Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gun Culture: Hunters

People who own guns love to point out that guns, frequently, are used for recreational purposes, such as hunting.  Hunters enjoy shooting and killing animals.  I don't know why, I do know I don't buy the "I do it for the food" reason.  That's bullshit.  They enjoy killing.  Of course some of them really don't give a shit about the nature and the animal.  They just want to kill it.  They bait the animal, then kill it.  Here's a sad story where the bait killed the animals before the "hunter" could show up for his  bloodfest.

Four bears in New Hampshire may have suffered death by chocolate

Hunters love to kill with long guns.  Pistols are not for hunting animals, they're made to kill people.  I do wonder about all those pistol packers.  They, in their hearts are hunters, but just can't admit it.  Gun culture is mostly repugnant, but until the law changes they can pack and blast away.  Baiting not he other hand is illegal.  Maybe it should be a capital crime.  

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