Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It sucks today (if you live on the East coast)

I woke up to seven inches of snow.  The bay was frozen over.  Where it should have been water, it appeared to be another field of snow.   It snowed last night.  Virginia is covered.  It's so much fun to shovel snow to clear the bird feeding area.  Well it is fun to watch blue jays swoop in and grab peanuts.

Snow blankets Richmond region, roads

And in Washington, it's snow on the ground as well as the expected snow job we all receive everyday from all those fine elected bozos and bozoettes.  Do you know why Obama is acting all official and president these days?  That's easy, unlike Congress, he's no longer running for reelection.  Now is only real job is leaving office (will he outdo Bill Clinton in post prez fund raising).

  Snow day for the D.C. area: Roads covered and schools, offices closed

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