Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The more you know!

As time marches on and scientists do more research, they learn a bit more.  In this case it's about cholesterol.  What have they learned?  Well, for the most part belay all that stuff they told us for the last 20-30 years.   Why did we start taking statins?  Oh, yeah to lower the cholesterol level.  Oops, all that did was make some drug company rich.  Oh, cholesterol may off the worry list, but the Docs and Big Drugs still have "good" and "bad" cholesterol with which to instill dietary fear and insure continued statin sales.  I wonder if the good and bad guys will go by the board in another 20 years?

I wonder it the application of incomplete knowledge was driven more by concerns for health or the wallet.  I have a feeling the wallet tipped the scale.

It seems to me the best approach to health is moderation and balance.  Eat a modest but varied diet.  Don't smoke and be temperate with the wine and booze.  Oh, don't forget to move around a bit too.

The U.S. government is poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol in your diet

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