Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Let there be reprisals

"Charlie Hebdo" will publish a new issue, about a million copies, featuring a cartoon of Mo the prophet.  Now the suck up snivelers who use religion to maintain their political base and incomes are worried that devout Muslims will react.  Let them react.  If they do, they will finally prove that all Muslims are really fundamentalist jihadi terrorists at heart.  There are no moderates, they are all variants of the Wahhabi type.  So much for the idea of a few people highjacking a  religion.  I doubt that Islam can really exist in a secular society.  I doubt that Islam can ever accept any real concept of democracy, liberty and freedom.   Free speech must always trump religion.

Has anyone ever asked why it's no easy to satirize and make light of religion?  Think about it.

Reprisals Feared as Charlie Hebdo Publishes New Muhammad Cartoon

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