Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Fine Health Oops

Last week we found out that much of yesterday's reservations about cholesterol were, in essence, correct.  However, cholesterol fear did jack sales of statins.  I wonder if the health industry folks saw it coming and looked for another way to maintain and boost statin sales?  They had one with the heart risk calculator.  Score high, and it's hello statin highway.  Well, almost, but for one little thing, the calculators are inaccurate.  About all they do guarantee is statin sales.

I don't think the average Doc benefits from statin sales, instead they just follow the latest and greatest advice from the research farm.  Sadly, as they knee jerk their way through their practice, their patients pay and pay for drugs that were not needed.  Our medical world seems more driven by high profit margins of the few than much else.

Heart attack ‘risk calculators’ miss mark, researchers say

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