Monday, January 12, 2015

I don't understand jihadis and their kindred

If I was one of them, I think I'd be targeting a bit differently.  Government officials, elected and otherwise,  are really pawns, even in dictatorships.  If I did not like the current political and cultural order, I'd target the rich who sustain the status quo.

For example the Twin Towers was dumb, it's destruction pissed a very rich nation off.  Now, what if they had used commercial jets to effectively "bomb" and destroy places where the super rich tend to live and hang out?  Would it not be better to blow a financier or banker to bits than their customers?

If the board and señor execs of Goldman Sachs or Citibank ended with a suicide bombers bang, do you think anyone in Shithole, Mississippi would give a shit?  If you were a terrorist you'd keep killing the rich, let them know you'd like a few changes made, and before long changes would be made, right?  If not, at least you'd turn over a time a two the families that are rich.   The rich cannot enjoy their wealth if they are dead.  Oh, just for the hell of it, you could target the families of the rich too.  Yep insure there were no heirs for all that wealth--work back from the very youngest to the oldest too.

Like I said I don't understand them.  Is targeted assassination a way to influence public policy?  Oops, forgot about the CIA, so bag the above it does not work.


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