Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Merchant of Death Update: Weaponized Drones

This is a bit like the NBA Commisioner noting that the NBA isn't getting a piece of the action on basketball gambling and deciding that the NBA needs to get their slice somehow.

Instead of the NBA, we have makers of drones and their weapons.  Nations are scrambling to buy drones.  And what is Uncle Sam doing?  Nada.  Nope, we're preventing US companies from getting a  U.S. drones.

That was yesterday, today, Uncle Sam will allow drone sales.  Oh, there will be limits and controls.  UH, when has that kind of shit ever really worked?  Within ten years of U.S. weaponized drone sales, they will have become used illegally and probably on us in some fashion.

I wonder how much was paid to whom to sell on one more piece of USA, Inc.?

Obama administration to allow sales of armed drones to allies

US to allow export of armed military drones

Obama is working overtime to firm up his legacy.  I wonder what it is?

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