Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And in the Middle East It's Still About 850 A.D.

If it weren't for oil who would admit to knowing anyone, much less visiting Saudi Arabia?

A flogging in Saudi Arabia is just one sign of a new crackdown on rights activists

Jews and Arabs keep doing the same thing over and over again, and each time they expect a different result.

Palestinian man stabs people on Tel Aviv rush-hour bus

If you think the only religious conflict in the Middle East comes from Jew vs. Christinan vs. Muslim, think again.  Most of the deadly stresses come from Islamic sectarian deadly violence.

Shiite insurgents control Yemen’s presidential palace and residence

And of course, USA, Inc., per the elected guy anchorage, we're there defending our 1%'s national interest (wealth) and spreading democracy, liberty, and shit like that.  We've still mired in Afghanistan and will be for decades--we won't call it war, it's an overseas contingency thing along with our botched invasion, occupation, "victory," exodus from and now our return to Iraq.  Oh, forgot ISIL, those guys have made a mess for us.

Rise of ISIS Deprives Obama of a Mantle of Peacemaker

The results of our elected leaders SNAFU in Iraq is now spreading to the FUBAR Afghanistan War.  I wonder if ISIL will bring captured US weapons with them to replace the ones we gave the mujahideen that became the Taliban and al Qaeda.  What else can anyone say, it's fucked up.

Taliban Fissures in Afghanistan Are Seen as an Opening for ISIS

Here's a final thought about the mess we can't get out of.  What if ISIL winds up owning land a swath of land that runs from the current Syrian Israeli border, also takes in the middle and western part of Iraq over to the border with Iran and also takes over most western Afghanistan, will Iran then get real bellicose?  would Iran ask for US help?  Would Saudi Arabia decide to side tie ISIL to attack Iran and  add in a jab at the Jews for good measure?  Yep, one really fucked up place.

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