Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Voters Have Spoken!

Of course, that means most Americans were silent.  They didn't vote.  In this past election only 36% showed up.  That means 18%+1 determined who has the power to decide how we will govern ourselves.  Repub. will set the rules of the game including who can vote in what District at what time.

I hope the non-voters have a yen for life in 1850 since that is what the victors will attempt to deliver.  They aren't called conservatives for nothing, some may prefer 1750 or earlier.  Hell, Repubs given their reliance on Southern whites and batshit crazy Christians, I am sure they would repeat separate but equal all over again, but this time make it a national program.  Gee would the Supremes pull another Plessy v. Ferguson for them?  I think Roberts' Robes Quintet would.

Think about what you either voted for by voting or voted for by not voting.  If you are happy, fine, but if you've let out a bit of a fear induced gasp, then get ready to change it up in 2015 and 2016.  The only way to stop the retrograding of this nation is too defeat them at  the ballot box.   We've had enough of the knuckle dragging haven't we?

To the Dems who voted, well, be honest, we fucked up, we didn't turn out the local, District, and Statewide votes at all.  Elections have to be about more than the White House and a few Senators.  If Dems don't get moving to rid themselves of the Repub pestilence at every level, then I have to assume they are really closet Repubs, yeah, DINOs.  Hmm,  come to think about it, is Hillary Clinton really a liberal Dem or more like Nelson Rockefeller Repub.

Now that I think about it, are there any Dems thinking about running in 2016 whose actions actually precede their rhetoric?  If there is, other than Mr. Sanders and perhaps Jim Webb, tell me who?  Let's face it, most of us are attracted to candidates who talk a great talk.  We assume they, if elected will walk all their talk.  They don't.  I guess Dems tend to have it ass backwards most of the time, we should be looking for those who have walked and now talk about what they have done and will, based on a clear record, will try to do.  Got a candidate?

Republicans in state governments plan juggernaut of conservative legislation

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