Tuesday, January 13, 2015

GOP Horseshit, There'll be a lot more over the next two years

 From the House Majority Leader: ’300 new rules’ in just one week by President Obama? Nope
I bet Rep. McCarthy gets his facts from FOX.  

I never understood all the Nazi based name calling, but it's remains popular in both parties.  It's always a cheap shot.  It's so over used it's become meaningless.  It does not take much wit to say:  

Obama is basically worse than Hitler

Then there's pure gibberish, from the Speaker no less--DHS funding fight about overreach, not immigration.  Hell, if he spoke the truth in public, he'd say,

"we're shutting DHS down to block all the immigration changes that Obama made after the election.   To hell with American safety, we're going to deal with all those illegal bastards first.  Our donors and voters expect no less from real Americans like me and the GOP."

Expect more, it's going to be unplaseant but a great setup for the 2016 race, on both sides.  

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