Friday, January 16, 2015

Supremes to end gay marriage

Since there are six Catholic members of Roberts and the Robes, I am certain they will vote, not the law, but their religion.  I am tired of Christians finding new ways to trash other people, and you thought fundamental Islam is bad.

Within a government context, marriage is a contract issued by the state to protect all parties to the deal.  However, if you want to invest it with sacred bullshit and other claptrap, that's fine, but your vituperation has nothing to do with the states interest.  Christians are free, within the confines of they their homes and churches to spew as much hate as they wish.  They can be as foul as they want as long as they don't commit a crime such as murder.   In public, however, it's time for them to shut the fuck up about the state's business.

Supreme Court agrees to hear gay marriage issue

I expect them to put their decision in terms of state's rights.  Don't forget the Supremes have given us Dred Scott and Plessy.  This Court ranks right up there with the worst of the past.

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