Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year: Another Fucked Up War Front

Start your office pool now.  The pool is based on the date when the first U.S. soldier is killed in the latest incarnation of the Iraq War, it's called "Operation Oh Shit We've Been Here Before."  Get the date, win the pool.  We won't bother with spreading any of that liberty and freedom this time around.  We, in theory will just advise Arabs on the best way to kill other Arabs.  Now that's a wasted effort since they've been doing that quite well for a millennium or two.   Like I said it's another fucked up war.

U.S. advisers in Iraq stay out of combat but see fight edge nearer

If you are a bit put off by betting on who gets killed, start a troop strength pool.   When will U.S. troops number 12,000?  20,000?   For long term betting fans, bet on the size of U.S. personnel--military, CIA, State-in Iraq on Obama's last day in office.  Ditto with Afghanistan.  There are so many ways to wager on death and destruction.

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