Monday, January 19, 2015

Yawn time coming up: SOTU

The State of the Union speech is pretty much a yawn for all but the inside the Beltway crowd.  Even for those folks, it amounts to little.  I've never figured out to whom the Prez actually addresses.  It never seems to be neither the whole Congress, the government  or all the people of the nation.

The Prez parades in.  The Prez then says a bunch of, to him, nifty stuff.  His side applauds and cheers (I think they have a script that tells when to clap, stand, whoop, holler, etc.)  The other side does not provide auditory support, they too have a script.   Most of the yammering amounts to, at best,  wishful thinking that will never go beyond being a bullet point in a speech forgotten by the time the opponents idiotic rebuttal is finished.

Sometimes the Prez introduces a talking point by introducing people he's stashed in balcony.  It's odd, but seems to play well with the pols and press.  I'm sure we'll watch, it's habit.  When it's over, we'll agree it was okay to good.  We'll then agree it was too long.  Finally we'll devote five or six seconds to an in-depth substantive evaluation.  Oh, we'll then wait for the Daily Show recap.

I'd love to see a Prez return to, as did Jefferson and every other Prez until Wilson, accomplish the SOTU by sending a written message to Congress for the clerk to read to them.  Bet that wouldn't get coverage on anything but C-Span.  It might be a bit more meaningful then too.

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