Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Did Rich Saudis Fund al Qaeda?

Of course they did, they use fundamentalist Islam to keep their family in charge, in the oil, and in the money.  I'm surprised the lawsuit is still going on.  I figured the House of Saud had bought off most of the U.S. government--at least the Judiciary and Executive Branches.  Oops.

Oh, before we get all huffy about the bums, try to remember who initially armed al Qaeda (see Charlie Wilson's War for a a clue).  Being rich, nation or individuals. just means that you have a lot of money to do a lot of things, some of which will be really stupid, but who cares since you are rich and can usually cover your ass with velvet.

Terrorist’s Claims About Saudis Put 9/11 Families’ Lawsuit Back in Spotlight

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