Monday, January 26, 2015

Who's The Best for Trogs to Run Against Any Dem?

If a Repub wants to win in 2016 then there are three groups of voters that a candidate has to win over and get them to vote.

One has to consider the base (Trogs, drag knuckles, drool acid), Repubs (Trogs, drag knuckles) and Indies (closet Trogs) and pitch them a spiel they like, that is based on experience that attracts all three groups to the polls?  Who can do that?

Jebbiepoo, the Fat Guv and Willard aren't totally batshit crazy so there's no support from the base but they are okay with Repubs and Indies (who always vote Repub).  They are two thirds candidates. They would lose to any Dem.

Now we have to deal the crazies like Cruz, Paul, Santorum, Jindal and Huckabee.  The base loves them.  These guys willingly compete to see who can out crazy the other.  Their problem is that none of the other groups like them (that lowers turnout for both Repubs and Indies).  They are one third candidates.  None of the batshit crazy candidates can beat any Dem.  I think they'd even lose to a To Be Named Later opponent.

However, there is one person who is just crazy enough to stay this side of batshit wacky while at the same appealing to the basic politics of affluent white guys (Repubs and Indies who just want it to be like it was pre Civil Rights, Voting Rights and stuff like that).  Who's the guy?  He's Scott Walker.  He's a whole candidate.   I think he can win against some Democrats because he can turnout voters and turnout donors.

Dems better watch out.  Oh, Walker would beat Clinton, but he would not beat Elizabeth Warren.

Could Scott Walker be the elusive 2016 contender Republicans are looking for?

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