Tuesday, February 3, 2015

And you thought Kansas was bad--

Well, you better take a peek at Iowa.  Kansas is bad, but Iowa is catching up.  Perhaps Iowa now plumbs depths of human imbecility unreached even by the most diehard Kansan Sam Brownbackian.  Who has exposed the vile pink eye of the Hawkeyes?  Why, none other than the guy who knows Jesus is on his side, and his side alone, Mike Huckabee.  Mike trashed Beyonce, she's mental poison. I guess he is not a fan of her music.  The lyrics make him want to burn people at the stake, but since he can't get away with that, he'll belittle, berate, and denigrate her and he husband.   In a recent poll of Iowans, 40 percent of likely Iowa GOP caucus voters agree with Mike and say Beyonce is ‘mental poison’.

I guess Huckamuck doesn't understand.  Every generation takes to music that really pisses off their parents and grandparents.  Of course, the adults tell their kids that they are wrong headed sinners headed staring to hell unless they imitate, emulate, ape and totally obey their elders.  Imagine if we had done so all along.  Then some of us would be living in Mesopotamia, worshiping (the guys) at the sacred Ziggurat by banging Temple priestesses (it was part of their devotion I guess).  Oh, most of us outgrow the pop music of your youth, a lot of it was really bad, and move on to other music.

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