Monday, February 9, 2015


Iowa's only value is that it provides the rest of the nation with political humor.  Want a laugh? Ready?  Here goes--Steve King!  Okay, you had time to roar, get up off the Grassley.  I feared that the zoo phobic RNC was going to control the Iowa caucus process.  After all, 2012 was so much fun.  It provided a lot of laughs and loopy ideas.  Will the process leading up to the 2016 caucus be as good at 2012 or has the RNC closed the zoo?  Fear not, even without Michelle Bachman, we'll move from chuckles to guffaws to abundant belly laughs.

Make no oops about it, you can bet your 9-9-9 on a political laugh riot season.  Even the stodgiest of Troggy  pols will join their fellow loons for one delightful run for the four year lease on Air Force One.
In Iowa, Republican field wide open as moderates stake their caucus claims

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