Thursday, February 19, 2015

How About It?

I look at faith, the religious type, as a tragic human defect.  The faithful abdicate thinking, instead they obey and act accordingly.  Their behavior may be decent if the acts are humane.  Sadly, more of acts are harmful to living things than not.  I have no problem referring to Islamic terrorists or radical Muslims, do you?  Most religions provide us with an excess of batshit crazy folks who are just doing "god's will."  Since when does a god need a mortal to do "his will?"  Why is it his?

In the U.S. we have Christian loons of all kinds.  Some, such as the Westboro crowd even make a living by offending others with their religious spiel in public.  The loons are stopped by authorities.  The loons then sue over their free speech rights.  The loons collect settlement cash.  It's a living,  eking out god's will one lawsuit at at time.

The assorted hate groups from the Klan to Nazis, to White Power to Militias all appear to have some kind of "Christian" core books.  They are radical Christians.  Faith plus faithful plus prelates willing to manipulate the flock (for a donation) have done a ton of damage and will do more.

Oh, don't forget our fundies.  That faithful flock flips off science (while using the results of science in their daily lives).  Faith is a sickness.  So what's the big deal about linking a faith with criminal behavior anyway?  If more people linked all religions with religious excesses then we might put religion where it belongs,  in the ashcan of dumb ideas.  There's a space available next to the heliocentric universe view.

Faulted for Avoiding ‘Islamic’ Labels to Describe Terrorism, White House Cites a Strategic Logic

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