Friday, January 2, 2015

Gun Safety (Control)

I do hope the gun control folks figure our how to put the gun nuts back in the ammo can.  We have too many people packing.    Guns make no sense.   Think of the the two year old who shot his mother in Walmart and wonder, if instead of Mom, could it have been someone else walking by the shopping cart.  Yep, bang, bang, you're dead but it's okay--we've gotta think about the 2nd Amendment and protect the rights of idiots to carry guns and get other people killed.   I don't think the founders had any inking of a group like the NRA shilling for increased sales of gun and ammo companies when they crafted the 2nd Amendment.

Gun Control Groups, Blocked in Washington, Turn Attention to States

Target practice is not a sport.  If you go to a range with a pistol, you are improving the speed and accuracy with which you can use the weapon.  The weapon has one purpose, to kill a person, period.  If you practice with a long gun, you are trying to improve your accuracy to insure that you kill whatever it is you aim at--usually it's game, but I do wonder if, given the abundance of assault rifles, I  have to assume that all guns have one purpose, killing people.

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