Wednesday, February 4, 2015

He's like his Dad, small, mean, irrational and batshit crazy

I think most pols have pandered to the anti-vaccine crowd.  Even Obama waffled a bit back in 2008.  It's sad when our erstwhile leaders reject knowledge.  Oh, that's what Colbert was ripping when he came up with "truthiness."  Pols and truthiness go hand in hand because of donors and voters.  Both prefer to affirm and advance the truth of their gut feelings even in the face of knowledge to the country.  Truthiness is why a lesser man like Rand Paul has a shot at the GOP nomination.  The kind of people who vote in GOP primaries, as a fundamental principle, reject knowledge.  Mr. Paul panders to that rejection.  It's a tad easier for Mr. Paul than some other pols to pander since he has lived in a world of truthiness his entire life.

Rand Paul Linked to Doctors’ Group That Challenges Vaccinations

Speaking of gut feeling, how about the boob Chris Christie?  Yeah, he's adopted the Sarah Palin approach to establishing a foreign policy.  Ms.Palin developed her's by looking out her window at Russia.  Lacking such a convenient window, Mr.  Christie has developed Palinesque policy, but had to take a mini-faction to London.  Do Trogs really buy this shit?  Sadly I fear they do.  They are all fundamentalists--they do not value or desire any education other than what is in the Bible.

For Christie, a trip to boost foreign policy portfolio has little talk of foreign policy

He does prefer to have rich friends haul his fat ass around the world (would commercial airlines make him buy two tickets as a time for himself?)

Chris Christie’s Rich Friendships

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