Saturday, January 17, 2015

Willard cares about me? Bullshit!

First, I'd have to be in the 53% that aren't takers then I'd have to richer than sin.  Willard, as with most pols, think all they have to do is say what they think we want to hear today and then we'll elect them.  Oh, that's what we do.  We don't look to what any of the bastards have actually done in their lives as an indicator of what they will do if they gain office.  We don't send them packing if they don't follow through.  Bless his greedy little heart, Willard has discovered poor people and income inequality.  Will he address how vulture capitalism has contributed to the problem or will he be an ass and blame it all on Obama?  He'll be an ass, he's a Trog.  I do hope he runs and wins the nomination since any Democrat would send him packing back to his house of car elevators.

Romney, moving toward 2016 run, outlines vision to eradicate poverty

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