Friday, January 9, 2015

Gee, they're all the same

Who?  Oh, how about al Qaeda and ISIL.  Then we can add in Islamic fundamentalist jihadis of all kinds.  All are about the same.  Don't forget that Boko group in Nigeria.  Yep, they're  all "my way or the highway since I'm right and you are wrong. "   Disagree with them and they tend to kill you.  Where have I heard this shit before?  Oh, how about our evangelical fundementalists, you know, the values voters zealots.  Yep, all the same.  Oops, forgot one more swell group, Tea Party adherents.  Ours are constrained on the overt killing front, but in you hearts you know they want to.

Palazzo gets flack from tea party for backing Boehner for speaker

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