Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Capitalism fans take note

Capital has invaded health care.  I am of the mind that has not been a plus for most people.  Our escalating health care costs I fear are driven more by maximizing shareholder value and greed than much else.  I doubt that capital has improved the quality of care or our capabilities one bit.

Similarly in just about any business area, modern capital buys in,  Then it demands an immediate maximal return on investment.  Shareholder value rears its head again.  What kind of animal is it?  I'll just call it a vulture.

Funny how investment vultures (not the venture type) seems to make things worse for so many people.  The rich always will make do regardless of who wins and loses (that's one of the privileges of being rich).  Those who lost jobs as the cost of making another penny of profit will not do so well.  We have too many not doing so well.  We are, however, blessed with schmucks who make a living doing nothing tangible but investing money in other people's businesses.

Now get ready for another area to be ravaged by capital.  Yes there are areas not touched by investors.  Are you ready for law firms to be publicly traded?  I wonder how the quality of legal services will fare in the face of delivering shareholder value?

A law firm IPO? Not so fast.

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