Sunday, January 11, 2015

I like religious freedom

Religious freedom means everyone has the right to believe in whatever fantasy they wish provided their fantasy does no harm to anyone else.  Basically, one has beliefs, one lives those beliefs, and one keeps those beliefs to themselves.  One does not publicly demean, injure or harm anyone else for not accepting your beliefs as their own.   When it comes to beliefs, I'd prefer that we all keep them very private and to ourselves alone.

We all live according to our inner guidelines.  We assume they are true.  I wish we could agree to find out who's got the Truth, but only after we die.   For example, I assume the world and all living things to be the result of random chance events.  There is no reason that we exist.  It's equally probable that we might never have evolved into existence.  There is no deity in charge.  The universe just is, period.

If, after I die, I then find myself to be somewhere very unearthly--the gates to heaven so to speak-- then I will freely admit I was wrong.  Of course I will never know for certain that I am right, since I will be dead and gone and there will be no post mortal experiential events.  I will just be dead.

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