Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year: Fucked Up People Who Pack Kids and Guns

In case you missed this story, here 'tis.  Happy New Year!

Toddler Accidentally Shoots and Kills His Mother With Gun Taken From Her Purse

Whew!  Man, that is seriously fucked up even for a Walmart shopper in Idaho.

What I cannot get my head around is what will be the effect on the toddler.  At some point in his life he will have to face the fact that he killed his mother.   That's not an easy one to grasp.  Will the child grow up normal?  Will he become a human waste dying of drugs in prison?  Will he become a super gun nut with a couple dozen "mom" tattoos?

When my wife and I were discussing this matter, she quipped, "he's already a made man."  (We had just finished watching "The Sopranos" HBO series. How many kids have our idiotic gun laws turned into "made men and women" before they turn 10 years old?

Keep on packing gun nuts, but for your kid's sake, be a tad safer if you can.  If you can't just remember your guns first kill will probably be someone in your immediate family.  Ah the cost of 2nd Amendment freedom.

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