Friday, February 6, 2015

I bet Gov. Terry Won't Run Agin Public Revenge

The only some Virginians, the true Southerners, love more than guns, dog fights, wife beating, tobacco, illiteracy, bigotry and a very aryan Jesus is capital punishment.  They're so proud of state based vengeance, one might think they're really Mormons mired in a theology of blood atonement.

However, modern tech has made killing messy and embarrassing.  To help the average Old Dominion out, their elected bozos are trying to put the killing process under a cloak of secrecy.  after all, who really needs to know anything.  Somehow I doubt that Jefferson, Madison,  Monroe or Washington would approve.  Oops, I forgot, one only hauls forefathers out when it's convenient for a particular cause, otherwise we ignore what they had to say.

Virginians think that when capital crimes are committed someone has to die.  Virginians just want dead cons, sooner rather than later.  Virginians just want vengeance.  Virginians just want bloodless death.  Virginians do not  want details.  They do not care or desire to know how cons have been, are or will be killed in the future.

Terry McAuliffe put in awkward spot on death penalty

If the process is hidden away could the state go back to the good olde days and get 'er done by beheading them?  I bet it can be done.

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