Monday, January 5, 2015

Come On Now

I seriously doubt that watching Fox or MSNBC affects one's voting behavior at all.  We bring our preconceived world view to the tube as we watch.  People who tend conservative will eventually watch FOX, liberals tenders will drift into MSNBC.  Does viewing make you more one or the other?  No, I could accept that the nature of the content may increase voter participation, but voting does not reflect that anyone is more of something than not.

The content, the braying of bobbleheads of the left and right along with the ads can affect how many people take the time to vote.  In other worlds stations may influence turnout, not the underlying nature of the viewers.  To the extent the shows piss people off to a lasting extent about the opposition s few more than otherwise might turnout, turnout.  Bush won by turnout with an assist from the Supremes.  Fox didn't make people more conservative, they already were so, likewise with MSNBC and libs.  Both may well have nudged marginal likely voters to vote.

I doubt it non-voters are affected at all.  Look, die hard Trogs and Dems can watch anything.  We all know two things a Yellow Dog Democrat, one they will vote and two they will vote for the Democrat.  Whatever the GOP's counterpart to Yellow Dog is, it's the same thing but for the Repub.  Whatever the next group on each side is, are probably the one affected, but not in beliefs but in action.

Then there's the half of the population that must not watch any news, they don't vote.

Read the piece and see if you agree with me or the authors.  

Yes, watching Fox does make you more conservative

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