingly increasing number of GOP supporters their avatar of conservative republicanism Americanism?   If he is, then traditional "rules" about running for the presidency will never apply to him.   His supporters just want  Donald the Avatar and really don't give a shit about his past positions, his current inconsistencies, his limited knowledge, or his deviations from bedrock GOP fiscal policy, foreign policy or social values.  Trump, may be the one whom his supporters think/believe can and will break up a dysfunctional politics/government and rebuild it into something that works for them and in the process make America great again.  If I'm right and his supporters do not waver,  then Trump will win the GOP nomination.  Then as his fans delivered him, they will cast their eyes on Congress.  We'd best also watch for congressional change in  2016.  

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Food That Kills: Update

This time it's cucumbers.  Yep, cukes.  We can't even get the simple stuff right which makes me wonder about stuff like drone wars, anthrax, nukes and other more complex matters.

Cucumbers recalled after salmonella outbreak in 27 states

I've wondered where they come from

For a a long time I have wondered where crackers come from?  There are so many of them.  Are all of their parents just mean and rotten?  Do they all fall out of trees and land on their heads, like a bizarre right of passage.  There are too many of them to chalk up to nurture and ditto for nature unless evloutionary forces are bifurcating our species into us and the crackers.  I doubt that evolution works quite that way.  I have been puzzled.  Then I saw a headline that explained it all--

Cracker plant in Ohio could create thousands of jobs in Ohio

They are made in factories.  Human kids go in, they get processed, and come out fully baked crackers ready to grow, flourish, and develop into full blown members of the GOP.

Ratings for Tuesday Night?

I wonder how big of an audience Stephen Colbert will garner when he opens his new late night show on Tuesday night?  Will anyone tune in to Larry Wilmore at 11:30pm on Comedy Central?

Play a substitution game

This bullshit about god, gays, and religious freedom is bullshit.  Instead of gays, substitute blacks.  Yeah, I can't issue a marriage license to anyone who is black since they bear the mark of Cain.  Therefore they cannot, per god,  be allowed to marry.  Sorry no license.  Now substitute any other status or human attribute you like.  Does the logic feel right?  Does any of this make sense?   If you think Davis is right, then let's use god, and a very human social organization called religion,  to justify a return to separate but equal or hell why not, slavery.

This is bigotry and hate hiding behind a mask of religion.  Once again religion is trying to put us back in the swamp of human misery.

Legally, ‘God’s authority’ is a tough issue

It's a slow, endless leak

Did you ever have a pipe that leaked?  Then you "fix" it. It quits leaking.  However you didn't quite fix it.  It starts to leak again.  You fix it again.  It quits.  It resumes.  You fix.  It goes away.  It returns.  That's what happens when you don't call a plumber and have it repaired right.  Why leaks and plumbers?  Well, it's Hillary Clinton and her e-mail brouhaha.  After Andrea Mitchell's interview yesterday, I thought this time it might, for all practical purposes, be over and not remain a potential landmine in her run for the lease on Air Force One.  Then I opened the on-lineWaPo this morning and there was another leak that will have to be fixed...

Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server

Given the Clinton's drift into a Nixonian perspective on privacy, I wonder what kind of plumber they might have hired to take care of the e-mail problem?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Good News

Obama Gains Leverage on Saudis as U.S. Oil Dependence Declines

I wish some enterprising soul could find a replacement for all oil.

Do We Have One of These?

How I crushed my eight-year-old’s innocence at Dismaland

I'm Glad Kentucky Is Someone Else's Home

The Jesus jockette's behavior, she's the one who would not issue marriage licenses in Kentucky reminds me of a couple of books good for late Summer reading--

"Deer Hunting With Jesus" by Joe Bageant
"Better Off Without 'Em:..." by Chuck Thompson

Donald Gives Me That Old 9-9-9 Feeling

Why do Repub voters like dolts?  In this age replete with terrorists of all stripes, I cannot imagine a leader wannabe that cannot answer basic questions about the Middle East.  Trump may have mastered the art of bankruptcy for profit, but that's about all he knows.  Why would anyone want someone like Trump in the White House?  Think about it, the answer is a tad disconcerting.

Donald Trump Stumbles and Bristles During Foreign Policy Interview

I'm not sure about Mr. Hewitt.  Hamas is not an arm of  Iran.  Iran has provided funds to them in the past, but Iran quit funding them when Hamas decided to go after Assad's regime in Syria.  Hamas long term main squeeze is the biggest funder of terrorism, Saudi Arabia.  Hamas is Sunni.  Iran is Shia.  Assad is Alawite.  Alawites are a sect of Shia Islam.  

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I read a piece about mini drones.  That got me to thinking about swarms of drones which brought to mind a flight of kamikaze drones.  I doubted they exist so I decided to Google kamikaze drones.  Well, guess what, they exist and have for a few years.  We have them and the Israelis do to.

