Saturday, February 7, 2015

In your heart you know they do not want any change

Who?  Oh, the Trogs of Virginia.  They've been dragging their knuckles since 1605 opposing just about everything that interfered with their personal power and wealth.  That is the state's history.  Liberty is a code word in Virginia, it means, I got mine, I will get more, you won't, so fuck off and if you hang around, suck it up or die.

Change what?  Why, the old state song, "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia."  It was shelved in 1997.  However, Trogs, now in the majority,  still like the ring of "massah" and "darkey,"  but reluctantly have had to accept  racial intermarriage, civil rights for all (even blacks),  universal suffrage (until voter ID restores the old order, maybe even for women) and now gay rights (until the Supremes pull a Plessy v. Ferguson on gays and then the Trogs can have, maybe, Odd Crow laws).

Va. House panel picks a state song (and vote has partisan note, of course)

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