Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Interview--Conspiracy

I watched The Interview because it became controversial when 1.  N. Korea hacked Sony, 2. Sony  scrubbed the flick and 3.  it quickly became available to stream via Netflix.  I would not have gone to a theater to see it.  I would not have seen it via Netflix DVD.  I would not have streamed it if it had followed the normal flow of theater to DVD to premium cable to Netflix DVD, to Netflix streaming.  By then, I'd have long forgotten the film--most of Mr. Rogen's films are quite forgettable.

I do not know, had the film been released as planned, if it would had recovered its costs.  Perhaps the Korean hacking brouhaha was necessary.  If the bean counters at Sony had figured out that they would take a tens of millions bath on The Interview, might they have hired the N. Koreans to hack them?  Maybe, since so far they have not lost any money on the flick.

Sony finances unscathed by revenge hack for The Interview

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