Friday, January 9, 2015

People who own guns are dangerous

I've seen this kind of crap, it scares me.  In high school, an "unloaded" pistol missed a friend's head by a foot, the round went through a couple of walls and ended up in fireplace brickwork.  When we said "don't point it at us," our friend said "it's not loaded" and pulled the trigger.  He was lucky.

Then there was a State cop at a place I worked at, L learned he was showing off his quick draw of a new pistol at work.  He drew, fumbled the gun and pulled the trigger.  Fortunately, the round missed people in adjacent offices,  but went through a few walls and did minimal damage to the utility closet.  It was called accidental discharge but I know it was stupidity.

Here's another qwik draw McGraw--Off-Duty Cop Accidentally Shoots Roommate In Head While Showing Off New Gun

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