Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Batshit Crazy Corral Is Filling Up!

Another loon has jumped into the 2016 Prez wannabe pen.   Good old Mike Huckabee is back.  I bet he is sure Jesus is on his side.  The Trogs do have an evangefundie problem--they can run, maybe get nominated, but a Jesus jockey cannot win a national election.   Hell, they even bring down sane candidates.  Romney was a reasonable guy until, to win primaries, he had to wallow in the evangefundie cesspool.  By the time Willard went to the convention, Independents were sure he was either a hypocritical liar or had really drunk the Kool-Aid.  He was no longer the man he was when he started his campaign.  Willard lost.

Huckabee know he can't win.  However, he will add to his post election cycle marketability.  He will be able to demand more from Fox for his return to the air.   He'll spend a year and a half refurbishing his image, build a mailing list,  sucking up to donors, etc.

Huckabee to depart Fox News to consider 2016 presidential run

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