Monday, January 12, 2015

The Problem

Both political parties have the same problem.  They both love messages for the masses.  That's it, just messages for us.  In other words, they both agree that all the American sap needs is to hear some nice words.  Given the words, we're then satisfied while they politically, economically and socially rape about 75% of the nation.

Yes indeed, for 2016 both parties are going to find themselves one of those populist messages.  We'll listen to their words, nod our heads, vote for one of the messages then spend the next four years on our knees as they wheel, deal and hob nob with Wall St. and all the various Business and Industry Congressional Complexes that keep on buying our government.

Come on, words are cheap it's what we've all enjoyed for the past six years.  Did you really expect Obama to act?  Is Gitmo still open, without a fight?  Do we really have an new and improved health care system for all?  Uh, what about Medicare for all?  Nah, both parties are all talk and no walk.  Eight years of Bush and six of Obama, in both cases all hat and no cattle (other than endless useless war).

So, get ready to hear Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton start to sing the Middle Class Blues.  They've already sung about and shafted the working and lower classes--they don't really vote or donate so they've been declared non-existent inside the beltway.  In the past six years name a pol who has fought and actually lost an election over any populist issue?  Name a recent pol who has designed, fought and actually seen a populist law enacted?  Can you name a pol who has populist messages?

When the pols are rich, they, especially the new rich,  tend to govern in their own interest.  Do you really think any of them "feel your pain?"  Who the hell believed that line would translate into any kind of amelioration anyway?  Tell me who has actually done something that serves people?  Bush?  What?  Clinton?  What?  You can name and ask about the rest.

I guess voters are either all on the pad or dumber than a box of rocks.  Do voters actually think any the verbalizing will be made real?

Both search for a credible populist message

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