Israel's new kamikaze drone

America's Kamikaze Drone Makes the Skies Way Less Friendly

I'm waiting for a small, cheap, deadly drone that can be launched and targeted en masse against an enemy.  If needs to deliver two payloads.  First will be a small bullet bomb made with depleted uranium.  Second will be the drones self destructive explosive--runs out of gas, hits the ground and goes boom.  Imagine 10s of 1000s of these being launched in waves.  Gee, a WWI re-run here?

And In The Crackerdom....

Tennessee judge denies straight couple divorce, citing gay marriage ruling

Here's a story made for CNN, FOX, and MSNBC

They can cover it endlessly.  They can fill airtime with "experts."  They can produce the coverage very cheaply.  Wolf and his fellow news readers can even act concerned.  Who needs news when

There's A Cobra on the Loose in Florida

Gee, it might affect the 2016 Florida primary.  What does the Donald think about Cobras?  Did Hillary secretly import Cobras?

USA Keeps Odd Company

What does the USA have in common with Libya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen? Uh, we haven't signed the cluster bomb ban agreement. 117other nations have. We use, but of course do not document the maiming we cause to civilians. Oops, we don't even call them civilians, they're collaterals, or wastage, or mushrooms or any other term that does not unequivocally say we killed non-combatant people with our unexploded bombs.

Banned Cluster Bombs Were Used in Five Countries, Report Says

Interesting Population Maps

We cram ourselves together.  Is used to be 90% of us live on 10% of the land.  I doubt that it's changed.  The maps suggest if may even be more of us on less of the land.

How so many of the world’s people live in so little of its space

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There's a better way

Clinton wants to spend money on the drug problem,  $10 billion.  It's more of the same old bullshit.  Add some education.  Add a slosh of mental health.  Add a bit of detox.  And put noxolene in EMT kits.   We've spent way more than billions doing this kind of ineffective stuff.  It has not worked.   Clinton is just one more pol from the past whose solutions do not work but do make the rich richer.

Perhaps we should listen to Bernie Sanders--shake of the economy, hit the Billionaires hard, and make a lot more new jobs instead of maximizing shareholder value.  I have a feeling if there were more decent jobs with decent futures for all, then the drug war would end itself.

Here's the Clinton pitch--

Hillary Clinton Proposes $10 Billion Plan to Combat Drug Epidemic

I wonder if Clinton has ever wondered how many of the serious drug users would prefer to end their lives instead of staying alive to do more dope?

Show me the mechanism

Electromagetic radiation does not do anything to you.  No cancer.  No insanity.  No mutated babies.  However, we have a number of people who are sure their shitty lives are not their own fault so it must be something out there.  And what's out there?  Yep, this time it's Wi-Fi.  Horseshit.

Are ‘WiFi allergies’ a real thing? A quick guide to electromagnetic hypersensitivity

I've never seen a court that has a problem with bad science or not been able to reject science for a point of law.  Galileo comes to mind for some reason.

GMOs Scare The Shit Out of You?

If they do, then I suggest you are a victim of non-science, false advertising, and corporate profiteering who prefers to live in a fact free world.

Per our science--that's knowledge gained through the practice of science--GMOs are not a threat to any of us.  However, if you're willing to pay more for non-GMO food, I'll be glad to sell it to you.

Here's piece on GMOs, and follow the links for more info.

Why ‘GMO-free’ is a marketing ploy you shouldn’t fall for

Way too much influence

Catholicism oozes thorough American culture.  I was raised one, became educated and left that mental illness behind me.  However, some of the childhood crap (insanity) remains.   One can't be rid of it all.  I find it odd that a group, Catholics, who were pretty well despised, if not hated, in big swaths of the nation for a couple hundred years, now seem to behave in the same ways as their former Catholic bashers in the past.  The Supremes have six too many Catholics, especially Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Roberts.  Imagine the world they'd create if they were kings.  Scary, no.  How pervasive is Catholic ideology?  Well--

Vast majority of U.S. Catholics who left the church can’t imagine returning, study says

I'd prefer to nine Nones on the Court.  How about you?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Will Everyone Have a Backup Power System Soon?

Maybe.  Batteries are getting better and better.  I don't know when a solar/battery system will be able to replace a 20Kw generator at lower cost, but maybe in my lifetime (assume 30 years remain).

How a new battery revolution will change your life

Donal Trump Loses Another Non-White Voting Bloc

The guy relies more and more on the white guy and spouse vote.  Now he's lost the Alaskan native voting bloc.

Donald Trump: I'll Change Denali Back to Mount McKinley

Good News for The NRA

Murder is up!  The only defense is to pack a pistol at all times.  Buy guns! Buy ammo!  Be prepared.  I bet that will be the NRA's spiel in the coming months as:

Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities

Misogyny Front: Pope Frank

Attention Catholic women, if you've had a abortion and are feeling damned, then per Pope Frank, if you are contrite and can find the right priest, the Church may forgive you.  However you will have to act within the next 12 months since after that it's back to basics--excommunication and all that rot.  

