Saturday, January 10, 2015

What would the South Be Like Without The Federal Government?

Well, that's easy.  Blacks would be killed without any legal charges being brought at all.  In Jackson Mississippi no one would be in prison today for the murder of James C. Anderson.  Left to themselves the typical born and bred Mississippian, there would not have been a trial.

The South depended on slaves.  The South lost the Civil War, ending slavery.  The South then  tried slavery without ownership; thank the Supremes for that bit of lunacy.  The Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act more ended than not Jim Crow.  The South persists.  Every time you hear a cracker rant on and on about State's Rights, well, you  know what they are hankering for--a return to the good old days of the antebellum South.

At least there is a modicum of justice today.

Horrific hate crime that prompted SPLC lawsuit in Mississippi concludes with final guilty pleas

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