Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year: Fucked Up War Front

Which war?  Oh, the Afghan War, you know Operation Enduring Meh.   After 13 years of whatever the Shrub, Dork and Barry, as imperial commandants decided our government would do, it's more or less done.  Well, done officially, NATO bagged it on the war front.  Now a bunch of folks will hang around and give advice to any Afghans who are willing to oppose the Taliban.

Yeah, I said Taliban.  We went after al Qaeda, we found them, we killed them, and then we let a bunch escape.  The terrorists split when Imperator Shrub decided it was time to invade Iraq.   With no bad guys left to kill, no permission to call it a day, our assorted warrior wannabes in the Pentagon, CIA, State Department and White House decided to make the Taliban a new enemy.  It didn't work out to well.  Hell it is their turf and they know how to hide.  The Taliban War has been worse than the stupids we displayed in Vietnam.

At any rate, we spent a lot of money.  We lost a number of soldiers.  We really didn't do much more than wage an odd war after al Qaeda's leader escaped at Tora Bora.  Now it's more or less over.  However, we'll remain there for another 50 years to prevent the Taliban from re-taking the entire rubble heap, a.k.a., Afghanistan.

So how's trick in Kabul these days?

Kabul was eerie and dangerous under the Taliban. It feels that way again.

Let's see, Saigon is commie these days but the rest of Southeast Asia is not--did you forget the Domino Theory bullshit our past Imperators spewed on us?  How long before we're recognizing a Taliban based government of some portion of Afghanistan?

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