I do not understand why women belong to any Christian, Jewish or Islamic religion.  Do you?

Pope Francis to expand priests’ ability to forgive women who have had abortions and are ‘contrite,’ Vatican says

Book Reviews

Here a  couple of good books

'Kissinger's Shadow' accuses the controversial statesman of militarizing US foreign policy

Death in Florence: The Medici, Savonorola, and the Battle for the Soul of a Renaissance City

Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Send The Donald To the EU!

The Donald is a builder.  Don't you wish his name was Bob?  He's a manager too.  Europe needs him.  He'd build them a wall and prove himself.  If he can do it in the EU, then he can do it in the USA.  Let's dump our Trump on the EU!  Of course if he fails he can stay over there.

Unprecedented migrant crisis forces EU to seek answers

Ya Gotta Love Religion

Bless my Savonarola, Sunni Muslims destroy shit too!  Don't forget, before one gets on a godly high-rise, religion is just one more form of social organization that serves the ends of it's very human members.

Temple of Baal in Palmyra Is Damaged by ISIS

Democrats Love The Donald

I hope he stays the distance and irreparably does in the GOP as he implodes by being routed by any Democrat in Nov. 2016.  A GOP free world, now that puts a smile on one's face.

Go Donald--Trump upends GOP message on economy


It's good to know things are reliable.  Unfortunately when it's the VA that's reliable that's not good at all.  I doubt if the VA has ever had a good year in its entire existence.  After all, who really cares about used up and broken enlisted cannon fodder.

Medical errors are up at VA hospitals, but they’re actually doing less to figure out why

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Asshole Front: The Gov. of New Jersey

Years ago a Rep. in the Utah Legislature, I think it was Jack Bangeter, suggested that Utahns deal with the AIDS epidemic by dyeing everyone who had HIV/AIDS birth red and then send them to permanently live on Antelope Island (it's in the middle of the Great Salt Lake).  Then if you saw someone who had bright red skin, you could call the cops and have them sent them back to the Island.  Okay, who gets the Jack Bangeter award for moronic solutions to scoio-politcal problems this week?

Yep it's the fat man from Jersey, Chris Christie.  I wonder what kind of tracking chip he'll put in all those immigrants anyway?  I assume he'd chip every immigrant of any kind from anywhere in the world.  Yep, he gets the award and deserves the accolade of Asshole.  I bet he said this to get noticed despite rampant Trump coverage.

In New Hampshire, Christie Says He Would Track Immigrants Like FedEx Packages

I wonder what the cost would be?  How large of a tracking force would we have to hire?   What Department would get the new Immigrant Tracking Office?  Today immigrants, tomorrow everybody?

American Hustle

Hmm, the approach to cholesterol over the past decades did do one thing.  It sold lots of drugs.  Now that that is  in question, what have we found today?  Why we've discovered loads and loads of statin users who complain.  Wow, and what is the answer?  Why it's a new more expensive drug to do something that may be based on shitty science in the first place.  Hustle on. Hustle on.

New Alternatives to Statins Add to a Quandary on Cholesterol

What's With All the Guns?

The NRA and other gun groups must pump lots of cash into primaries.  Otherwise, how can we explain the lack of legislation to control guns?  I guess we need a better class of whores in Congress.

How Americans actually feel about stronger gun laws

Odd week

Trump continues to gain ground in the polls, as does Ben Carson.  Who are the losers?  Well, it's the professional pols.  Why would people opt for a professional consistent liar when they can pick a novice who might, on occasion, between lies tell the truth.  How about a Trump (even if he's a RINO) /Carson GOP ticket in 2016?  Creepy, but possible.

On the Dem side, Sanders goes up as Clinton goes down.  Sanders in three months is within 7 points of Clinton in Iowa.  Clinton continues to do her best to be seen as dishonest and untrustworthy by increasing numbers of potential voters.  E-mail and trying to secure super delegates do not help her candidacy at all.  Sanders just continues with his progressive domestic focus and it resonates with Dems in manner akin to Trump's appeal to Trogs.  Do we want people who actually answer the  question asked of them?  Maybe, maybe.

Oh, Biden is being chatted up, again.  I doubt he'll run as a serious candidate.  He may run, but only  to be a foil for Clinton.  She could use him to distract folks from her own deficits.

On the Dem side, how about Sanders/Warren (even if she was a Trog not too long ago)  for the Dems in 2016.

It's early and let us remember 60% Fred Thompson was the front runner not too far back.  

Oh, here's a fantasy.  Imagine, given Trump and Sanders, that all the rest of the candidates decided to be a tad more direct and honest.  Imagine if they quit thinking about polls and sugar daddies would they gain ground against Trump and Clinton?  It might become a lot more interesting.