Saturday, February 14, 2015

I thought the problem was Arabs and Islam

Perhaps there is problem in Islam, not the jihad terrorist thing, but the sectarian hate thing.  Christians went through a long periods of mutual deadly hate after Constantine put the Church on a sound political and financial footing and then after Martin Luther nailed his feces to Wittenburg gate.

Once the Protestants became a competitor with the Pope for money and power, the godly hell dogs  of hate were unleashed.  There was a lot of death and destruction.  I'm not sure when the Christians quit killing each other off, hell, let's just say it was after WWII.  Since then, religion, at least if Christian, has not been that acceptable as a reason for committing crimes.

Okay, the Christians have been at it longer than the Muslims.  Maybe by 2600, they'll quit killing each other off for the same god.  Until then, Islam is just one big kaboom, not terrorist necessarily, but reeking of sectarian mortality.

In Pakistan, one Islamic group kills the other Islamic group.  I was just wondering, if in Islam, the future belongs to god so we're not supposed to do a lot of planning and such since that would be kind of uppity, god-wise that is.  Okay, if we're supposed to take it all one day at a time, how can suicide bombings be tolerated by any Muslim at all?  That seems to be a bit heretical and quite offensive to god.  I guess the theology is kind of squishy.

Suicide bombers storm Shiite mosque in Pakistan during Friday prayers

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