Saturday, February 14, 2015

If Jeb Bush Was a Female...

I think we'd be calling Jeb a whore or something along those lines.  He's paid in advance for services to be rendered privately.  If elected, he will deliver the assorted political hand jobs and patriotic blow jobs.  I guess our politics really has become a game of who is the highest priced hooker on the stump.

Damn Obama and Romney graduated from from being street whores to full fledged call girls in 2012.  How much of any administration is pre-determined by the large donors?  How much of an administration is pre-determined by the candidate who is silent about his real agenda (but does inform donors of such)?  Perhaps who donates tells us more about the real agenda rather than cool bullshit speeches.  Actually Obama's speeches were not bullshit, they were lies since he knew that he would not perform per his spoken words.

I guess the only reason Ms. Clinton is not pasted as the biggest whore in the Democratic Party is if the GOP did so their logic would then compel them to admit Jeb is also a whore,  Oh, well, politics is replete with trashy people.

  Bush blows away GOP rivals with 2016 war chest

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