Sunday, February 8, 2015

There's something about our gun culture

We seem to take it in stride when someone shoots up a theater, mall or school.  We're sorry about the event and of course the deaths, but we accept those deaths as an acceptable cost of the Second Amendment.  I think, that as guns pervade out society, guns become increasingly so how marginal people resolve their issues.   I guess guns are cheaper than shrinks.  I wonder if the shooters feel better before they typically kill themselves as their last bit of self-treatment?

I am waiting for the day when a shooter starts to rain fire down in a mall and two hundred and sixteen armed citizens return fire.   Perhaps our culture will change if we see a mortal score such as one dead shooter, three victims killed by the shooter, and forty eight others killed by "defenders" of the mall with at least one hundred twenty seven injured by the fusillade of bullets.  It won't happen but I fear it will take a real circular firing squat  that that might remove guns from, at least, our non-criminal  culture.  Crime and guns is another matter for another post.

Teen arrested in mall shooting; only 1 of 3 victims targeted

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