Monday, January 26, 2015

Why don't the super rich adopt average schools?

If you have spare millions, instead of spending it all on foundations that promote your name and causes you know little about but have decided to act upon how about something simpler?  Come on, how much does Bill Gates really know about health or education?  He does know how to make money selling software and running a profitable company, but that's it.

If he wanted to make serious long term positive change in the nation's future, he could adopt public schools. If every kid who graduates got a free college education he'd have an effect.  Gee, in the South rich white families might even decide to have their spawn attend public schools (greed is a real motivator).

If the rich returned their kids they'd demand better schools.  Could we revitalize public education without the Dept. of Education?  Okay Bill, give me a call.  I can give you the names of a few high schools in Virginia that could use some cash.  Let's do a test.

Hmm, could he provide long term endowment so schools could be less and less dependent on state and local government idiots?  Gee, could money silence the parents churchy stupidity?  Hmm, a free college ed for your brat provided you kept silent about evolution, man- made climate change, science and most other parts of the curriculum?  

If the rich would get out of politics and spend their money on useful things they could build a better nation.  Carnegie built libraries.  Why can't the rich emulate him?  Instead buying ads trashing Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney, why not build schools or pay for college education?  Make a real difference if you dare.    

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