Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Are you tired of the Muslims?

Aw gee, we don't understand them and they're offended.  Hell, I also don't understand Christian fundamentalists and orthodox Jews.  They all all batshit crazy.  From my perspective, if nature gave you one to many expressions of the god gene, deal with it, and make an effort to keep the god crap to yourself.   Most people just want to be left alone.   Being offended by a cartoon ranks right up there with believing that people coexisted with dinosaurs and Moses really did part the Red Sea.   If all the faithful decided to be silent in public about the object of their insanity, I bet we'd find the world quickly become a bit more peaceful.  For the most part all the faithful are being played by others who use the god crap to in gain, maintain and expand personal power, fame and fortune.   Try silence for yourself and make sure to shush anyone else who speaks of god in public.

French Muslims feel deeply torn by viral ‘I am Charlie’ slogan

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